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It's a very glib, shallow movie, but it keeps you moving around enough that you could actually have a good time.
Posted Feb 16, 2010
I thought it was mischievous and witty and amusing and I was just sort of drawn into it.
Posted Feb 16, 2010
Exactly the kind of idiosyncratic project that gave HBO its reputation in the first place.
Posted Feb 8, 2010
The best biopic in a very, very long time.
Posted Feb 8, 2010
It's got a great sense of atmosphere in this really grim Northern England country.
Posted Feb 8, 2010
It's an awfully interesting series of movies.
Posted Feb 8, 2010
Frozen (2010)
There's not enough here for 90 minutes.
Posted Feb 8, 2010
The bazooka was as subtle and witty as the movie.
Posted Feb 8, 2010
Dear John (2010)
I just did not get pulled in.
Posted Feb 8, 2010
I don't think that this movie has a coherent sense of what it's about, what its characters are doing, what kind of tone of comedy or drama or quirkiness it's trying to strike.
Posted Feb 1, 2010
This one's not for everyone for sure, but I was amused by it.
Posted Feb 1, 2010
I just felt like it was not going anywhere after a while and I did feel like I was trapped in a play that wasn't really working for me.
Posted Feb 1, 2010
Legion (2010)
[A] mediocre picture.
Posted Feb 1, 2010
Legion (2010)
There's a lot going on, a lot of theology, a lot of bad horror movie effects.
Posted Feb 1, 2010
Is there anything else to say except skip it?
Posted Feb 1, 2010
Fish Tank (2010)
This is disturbing stuff, [but] unexpectedly hopeful in its outlook.
Posted Jan 25, 2010
I just get bored thinking about it.
Posted Jan 25, 2010
Terrible, terrible.
Posted Jan 25, 2010
While this movie is earnest and well-intentioned, it doesn't quite work.
Posted Jan 19, 2010
Not quite good enough.
Posted Jan 19, 2010
I don't question Haneke's craft: it's his ideas that get under my skin.
Posted Jan 19, 2010
I'm not going to give it away, but there's a final plot twist in this movie that is beyond absurd.
Posted Jan 19, 2010
Gilliamâ(TM)s visually assaultive technique doesnâ(TM)t make it easy on either the story or the actors.
Posted Dec 28, 2009
A surprisingly interesting picture.
Posted Dec 28, 2009
The way this story is told is just basically by people reading letters in voiceover while you look at beautiful furniture.
Posted Dec 28, 2009
I wonder: Was the director of The Young Victoria wearing a corset right alongside Emily Blunt? This is one tightly constricted period drama.
Posted Dec 28, 2009
Crazy Heart (2009)
This performance is as good as [Bridges has] ever done.
Posted Dec 21, 2009
There's a scene where Hugh Grant confronts a grizzly bear and I've never rooted so hard for a predatory mammal.
Posted Dec 21, 2009
Avatar (2009)
I had the feeling coming out of this movie that I haven't felt since maybe I was eleven years old in 1977 and I saw Star Wars for the first time.
Posted Dec 21, 2009
Streep and Baldwin are terrific, and if you like your romance bittersweet you won't want to miss this one.
Posted Dec 21, 2009
It just feel like a lifeless costume drama.
Posted Dec 14, 2009
A Single Man (2009)
This is a wonderful movie.
Posted Dec 14, 2009
Most of The Princess and the Frog looks more like one of Disney's straight-to-DVD sequels than like their animated classics, and the few big, fun musical set-pieces are brought down by second-rate songwriting.
Posted Dec 14, 2009
I think that this is a classic in the making.
Posted Dec 7, 2009
I didn't feel like I was watching characters who were related to each other. Every scene they are in, I felt like I was watching movie stars meeting each other for the first time.
Posted Dec 7, 2009
Invictus (2009)
The movie, directed by Clint Eastwood, has its corny moments, for sure, but it's also powerful, full of conviction and one of the most inspiring movies of the year.
Posted Dec 7, 2009
I think there's something going on here that does feel novelistic, but it feels to me a little like real life. I think Penn makes it worth seeing.
Posted Nov 30, 2009
I was interested in the characters and situations, but I was not absorbed.
Posted Nov 30, 2009
Old Dogs (2009)
It's kind of a funny story. Actually it isn't. And not much in this movie is, unless you like to watch elderly dogs urinate, middle-aged movie stars overact wildly, and Seth Green get hit in the groin by a golf ball.
Posted Nov 30, 2009
The problem is that the fight sequences -- the only reason anyone sees a movie like this in the first place -- are muddy, chaotic and boring. Even diehard fans of this genre would be well advised to skip this one.
Posted Nov 30, 2009
You feel a little bit what it was like to sit in that theater on opening night. You also feel like what it was and what it still is to be a young person infatuated with writing, with art, with theater...
Posted Nov 30, 2009
The Road (2009)
It hits a few tinny, sentimental notes. Still, I admire the craft and conviction of this film, and I was impressed enough by the look and the performances to recommend that you see it.
Posted Nov 30, 2009
Planet 51 (2009)
The whole thing is just terrible.
Posted Nov 23, 2009
It has an amazing kind of emotional integrity and intensity.
Posted Nov 23, 2009
It just sits there in the water.
Posted Nov 16, 2009
Any serious music fan -- that is anyone who sees the radio pirates as kindred spirits -- will be outraged by its sloppy approach to the history of rock and roll.
Posted Nov 16, 2009
2012 (2009)
Even though this movie's running time of two and a half hours is about one hour too long, there's still some pretty cool disaster stuff on the way.
Posted Nov 16, 2009
[Holbrook is] wonderful.
Posted Nov 16, 2009
Holbrook is a terrific actor, and it's nice to see him in a leading role, but this is still a movie you can skip.
Posted Nov 16, 2009
The Box (2009)
I think Kelly is a very inventive writer and I think he is his own worst enemy behind the camera.
Posted Nov 9, 2009