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Rating Title/Year Author
3/5 The A-Team (2010) Katherine Monk If you walk into this movie expecting anything more than a chunk of deep-fried cheese poured over steaming links of sausage, you'll suffer a bad case of cinematic indigestion. EDIT
Posted Jun 11, 2010
A Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) Katherine Monk Serving as an ethereal signal delay, this cobbled-together rehearsal footage brings the echoing presence of Jackson back into his body, and back on stage, where we came to know and love the man as a gifted performer and a musical genius...It's authentic. EDIT
Posted Oct 28, 2009
A A Serious Man (2009) Katherine Monk A Serious Man buckles and cleaves and tugs at the buttons like a badly tailored suit, and really, what better metaphor could there be for the plight of the downtrodden Everyman? EDIT
Posted Oct 27, 2009
A We Live in Public (2009) Katherine Monk Ondi Timoner gives us a front row seat to emotional disintegration of dot-com millionaire and disgraced internet pioneer Josh Harris. Watching the social network short-circuit and the entire fabric of civility shred before your eyes can be very compelling EDIT
Posted Oct 27, 2009
3/5 The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) Katherine Monk Keanu Reeves was clearly born to play Klaatu, the alien from another planet who visits Earth with a dire warning. The actor's blank facial expressions ensure he's a believable ET, and make this Scott Derrickson remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic a worthy r EDIT
Posted Dec 12, 2008
4/5 Saving Luna: The True Story of a Lone Orca (2007) Katherine Monk Whether you loved or hated the idea of an orca seeking human company, the story resonated across generational lines and tugged at something deeper, perhaps even primal, in the human psyche. Because directors Parfit and Chisholm explore this psycho-spiritu EDIT
Posted Dec 10, 2008