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Demonstrates that this cinematic provocateur [director Chris Marker] has lost little of his gift for social observation.
Posted Jan 3, 2007
As yuletide counterprogramming goes, here's one smelly lump of coal.
Posted Jan 2, 2007
Chalk (2007)
What's most refreshing about the genial and well-observed Chalk is that it describes the high school experience from the of teachers' point of view.
Posted Dec 30, 2006
The claustrophobic and artificial atmosphere of the setting is unfortunately matched by the equally artificial drama.
Posted Dec 30, 2006
Alpha Dog (2007)
This is a well-made ensemble movie in which actors take chances with uncomfortably repulsive characters or roles unlike any previous performances.
Posted Dec 30, 2006
Alison Chernick's documentary attempts to provide some much-needed insight, combining a biographical and artistic portrait of the provocateur.
Posted Dec 30, 2006
Perhaps a greater passage of time was needed to provide a more effective historical perspective, but Tiger has a bigger problem with a dramatic structure that sags conspicuously in the middle, never to completely correct itself.
Posted Dec 29, 2006
Factory Girl (2007)
Director George Hickenlooper captures the energy and ultra-irony of Warhol's scene, but his attempts to give the film a conventional biopic arc end up wallowing in dime-store psychology.
Posted Dec 29, 2006
Besson drags things out considerably for his young audience at 122 minutes. The CG work is clever but cannot measure up to Pixar's standards in cleverness or imagination. Nothing is fresh here.
Posted Dec 28, 2006
Ever Again (2006)
It has a sketchy quality that will prove unsatisfying to those looking for something a bit thematically deeper than a simple warning bulletin.
Posted Dec 28, 2006
Screamers (2006)
A committed piece of agit-prop, which benefits from the passion of its protagonists.
Posted Dec 28, 2006
Backstage (2006)
A complex psychological thriller that serves as a modern-day, darker variation on All About Eve.
Posted Dec 28, 2006
It's definitely a cute, workable premise, but as mishandled by director Shawn Levy, the inspiration that was required to make Museum fly is seldom on exhibit in this interminably monotonous production.
Posted Dec 21, 2006
Miss Potter (2007)
Tepid biopic of children's book author Beatrix Potter.
Posted Dec 19, 2006
Rocky Balboa (2006)
Well, whadda ya know? It looks like you can teach an old underdog new tricks.
Posted Dec 18, 2006
Memoirs of My Nervous Illness is an accomplished and stylistically audacious effort that all too accurately conveys the confusion and mental disarray of its subject's illness, ultimately to its detriment.
Posted Dec 15, 2006
The Painted Veil sets a few fine actors to work with one of W. Somerset Maugham's 1920s tales of Occidentals confronting the Far East and their own tangled emotional lives.
Posted Dec 15, 2006
What should have been an inspirational story about fortitude and courage in the face of mind-numbing tragedy becomes a compendium of sports cliches.
Posted Dec 14, 2006
Eragon (2006)
It is a world without much texture or depth. Heroes, villains, magic, love, honor and destiny abound, but there is little complexity in the social, cultural or political shape of this world.
Posted Dec 14, 2006
Snow Blind (2006)
Christopher J. Scott's film chronicling the rise of one of the world's fastest-growing sport is best geared to fans, presenting those of us with merely a casual interest with far too much information and repetitive footage of snowboarders in action.
Posted Dec 11, 2006
Timeliness is all very well, but the significant subject matter cries out for a defter directorial touch and a deeper complexity in regard to the characters and performances (save for a valiant effort by Samuel L. Jackson).
Posted Dec 8, 2006
While a bit unwieldy at nearly three hours and at times slow going, the film is absolutely fascinating for anyone who shares De Niro's passions.
Posted Dec 8, 2006
A beautifully rendered motion picture that's full of warmth, wit and wonder.
Posted Dec 8, 2006
The scandal is the misogynist tone taken toward this film's female characters.
Posted Dec 8, 2006
... this is a slick studio production with a huge movie star and top professionals occupying every production role so that the polish of this well-made film makes even homelessness look neat and tidy.
Posted Dec 7, 2006
While Flags is the broader, more entertaining film, if you will, Letters is, for want of a better expression, more art house.
Posted Dec 7, 2006
Where's John Hughes when you really need him?
Posted Dec 5, 2006
It also allows Soderbergh and writer Paul Attanasio, in a smart, well-paced adaptation, to explore a moral complexity that never found its way into movies of that era.
Posted Dec 4, 2006
Penn, who also takes an executive producer credit here, wanders around halfheartedly attempting to make something amusing out of the limp shock-comedy antics, but it all just goes in one innuendo and out the other.
Posted Dec 1, 2006
Dreamgirls (2006)
A musical with energy and talent to burn but missing its heart.
Posted Dec 1, 2006
The Holiday (2006)
A Yuletide chick flick with plenty of heart.
Posted Dec 1, 2006
Despite shining contributions, this composite of action-adventure and social message doesn't quite crystallize.
Posted Dec 1, 2006
Apocalypto (2006)
Over-the-top violence mars a brilliant ethnographic thriller of ancient times.
Posted Dec 1, 2006
It all begins to fall apart around the midway point, before completely unraveling into a confused, murky mess.
Posted Nov 30, 2006
It's precisely by challenging our need for good and bad stereotypes that makes this film ultimately captivating and, with the twists in the end, highly rewarding.
Posted Nov 29, 2006
Vitus (2007)
Although a tad sentimental, Vitus is charming and smart in how it deals with its fascinating central character, a very young child prodigy, and the problems he experiences because of his overheated brain power.
Posted Nov 29, 2006
The frequently gorgeous footage, culled from some 300 hours shot over a two-year period, provides ample compensation for any narrative.
Posted Nov 29, 2006
Two Weeks (2006)
While life is known to stumble across humor at the most inopportune of moments, Stockman's story strains for irreverence at every turn, and the results serve to undercut those potentially more stirring moments.
Posted Nov 28, 2006
Fascinatingly ambiguous tale and bizarre cast of characters make it one of the more entertaining documentaries in recent memory.
Posted Nov 27, 2006
Hollywood is in a born-again mode with its rediscovery that Biblical epics can bring manna at the boxoffice. In New Line Cinema's The Nativity Story we have the first smart, artistically and spiritually satisfying film to emerge from this trend.
Posted Nov 22, 2006
Deck the Halls muddles along with rote characters and unimaginative gags that will amuse very few.
Posted Nov 21, 2006
Arnett underplays to the point where he seems as shellshocked as his character, while Shepard seems to have forgotten that the film is supposed to be a comedy.
Posted Nov 20, 2006
Family Law (2006)
There are nuggets of truths to discover, but where's the drama?
Posted Nov 17, 2006
Déjà Vu (2006)
A thoroughly intriguing mindblower of a techno-thriller.
Posted Nov 17, 2006
A frontier spirit and a strong connection to the landscape inform the piece, which aims not to wow but to immerse the viewer in a mystical, hardscrabble, bygone world.
Posted Nov 14, 2006
Nothing about Welles was ordinary, and this film does capture the love and admiration so many people still maintain for this Renaissance man...
Posted Nov 13, 2006
Bunny Chow (2006)
...This slice-of-life picture has a loose, youthful energy recalling early Spike Lee that is entirely fitting for a country that is enjoying a cultural growth spurt.
Posted Nov 13, 2006
A disappointing misfire from a great director.
Posted Nov 13, 2006
The Return (2006)
This murky psychological horror effort is not likely to inspire a return.
Posted Nov 13, 2006
Happy Feet (2006)
Tuneful and soulful in equal measure, this animated all-penguin musical is terrific fun.
Posted Nov 10, 2006