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Hell Ride (2008)
Even on its own terms, Hell Ride lacks sufficient substance to be of more than quickly passing interest for all but the most devoted fans.
Posted Feb 26, 2008
Makes his previous effort, Delta Farce, seem a classic by comparison.
Posted Feb 25, 2008
Handsomely produced and featuring fine performances, the film will travel well to festivals and art houses where audiences respond to classy period pieces with a modern sensibility.
Posted Feb 22, 2008
Straight out of the slice-and-dice school of filmmaking, Vantage Point fractures chronology and perspective in a vain attempt to disguise its flimsiness.
Posted Feb 21, 2008
The filmmakers' restraint is admirable in this era of overheated editorializing.
Posted Feb 21, 2008
A gritty British gangster film that leaves a bitter aftertaste, Paul Andrew Williams' London to Brighton is as technically assured as it is ultimately superfluous.
Posted Feb 20, 2008
Shot in high definition and filmed at many historic locations, the film somehow still lacks the splendor of an epic.
Posted Feb 19, 2008
Hits all the right spots to make you cry like chopping onions.
Posted Feb 14, 2008
While it might have made for an intriguing segment on a television newsmagazine show, doesn't sustain itself over the course of a feature-length film.
Posted Feb 14, 2008
As strictly formulaic as its predecessor, this installment generally gets the job done, essentially resembling a longform music video interrupted by a perfunctory plot.
Posted Feb 13, 2008
Ragged, uneven and potholed with some dire dialogue and performances, the film's cockeyed optimism and likable leads conspire to bring a smile by the time it's done.
Posted Feb 13, 2008
The movie is one long argument, tiresome and repetitive, that produces more heat than light.
Posted Feb 13, 2008
It seems like Morris...misses the bigger picture.
Posted Feb 13, 2008
As surprising as it is delicious with an indelible performance by new star Sally Hawkins.
Posted Feb 13, 2008
Jumper (2008)
All the state-of-the-art visual effects in the world can't compensate for spotty plotting and bland characters that prevent an intriguing premise from going the distance.
Posted Feb 12, 2008
The romantic banter between Will and his three paramours strains for sparkling wit and only occasionally achieves it.
Posted Feb 12, 2008
An enjoyable adventure fantasy that pushes all the requisite buttons while still managing to throw in a pleasant surprise or two, Paramount's big-budget gamble has impressive talent to burn on both sides of the camera.
Posted Feb 12, 2008
Hottie and the Nottie is ultimately best suited for the confines of late-night cable.
Posted Feb 7, 2008
A frenzied comedy promoting the family values of loud, obnoxious and mean.
Posted Feb 7, 2008
At the end of a very long night, Light is simply another in a long line of Rolling Stones concert films.
Posted Feb 7, 2008
It seems especially depressing when so-called independent filmmakers have nothing on their minds except aping the style of Hollywood's hip caper movies.
Posted Feb 5, 2008
Pushes the eccentric without creating believable characters.
Posted Feb 5, 2008
Not very convincing or funny.
Posted Feb 5, 2008
Fool's Gold (2008)
Could have been called How to Lose an Audience in 10 Minutes.
Posted Feb 5, 2008
The Eye (2008)
Yet another inferior remake of an Asian horror film.
Posted Feb 4, 2008
Laughter is definitely an endangered species where Strange Wilderness is concerned.
Posted Feb 2, 2008
Unlikely to reap success on these shores.
Posted Feb 1, 2008
For the parents at least, this filmed concert is probably better than actually being there.
Posted Jan 31, 2008
A harebrained rom-com diversion offering few laughs and little romance.
Posted Jan 31, 2008
Grandhotel (2007)
Director David Ondricek spins a yarn that is great to look at but lacks emotional punch.
Posted Jan 31, 2008
Donkey Punch (2008)
A much smarter film was possible.
Posted Jan 31, 2008
Fun and facile in much the same way reality TV is. You may have a good time, but you'll hate yourself in the morning.
Posted Jan 31, 2008
Recycle (2008)
There are many telling details in the film, even if it ultimately raises more questions than it can possibly answer.
Posted Jan 30, 2008
A genuinely odd duck, a quirky regional comedy that doesn't quite resemble anything else you've seen.
Posted Jan 30, 2008
Editors Michael Taylor, Geoffrey Richman and [director Margaret Brown] have stitched the material together to make a lively and revealing portrait of life in the New South.
Posted Jan 30, 2008
The Wave (2011)
Seductive and horrifying at the same time...The film opens with a rush of energy and doesn't let up.
Posted Jan 30, 2008
A raunchy between-the-sheets peak at modern-day black sexuality...should woo urban audiences to the theater.
Posted Jan 30, 2008
Absurdistan (2008)
An attempt at comic allegory that stretches a thin premise to feature length.
Posted Jan 30, 2008
August (2008)
The actors are not well supported by Howard A. Rodman's self-satisfied script, which would rather tell than show, relying at several points on long, smug speeches that bring the narrative to a grinding halt.
Posted Jan 30, 2008
An invaluable document for the time capsule.
Posted Jan 30, 2008
Has a talented cast yet looks like a television soap.
Posted Jan 30, 2008
A comprehensive, even-keeled depiction of today's recruiting process, An American Soldier brims with insight and drops us on the domestic front-lines of our military.
Posted Jan 28, 2008
Incendiary (2009)
Michelle William's riveting performance as the young mother makes it imminently watchable.
Posted Jan 28, 2008
A biographical documentary doesn't get any better than this.
Posted Jan 28, 2008
Three stories involving essentially the same elderly man are slight, slight and slighter.
Posted Jan 28, 2008
Red (2008)
A well-made, neo-Western from Norwegian directors.
Posted Jan 28, 2008
Bottle Shock (2008)
Rocky for wine aficionados.
Posted Jan 28, 2008
You won't want to get to know these obnoxious characters.
Posted Jan 28, 2008
Choke (2008)
Whimsical tale of a sex addict is good for some laughs but ultimately doesn't rise to the occasion.
Posted Jan 28, 2008
A supersized problem gets the superficial treatment.
Posted Jan 28, 2008