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The film isn't believable for a second.
Posted Nov 8, 2006
Shottas (2006)
Writer-director Cess Silvera delivers an empty, bullet-riddled exploitation combo of attitude and poses.
Posted Nov 8, 2006
Nikolaus Geyrhalter's beautifully shot and elegantly edited documentary belies the frequent ugliness of its subject matter.
Posted Nov 8, 2006
Despite its contrived, predictable elements, the novelty of the setting and ingenuity of the filmmakers give the work a genuine immediacy.
Posted Nov 8, 2006
Moncrieff chooses to scrutinize highly unpleasant material but, fortunately, she never takes an exploitative or sensationalistic approach. The movie has its integrity.
Posted Nov 7, 2006
Opal Dream (2006)
This is another tale about dreamers, transplanted to the Australian opal-mining hub of Coober Pedy, where the frenzied quest for the rainbow-colored gemstones creates a modern-day gold rush atmosphere.
Posted Nov 7, 2006
Obviously, Munro is reaching for something about how people allow themselves to get mired in the past. But his characters and situations are so exaggerated and dreary that his point gets quickly lost.
Posted Nov 6, 2006
Glue (2005)
Barren, windswept Patagonia provides a fitting existential backdrop for Glue, the first feature by Argentina's Alexis Dos Santos that captures the adolescent experience with rare and bracing veracity.
Posted Nov 6, 2006
Harsh Times (2006)
A vivid but ultimately wearisome portrait of Los Angeles' violent underbelly, redeemed by a powerfully intense lead performance from Christian Bale.
Posted Nov 6, 2006
Kormakur, who directed and co-wrote the script with Edward Martin Weinman, falls short in the story department and even shorter in evoking the droll, twisted humor that must carry the day.
Posted Nov 4, 2006
Isabella (2006)
Throw in Peter Kam's melancholy, Portuguese-influenced music involving piano and guitar and you get a wonderfully lyrical atmosphere for this modest but emotionally satisfying character piece.
Posted Nov 4, 2006
For those who can get past the visual absence of Cobain and the aural absence of his music on the excellent soundtrack, this is an indelible autobiographical document.
Posted Nov 3, 2006
What is seriously missing here is any sense of fun and warmth, which the other movies did possess. This one looks like work.
Posted Nov 2, 2006
This film adaptation of Neale Donald Walsch's best-selling book series plays more like an infomercial than a thoughtful exploration of religious issues.
Posted Nov 2, 2006
Performances border on the theatrical.
Posted Nov 2, 2006
If American moviegoers have plenty of reasons to feel icky about government-sponsored kidnappings and hidden prisons, Chronicle of an Escape gives them another good one.
Posted Oct 31, 2006
[It] isn't as fresh or weird as the short films that made Tenacious D cult heroes but does capture enough of their spirit to please fans.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
As sensational as Scarface and a lot livelier than that Miami Vice movie.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
Offside (2006)
Panahi builds small incidents into a bracing comedy that explores the ambiguity and inconsistencies of his country's laws controlling barriers between the sexes.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
Slumming (2006)
Darkness overshadows humor with characters that are either so overbearing or misanthropic that they destroy any enjoyment of its quirky nature.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
What the inspirational sports drama Believe in Me might lack in freshness, it nicely compensates for in heartfelt, winning conviction and spirited performances.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
An interminable bore.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
Moolaadé (2004)
Ousmane, who wrote and directs, gives strong flavors to his characterization of village life and its peoples. But as drama the film mostly serves to illustrate the two sides of this crucial social debate in Africa.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
Grbavica (2007)
Zbanic and cinematographer Christine Maier shoot naturally so as to capture the sense of a fake and often failed veil of normalcy drawn over too many horrible secrets.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
[Daniele Thompson] directs the multicharacter comedy with such smooth assurance that the movie glows with infectious cheerfulness.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
Saw III (2006)
The inevitable deadening effects of repetition are beginning to infect the Saw franchise, now having produced its third installment in as many years.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
Islander (2007)
This simple, classic story is enlivened with well-described characters and credible emotions that make us empathize with the motives and decision of all the characters.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
One of the film's joyful fascinations is the chance to see kids being imaginative kids.
Posted Oct 30, 2006
The film includes generous amounts of archival footage of his work, but the film's genius is to get us inside those works. Wilson's own recollection of his work is the biggest key to understanding what make him and it tick.
Posted Oct 27, 2006
Unknown (2006)
The result is passable, though it's clear that his forte lies elsewhere.
Posted Oct 25, 2006
...A likable romantic comedy that delivers enough laughs and star appeal to fare reasonably well in the date-movie department, even if it doesn't entirely live up to its ambitions.
Posted Oct 23, 2006
El Cortez (2006)
A clumsy lump of ponderous pulp fiction with Cooler aspirations.
Posted Oct 20, 2006
Succeeds reasonably well in achieving what many said was beyond the scope of cinema: conveying the world of scent and smell.
Posted Oct 19, 2006
A deeply thoughtful biopic of a legendary gaming master.
Posted Oct 18, 2006
Paprika (2006)
An intelligently written piece that only falters during the finale, where Kon sacrifices the film's logic for an explosive ending.
Posted Oct 18, 2006
Transylvania (2006)
A love story with star actors and a bigger budget heightens the mainstream appeal of Tony Gatlif's ethnic road musical.
Posted Oct 18, 2006
Broken Sky (2006)
An endurance test notable mainly for its evocative cinematography and the well-toned bodies of its young male leads.
Posted Oct 18, 2006
Even for those who don't wholly buy into the film's 'if we don't have our dreams, we have nothing' ethos, there are many small pleasures to savor.
Posted Oct 18, 2006
Flicka (2006)
A thoroughly uninspiring drama that ultimately buckles under Michael Mayer's weighty direction.
Posted Oct 18, 2006
Particularly valuable for its insightful and ultimately depressing portrait of political machinations.
Posted Oct 17, 2006
Zerophilia (2005)
The admittedly thought-provoking results fail to make the full-blown transition from curious concept to substantial theatrical proposition.
Posted Oct 17, 2006
The Hoax (2007)
Jaunty, likable and surprisingly relevant tale of one of the better scandals of the '70s.
Posted Oct 17, 2006
August Days (2006)
Adds up to little more than a pretentious vacation video.
Posted Oct 17, 2006
Too outlandish to be fully convincing, this adaptation of the best-selling memoir sacrifices subtlety for broad laughs.
Posted Oct 16, 2006
The Grudge 2 (2006)
This particular Grudge proves too pointless to bear.
Posted Oct 16, 2006
The Prestige (2006)
Audiences might enjoy this cinematic sleight of hand, but the key characters are such single-minded, calculating individuals that the real magic would be to find any heart in this tale.
Posted Oct 13, 2006
Flushed Away (2006)
Aardman has turned out a gloriously droll comic adventure that combines British wit with Yankee exuberance.
Posted Oct 13, 2006
The Marine (2006)
An unrepentant B-movie, The Marine features the sort of bare-bones plot that would in previous years have served as a vehicle for the likes of Charles Bronson.
Posted Oct 13, 2006
The movie devolves into a talky, static affair featuring a cast with wildly varying accents and acting abilities.
Posted Oct 13, 2006
Aiming for wacky and heartwarming, the film is, at its sporadic best, a mildly diverting coming-of-age story. At its worst, it feels forced.
Posted Oct 12, 2006