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Crossover (2006)
While director-screenwriter Preston A. Whitmore II's film is to be admired for its proponing the values of a higher education over the dream of a career in the NBA, its dialogue, characterizations and situations rarely transcend the level of cliche.
Posted Aug 31, 2006
The second half feels heavy and unfulfilled, potential greatness reduced to a good movie plagued with problems.
Posted Aug 30, 2006
10th & Wolf (2006)
A routine mob thriller.
Posted Aug 26, 2006
Buzz (2006)
... a good 30 minutes could come out of this 124 minute film to its benefit ...
Posted Aug 25, 2006
Rather than being self-indulgent or pretentious, however, the film comes up with many believable details and changes in direction that enrich the bittersweet central relationship of the two leads.
Posted Aug 25, 2006
Fratricide (2006)
Arslen has a sharp eye for telling detail and draws memorable performances from his inexperienced cast in a bitter demonstration of how for too many people life is truly nasty, brutish and short.
Posted Aug 25, 2006
An ungainly, broadly played comedy.
Posted Aug 25, 2006
Beerfest (2006)
Beerfest is tedious and, at 112 minutes, too long to sustain a sophomoric, one-joke comedy even for the presumed target audience of older male teens and the college-age crowd.
Posted Aug 25, 2006
The Quiet (2006)
A serious subject, handled in an exploitive and pretentiously arty fashion.
Posted Aug 25, 2006
Invincible (2006)
A persuasive and enjoyable sports film for male audiences.
Posted Aug 22, 2006
Spike Lee's monumental look at Katrina is richly detailed and realistically complex.
Posted Aug 22, 2006
Think of it more as a milder, more palatable version of Fear Factor.
Posted Aug 21, 2006
Idlewild (2006)
Odd but entertaining musical with a distinctly OutKast overcast.
Posted Aug 21, 2006
Even by the low standards of the genre it represents, this female teen comedy represents a new nadir.
Posted Aug 21, 2006
In its hard-hitting depiction of a legacy of unspeakable brutality, this film shows that the ghosts of Leopold are alive and well.
Posted Aug 18, 2006
You'll never complain about those in-flight meals again. Things could be so much worse.
Posted Aug 18, 2006
This noir take on George Reeves' death has its high points but doesn't quite fly.
Posted Aug 18, 2006
Jailbait (2004)
While the stars deliver highly committed performances, the static nature of the proceedings ultimately defeats them.
Posted Aug 17, 2006
The richness of the characters and themes in Nearing Grace inspire director Rick Rosenthal and his cast to create a film with terrific emotional energy and larkish humor.
Posted Aug 15, 2006
By the time it reaches its final act, the film rivals its American counterparts in intensity if not quite in explicit violence.
Posted Aug 14, 2006
While the idea would certainly seem to hold promise for interesting social commentary, the script by Ron McGee lacks the necessary bite, as does the rote direction of Ron Oliver.
Posted Aug 14, 2006
Accepted (2006)
Despite some genuine laughs, this underdog college comedy fails to live up to its promising potential.
Posted Aug 14, 2006
Zoom (2006)
A crashing, thudding dullness infects every moment of Zoom.
Posted Aug 12, 2006
Pulse (2006)
This techno-themed horror film isn't nearly as scary as watching your computer crash.
Posted Aug 12, 2006
Step Up (2006)
Predictable in every respect, the story line mainly serves as an excuse for a series of exuberant dance routines, thankfully choreographed by Fletcher to show off the dancers' entire forms rather than just flashing body parts.
Posted Aug 10, 2006
Room (2006)
Expertly moody and foreboding, Room is somewhat less than the sum of its parts, but is nonetheless compelling viewing along the way.
Posted Aug 7, 2006
While the film -- which Russo produced, directed, edited and wrote -- has some fascinating and compelling arguments, it quickly assumes the tone of an angry diatribe rather than a well-reasoned political discussion.
Posted Aug 7, 2006
Barnyard (2006)
While youngsters might enjoy the movie, more discerning tweens, teens and adults will not be as easily amused, and boxoffice prospects look modest, albeit followed by a long DVD shelf life.
Posted Aug 3, 2006
A thoughtful and nicely observed dramedy about a group of AARP-sters grappling with life, loss, love and -- gasp -- sex in a South Florida 'active adult community.'
Posted Aug 3, 2006
The Descent (2006)
[Marshall] expertly maps out those raw nerve endings while creating credible characters who speak and act like real people rather than the usual horror archetypes.
Posted Aug 3, 2006
The Night Listener is one of the few films that manages to be highly cerebral and a great popcorn movie simultaneously.
Posted Aug 3, 2006
WTC could provide a mass catharsis for American audiences much as United 93 did for those who saw that earlier film.
Posted Aug 2, 2006
When it succeeds, the film conveys a bittersweet longing for a lost moment and the unfulfilled promise of a democratic Cuba.
Posted Aug 1, 2006
From its pitch-perfect title through just about every detail, this sendup of sports-triumph movies maintains the right parodic pitch, if not always the highest mph on the laugh speedometer.
Posted Jul 31, 2006
A work of terrific imagination, visceral punch and gothic beauty.
Posted Jul 28, 2006
Despite a bold and promising title, John Tucker Must Die lacks the courage of its convictions.
Posted Jul 28, 2006
A richly uplifting if somewhat rambling portrait of indomitableness in the face of old age and infirmity, Been Rich All My Life will be inspirational to young and old alike.
Posted Jul 26, 2006
The film effectively tracks the modern history of the insidious trend.
Posted Jul 25, 2006
Marco Turco's film is a thorough, journalistic examination that is ultimately as horrifying as it is informative.
Posted Jul 25, 2006
Azumi (2003)
Though it contains some superbly staged and highly lavish action sequences...[the film] lacks the tautness of its heroine.
Posted Jul 25, 2006
A lame and disappointing affair.
Posted Jul 25, 2006
The animated version feels anonymously generic and charmlessly mechanical.
Posted Jul 24, 2006
Miami Vice (2006)
The visuals are arresting, but Michael Mann's update on the quintessentially '80s series is an otherwise glum and glummer proposition.
Posted Jul 24, 2006
The Ivan Reitman-directed comedy manages to sap the charm from everyone in its cast, all of whom have shone quite brightly in other settings.
Posted Jul 22, 2006
Clerks II (2006)
Smith is able to revert to his low-budget origins and strike a genuine sequel.
Posted Jul 20, 2006
Jindabyne (2006)
A coiled and enigmatic psychodrama that cements Australian director Ray Lawrence's standing as a fine, if not prolific, filmmaker.
Posted Jul 20, 2006
The film's outrageousness would be more palatable if leavened with more wit, or if the characterizations possessed more nuances.
Posted Jul 18, 2006
Stagedoor (2006)
Although Stagedoor has its enjoyable observational moments in its depiction of budding young entertainers stretching their wings, it also has an aimless quality.
Posted Jul 18, 2006
Guernsey (2005)
A cool slice of European minimalist drama.
Posted Jul 17, 2006
Shyamalan does project genuine menace and suspense into this mundane location, especially in nighttime scenes. But the magic that would transport you from reality into fantasy is missing.
Posted Jul 17, 2006