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1 72%

Roadie (2012)

"It's rare that an acting performance can carry a movie, but Ron Eldard gets a lot more out of his role than was on the page. Eldard invests his character with palpable vulnerability."

Posted Feb 24, 2012

Tony Macklin

2 53%

Safe House (2012)

"Why would you cast Denzel Washington, and then cut his performance to ribbons? Orson Welles once said that a film is made in the editing room. It also can be wrecked."

Posted Feb 18, 2012

Tony Macklin

3 99%

A Separation (2011)

"A Separation shows the human struggle for respect and a better life. It's a struggle rife with human frailty. Asghar Farhadi is a sly writer and director, and leaves us with questions that are provocative and elusive."

Posted Feb 13, 2012

Tony Macklin

4 93%

Coriolanus (2011)

"Ralph Fiennes has created a slashing, sprawling version of Shakespere's Coriolanus. It's muscular Shakespeare. It's trimmed down - but has themes and a sensibility that fit into today's society and world."

Posted Feb 5, 2012

Tony Macklin

5 80%

Haywire (2012)

"Haywire is as entertaining as a skillful cartoon. Gia Carano is Road Runner, and her adversaries are a bunch of Wile E. Coyotes."

Posted Feb 5, 2012

Tony Macklin

6 96%

Undefeated (2012)

"At its best, Undefeated is a Hail Mary TD pass. Other times, it's a routine punt. Undefeated is an anthem of decency and empathy. It's also about living on the edge - of society and life."

Posted Feb 4, 2012

Tony Macklin

7 56%

Albert Nobbs (2012)

"2011 was the year of the actress. Both Glenn Close and Janet McTeer give tour de force performances in Albert Nobbs."

Posted Jan 25, 2012

Tony Macklin

8 77%

A Dangerous Method (2011)

"Director David Cronenberg is almost always compelling. Many of his movies have potent, startling shock. But A Dangerous Method doesn't shock; it nags."

Posted Jan 21, 2012

Tony Macklin

9 60%

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

"Dear Guy Ritchie: My name is Robin Hood. I need to be brought into today's world of short attention spans, nonreading, and lovable, cantankerous heroes. If you can turn Sherlock into a glib, pompous ass, imagine what you can do for me."

Posted Jan 14, 2012

Tony Macklin

10 77%

War Horse (2011)

"War Horse -- novel and play -- is now a Spielberg symphony. War Horse is part reality and part fantasy, and Spielberg has to do a risky balancing act. It is a gallant film."

Posted Jan 8, 2012

Tony Macklin

11 76%

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2012)

"I'm a sucker for Hitchcock, and last year Jeff Nichols showed he knew his Hitch in Take Shelter (2011). But perhaps Lynne Ramsay knows her Hitchcock even better."

Posted Jan 5, 2012

Tony Macklin

12 51%

The Iron Lady (2012)

"The Iron Lady is an example of an actress being so much better than the film she's in. Meryl Streep, as Margaret Thatcher, presides with grand humanity, over a film that is pretty much a shambles."

Posted Jan 3, 2012

Tony Macklin

13 96%

The Muppets (2011)

"The Muppets is a joyful mix of the nostalgic past and a vibrant present. It tops the list of family movies for the holidays. The movie asks the question, "Do you have what it takes to be one of the Muppets?" Of course, we do."

Posted Dec 26, 2011

Tony Macklin

14 46%

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2012)

"Hollywood loves tragedy, especially if they can exploit it, by leaving out the humanity and substituting star power and shtik."

Posted Dec 22, 2011

Tony Macklin

15 93%

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011)

"Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol was was made for IMAX. It blows up the Mission Impossible Force's stature. It also blows up part of of the Kremlin. As well as reason and logic. But who cares? It's Mission Impossible."

Posted Dec 18, 2011

Tony Macklin

16 86%

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

"David Fincher's American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a powerhouse of a picture. And, in an incredible feat, Rooney Mara wrests the role away from the unforgettable Noomi Rapace in the Swedish version -- Mara and Fincher make it her own."

Posted Dec 14, 2011

Tony Macklin

17 83%

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

"The contemporary version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy doesn't seem to give a tinker's damn. It's le Carre for Dummies."

Posted Dec 13, 2011

Tony Macklin

18 84%

My Week with Marilyn (2011)

"In her ravishing performance in My Week with Marilyn, Michelle Williams shows that Marilyn lives. And she still haunts."

Posted Dec 8, 2011

Tony Macklin

19 79%

Shame (2011)

"Shame is a noxious porridge of porn and pointlessness. It's a penis in search of a plot. Its protagonist is a masturbating cipher."

Posted Dec 5, 2011

Tony Macklin

20 98%

The Artist (2011)

"The Artist is vibrant. It is clever and dramatic, and has a rich treasure trove of cinema lore and vitality. The Artist captures the eternal wonder of movies -- new and old."

Posted Dec 2, 2011

Tony Macklin

21 94%

Hugo (2011)

"Hugo is a love affair -- palpable and personal -- between director Marty Scorsese and cinema. It sputters, floats, and soars."

Posted Nov 27, 2011

Tony Macklin

22 89%

The Descendants (2011)

"Callng Chevy Chase. George Clooney has taken your role. The Descendants calls out for Clark Griswold and his brood -- The Griswolds in Hawaii. This time around George Clooney plays the clueless dad."

Posted Nov 27, 2011

Tony Macklin

23 78%

Melancholia (2011)

"Melancholia is a challenge for a critic. It may stymie reviewers. Some viewers will find it tedious and a total waste of time. Others will find it engrossing and rich in symbolism -- a veritable work of art."

Posted Nov 16, 2011

Tony Macklin

24 43%

J. Edgar (2011)

"Power doesn't necessarily make intriguing character. Is Clint next considering a movie about Henry Kissinger or Karl Rove?"

Posted Nov 8, 2011

Tony Macklin

25 92%

Take Shelter (2011)

"On rare occasions, a movie comes along that does genuine honor to Alfred Hitchcock. Take Shelter is such a movie. It could be subtitled "Take Shelter with Hitch.""

Posted Oct 28, 2011

Tony Macklin

26 88%

Margin Call (2011)

"Margin Call puts human faces behind the masks of Big Business. It is a bit static, but its dialogue and performances are electric. Margin Call is a plaintive cry in the night of the soul."

Posted Oct 24, 2011

Tony Macklin

27 46%

The Mighty Macs (2011)

"The Mighty Macs has its pleasant moments, but it does not have the authentic taste and aroma of Philly Cheese Steaks. Instead, it's as generic as McDonald's Big Macs."

Posted Oct 23, 2011

Tony Macklin

28 82%

The Way (2011)

"The Way is real personal cinema. It's an Estevez family project. But it's not a vanity project -- it's a spiritual legacy."

Posted Oct 18, 2011

Tony Macklin

29 64%

Love Crime (2011)

"Love Crime is a slick French cinema croissant filled with sweet and sour revenge. It may not leave much of an aftertaste, but while you're experiencing it, it's savory."

Posted Oct 9, 2011

Tony Macklin

30 85%

The Ides of March (2011)

"The Ides of March isn't stale, but it isn't fresh either. There's nothing memorable. There's nothing daring. The theme of The Ides of March is that idealism is squelched by pragmatism. Oh, what an insight."

Posted Oct 5, 2011

Tony Macklin

31 93%

50/50 (2011)

"As Adam in 50/50, Gordon-Levitt is low-key, but very human. His expressive face shines and darkens. Director Jonathan Levine brings him back to simple, expressive humanity."

Posted Oct 1, 2011

Tony Macklin

32 94%

Moneyball (2011)

"Moneyball is an impelling triple. It's smart, agile, and effective. But it's anti-climactic. Director Bennett Miller and writers Sorkin and Zaillian could swing for a home run, but instead they settle for a base on balls."

Posted Sep 26, 2011

Tony Macklin

33 41%

Straw Dogs (2011)

"If Sam Peckinpah were alive today and read that director Ron Lurie had remade his Straw Dogs, he would have scowled his famous scowl. I knew Sam, and of course no one was like him. He was one of a kind. Lurie is of the masses. He's no Sam; he's Spam."

Posted Sep 21, 2011

Tony Macklin

34 84%

Contagion (2011)

"Contagion is a clear-eyed vision of a potential, modern horror that shows science in battle. The direction by Steven Soderbergh is deft and sharp. The screenplay by Scott Z. Burns is intelligent and not exploitative."

Posted Sep 15, 2011

Tony Macklin

35 82%

Life, Above All (2011)

"Life, Above All is 100 minutes of grief and courage. The film shows how South Africans failed to accept and deal with the reality of AIDS. It's a provocative and depressing plot."

Posted Sep 9, 2011

Tony Macklin

36 95%

The Guard (2011)

"The Guard is a vulgar, Irish treat. While many movies recently have ended with contrivance and disappointment, McDonagh's ending is satisfying. And his choice of the last song is ideal. But the dialogue of The Guard still is a puzzlement to me. WTF?"

Posted Sep 5, 2011

Tony Macklin

37 73%

Sarah's Key (2011)

"Sarah's Key is elevated by luminous performances by two actresses -- veteran Kristin Scott Thomas and 10-year old Melusine Mayance. Fortunately their talent often is able to transcend the contrivances that mar the plot."

Posted Sep 2, 2011

Tony Macklin

38 77%

The Debt (2011)

"The three new writers for The Debt muddle the original Israeli movie Ha-Hov (2007) in an awkward attempt to make it their own. In trying to put their own stamp on it, they botch it."

Posted Aug 21, 2011

Tony Macklin

39 93%

Of Gods and Men (2011)

"In a world in which faith and ignorance are often yoked together, Of Gods and Men lifts faith from just the throbbing heart to the thinking mind as well."

Posted Aug 16, 2011

Tony Macklin

40 76%

The Help (2011)

"The Help is Mississippi-lite. This doesn't mean it's not an entertaining movie: it is quite enjoyable. It just means it avoids authenticity."

Posted Aug 11, 2011

Tony Macklin

41 82%

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes is like many summer movies -- once you get on their wave length, they're a hoot. But you have to accept the bumpy amusement ride."

Posted Aug 7, 2011

Tony Macklin

42 95%

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2011)

"Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a 30,000-year leap of faith. Werner Herzog, after tiptoeing through the transforming cave, says, "Nothing is real. Nothing is certain." As an artist, he seems to like it that way."

Posted Aug 5, 2011

Tony Macklin

43 44%

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

"Cowboys & Aliens is a collision of genres that leaves a mess, but what a mess! It's a smash-up between the outer spaces of the west and the outer space of the cosmos. It shouldn't work, but it does. It's rollicking fun."

Posted Jul 27, 2011

Tony Macklin

44 78%

Page One: Inside the New York Times (2011)

"Page One: Inside the New York Times is a sometimes fascinating, unsettling, and informative look at a venerable institution that has to cope with a rapidly changing world."

Posted Jul 22, 2011

Tony Macklin

45 84%

A Better Life (2011)

"A Better Life is steeped in decency. But how does decency survive in an indecent world?"

Posted Jul 16, 2011

Tony Macklin

46 96%

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (2011)

"How do you compete with young Harry, young Ron, and young Hermione? You can't. They're ones of a kind. Good night sweet princes and princess."

Posted Jul 14, 2011

Tony Macklin

47 84%

Beginners (2011)

"In Beginners, the Jack Russell terrier named Arthur proves to be damned cute. Unfortunately, the movie around him is not cute, it's coy."

Posted Jul 8, 2011

Tony Macklin

48 89%

Buck (2011)

"In Buck, director Cidy Meehl captures a man who has dignity, a certain grace, and is self-effacing. Meehl makes a wise choice in keeping Buck from being contrived and just a feel-good experience. She keeps it authentic and human."

Posted Jul 3, 2011

Tony Macklin

49 36%

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

"Director Michael Bay's latest foray into endless, vapid dissonance is Transformers: Dark of the Moon. This time out we sit through 2 1/2 hours of CGI -- complete godawful inanity. The last hour is not equal to what animator Chuck Jones did in a minute."

Posted Jul 3, 2011

Tony Macklin

50 39%

Cars 2 (2011)

"Cars 2 runs out of gas. It's on fumes -- and some of them pretty noxious. There may be enough color and motion to initially interest children, but the plot will lose them, and boredom may follow."

Posted Jun 29, 2011

Tony Macklin

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