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Rating Title/Year Author
Yesterday (2019) Nadine Smith For all the lip service paid to the Beatles' universal greatness, Yesterday doesn't even seem to understand why anyone ever thought John, Paul, George, and Ringo were so brilliant in the first place. EDIT
Posted Jun 28, 2019
Rocketman (2019) Kristen Yoonsoo Kim Rocketman grows exhausting by the end... EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice (2019) Kristen Yoonsoo Kim Mostly, The Sound of My Voice is a welcome reminder of Ronstadt's can-do-anything spirit. EDIT
Posted May 10, 2019
Devil's Pie: D'Angelo (2019) Kristen Yoonsoo Kim It is sympathetic of a man who was not emotionally equipped for the kind of spotlight he was thrown into. As a documentary, it's fairly standard. EDIT
Posted May 3, 2019
Her Smell (2018) Kristen Yoonsoo Kim Her Smell is perhaps more of an uncomfortable watch than an enjoyable one, giving the viewer a front row seat to Becky's destructive behavior. But it's impossible to turn away from Moss, especially when she's flashing that maniacal smile. EDIT
Posted Apr 5, 2019
The Juniper Tree (1990) Kristen Yoonsoo Kim The subtle subversion on the story makes it a worthy watch, and not least for Björk's presence as the affectional center of a stone-cold world. EDIT
Posted Mar 15, 2019
Vox Lux (2018) Kristen Yoonsoo Kim While provocation done with a purpose can reveal big truths, I question whether Vox Lux pushes past the shock value. What point is the film grappling to make about this kind of senseless bloodshed and the role of pop music in times of trauma? EDIT
Posted Dec 14, 2018
Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) Kristen Yoonsoo Kim Bohemian Rhapsody is not so much a film as it is a dramatization of a Wikipedia entry, watered down and overedited. EDIT
Posted Nov 6, 2018
Nico, 1988 (2017) Judy Berman Because [Susanna] Nicchiarelli gets all of that, Nico, 1988 never devolves into a sob story. EDIT
Posted Apr 25, 2018
David Bowie: The Last Five Years (2017) Judy Berman Bowie's untimely death was a tragedy, but at the very least, it finally got us really discussing his body of work. The Last Five Years continues that necessary conversation. EDIT
Posted Jan 11, 2018
Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words (2016) Paula Mejia Presenting Zappa in his own words is a daunting challenge, and Eat That Question rises to it. However, Zappa remains guarded, even when he's talking about himself. EDIT
Posted Sep 22, 2017
Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017) Judy Berman ... Five Foot Two feels intriguingly raw. EDIT
Posted Sep 21, 2017
We Are X (2016) Judy Berman What drives [director Stephen] Kijak's film, and adds a universal dimension to a singular band's narrative, is the drama inherent in a group of strong personalities who live for music attempting to create and perform it together. EDIT
Posted Sep 21, 2017
Song to Song (2017) Judy Berman ... just another minor variation on Malick's favorite theme-the power of love and spirituality to transcend the life-poisoning curses of ambition and greed-and not a very effective one, at that. EDIT
Posted Sep 21, 2017
Gimme Danger (2016) Judy Berman ... by getting Iggy to talk about his art rather than his antics, Jarmusch performs the delicate feat of elucidating a beloved rock'n'roll persona without exploding it. EDIT
Posted Sep 21, 2017
Person to Person (2017) Kristen Yoonsoo Kim Person to Person is the kind of movie that asks its viewers to open up that tender spot inside. Once you do, it'll completely charm you. EDIT
Posted Aug 1, 2017
Kuso (2017) Kristen Yoonsoo Kim Maybe Kuso becomes coherent on a second or third viewing, but few would (or should) attempt such torture. EDIT
Posted Jul 20, 2017