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Rating Title/Year Author
1/10 Grizzly II. Revenge (2020) Adam Patterson Grizzly II is a dreadful experience, but it's an oddly fascinating one as well, in that, not only does it exist in general, but it's somehow being released in theaters in 2021. EDIT
Posted Jan 7, 2021
8/10 Synchronic (2019) Adam Patterson Benson and Moorhead once again brought us a unique experience that's hard to forget and begs us to rewatch it, unpacking every little morsel of meaning behind each scene. EDIT
Posted Oct 20, 2020
6/10 Run (2020) Adam Patterson Run is a satisfying thriller that, despite its formulaic nature, contains some interesting elements that reaffirms Aneesh Chaganty as a promising new voice in the industry. EDIT
Posted Oct 12, 2020
8/10 The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) Adam Patterson A wildly entertaining horror-comedy that deftly blends genres while delivering a compelling cast of characters and deep story. EDIT
Posted Oct 8, 2020
6/10 The Boy Behind the Door (2020) Adam Patterson An undeniably suspenseful, albeit often misguided, story about two best friends fighting for survival after being abducted. EDIT
Posted Oct 1, 2020
8/10 The Paper Tigers (2021) Adam Patterson The Paper Tigers is a feel good comedy that hits all the right notes, crafting a nice balance of humor and action. EDIT
Posted Sep 23, 2020
6/10 The Owners (2020) Adam Patterson Peppered with some top-notch practical makeup effects, The Owners is a tense cat-and-mouse thriller that keeps the audience guessing while delivering a fun, but flawed thriller. EDIT
Posted Sep 4, 2020
7.5/10 Feels Good Man (2020) Adam Patterson There are plenty of documentaries out there that discuss meme culture, but none so succinctly outline and break down the trajectory of a meme than Feels Good Man. EDIT
Posted Aug 28, 2020
7.5/10 The Mortuary Collection (2019) Adam Patterson The Mortuary Collection is an immensely fun throwback that marks a horror highlight for the year. EDIT
Posted Aug 26, 2020
5.5/10 Crazy Samurai: 400 vs 1 (2020) Adam Patterson It's ambitious premise fights against the narrative resulting in a surprisingly dull endeavor. EDIT
Posted Aug 26, 2020
7/10 You Cannot Kill David Arquette (2020) Adam Patterson The directors do a commendable job in wrangling the emotional ups and downs of Arquette's quest into a heartfelt documentary that's ultimately inspiring. EDIT
Posted Aug 26, 2020
6/10 Class Action Park (2020) Adam Patterson Funny and informative, but could have used some more creative flourishes to complement its subject matter. EDIT
Posted Aug 25, 2020
8/10 Lapsis (2020) Adam Patterson It's a striking critique of the gig economy but framed in a fun, intriguing, lo-fi adventure. EDIT
Posted Aug 25, 2020
5/10 Centigrade (2020) Adam Patterson There's unfortunately just not enough here to recommend Centigrade over the horde of other containment thrillers. EDIT
Posted Aug 24, 2020
7/10 Sanzaru (2020) Adam Patterson A thoughtfully crafted story that combines dread with melodrama to deliver a creepy, nuanced horror tale. EDIT
Posted Aug 18, 2020
5/10 The Comfort of Strangers (1990) Adam Patterson Strong visuals and performances alone aren't enough to save the lackluster plot. EDIT
Posted Aug 18, 2020
5.5/10 The Pale Door (2020) Adam Patterson Works best when it's a high-energy mashup, which unfortunately happens too infrequently. EDIT
Posted Aug 17, 2020
7/10 Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula (2020) Adam Patterson A tonal departure from Train to Busan, but it still manages to deliver a thrilling, wildly entertaining and total badass zombie action flick despite its reliance on tropes. EDIT
Posted Aug 17, 2020
7/10 Host (2020) Adam Patterson A fun, scary and surprisingly well formed horror feature that uses our current socially distanced climate to its advantage. EDIT
Posted Aug 2, 2020
4.5/10 Inheritance (2020) Adam Patterson From its thoroughly uninspired poster design to its predictable and formulaic plot, Stein's thriller occasionally entertains but contains few shining or memorable moments. EDIT
Posted May 20, 2020
2/10 Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012) Adam Patterson This movie is filled with special effects that are done after the movie is shot and they are awful. EDIT
Posted May 13, 2020
8/10 Socks on Fire (2020) Adam Patterson McGuire clearly poured his heart and soul into this film, and it shows in nearly every moment on screen. EDIT
Posted May 7, 2020
7/10 Blood Quantum (2019) Adam Patterson A thought-provoking zombie flick with some excellent effects work. EDIT
Posted May 7, 2020
8.5/10 Listen Up Philip (2014) Adam Patterson The dialogue is brilliant - fast, smart and incredibly funny. EDIT
Posted May 6, 2020
There's Always Woodstock (2014) Adam Patterson This is an insufferable movie that telegraphs everything from its opening minutes, and does nothing to elevate the genre or even tell an interesting story. EDIT
Posted Apr 28, 2020
6.5/10 The Wretched (2019) Adam Patterson A surprising delight, which doesn't skimp on some great creature effects and fun, sometimes shocking moments. EDIT
Posted Apr 28, 2020
4.5/10 Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time Volume 1: Midnight Madness (2020) Adam Patterson Despite boasting an impressively large lineup of subjects, this 3-part documentary adds little to the discourse on cult film and could have used more time in the editing room. EDIT
Posted Apr 20, 2020
7/10 Other Music (2019) Adam Patterson A bittersweet love letter to a New York institution. EDIT
Posted Apr 18, 2020
7/10 Sea Fever (2019) Adam Patterson There's some undeniable similarities to The Thing, but this stands on its own as a tense experience that leans more toward body horror than creature feature. EDIT
Posted Apr 7, 2020
5/10 Vivarium (2020) Adam Patterson There's not much here beyond the great setup, and it feels like this would be better suited for a Twilight Zone episode rather than stretched out into a feature-length film. EDIT
Posted Mar 25, 2020
7/10 The Carnivores (2020) Adam Patterson Johnson's second feature has a deeper complexity than his first and provides a thought-provoking story about love and obsession. EDIT
Posted Mar 14, 2020
7/10 Big Time Adolescence (2019) Adam Patterson Propelled by the performance of Davidson, it feels a bit paint by numbers, but the solid script and even pace keep it from toppling over under the weight of its own formula. EDIT
Posted Mar 12, 2020
8/10 The Invisible Man (2020) Adam Patterson Terrifying, unique, and one of the best horror experiences this year. EDIT
Posted Feb 27, 2020
6.5/10 Blood on Her Name (2019) Adam Patterson A well-crafted Southern-fried neo-noir. EDIT
Posted Feb 24, 2020
6.5/10 VFW (2019) Adam Patterson A no-frills, sleazy throwback with a great cast and tons of gore. EDIT
Posted Feb 15, 2020
6/10 Color Out of Space (2019) Adam Patterson Less exuberant than what I hoped, but a satisfying cosmic horror tale nonetheless and a welcome return from Richard Stanley. EDIT
Posted Jan 20, 2020
6.5/10 VHYes (2019) Adam Patterson VHYes paints a lovingly odd portrait of a bygone era. EDIT
Posted Jan 13, 2020
7/10 Underwater (2020) Adam Patterson Derivative and shallow, but Stewart commands this satisfying white-knuckle sci-fi horror romp. EDIT
Posted Jan 11, 2020
8/10 Don't Be a Dick About It (2018) Adam Patterson Sometimes the simplest stories can be the most endearing; such is the case with Ben Mullinkosson's slice-of-life documentary. EDIT
Posted Jan 7, 2020
6/10 Daniel Isn't Real (2019) Adam Patterson Playing out like a horror version of Drop Dead Fred, Daniel Isn't Real blends familiar tropes with some welcome, off-the-wall antics. EDIT
Posted Dec 5, 2019
5/10 Little Joe (2019) Adam Patterson A diluted experience, perhaps in need of its own whiff of that sweet, euphoric pollen. EDIT
Posted Dec 3, 2019
7.5/10 Mickey and the Bear (2019) Adam Patterson Bolstered by its two standout performances, Mickey and the Bear is a sobering coming-of-age film brought to the screen with realism and tact. EDIT
Posted Nov 13, 2019
3.5/10 Portals (2019) Adam Patterson A poorly structured, forgettable horror anthology that leaves a lot to be desired. EDIT
Posted Oct 24, 2019
7.5/10 Greener Grass (2019) Adam Patterson We've seen plenty of movies take the piss out of modern suburbia, but none have done it with such raw, piercing wit. EDIT
Posted Oct 17, 2019
2/10 Mary (2019) Adam Patterson Despite its impressive cast, Michael Goi's ghost story, Mary, is a film lost at sea. EDIT
Posted Oct 12, 2019
7/10 Mister America (2019) Adam Patterson This ever-growing mythology is impressive, creating a satirical monster that continues to grow more and more tentacles while cleverly lambasting one topic after another. EDIT
Posted Oct 9, 2019
4.5/10 Little Monsters (2019) Adam Patterson It's a film teeming with opportunities that were squandered under falsely edgy and unfunny jokes. EDIT
Posted Oct 8, 2019
5/10 1BR (2019) Adam Patterson 1BR is a great concept held back by the mishandling of its characters. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
5/10 In the Tall Grass (2019) Adam Patterson Like many movies of this ilk, the journey is far superior to the destination. EDIT
Posted Oct 4, 2019
6.5/10 Wrinkles the Clown (2019) Adam Patterson An entertaining documentary that explores both a wildly successful social experiment and the reasons behind its universal fascination. EDIT
Posted Oct 2, 2019