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Rating Title/Year Author
2/10 Charlie's Angels (2019) Tony Medley Banks has proved that a woman can make as idiotic an action movie as a man in this film that is devoid of tension, pace, drama, humor, intelligence, beauty, and reason. EDIT
Posted Nov 18, 2019
8/10 The Good Liar (2019) Tony Medley A good thriller with fine pace that methodically draws you in. Helen Mirren gives her usual award-quality performance, and so does Ian McKellan. EDIT
Posted Nov 15, 2019
9/10 Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice (2019) Tony Medley ...full of music,...a treat to hear her sing parts of so many songs that she helped to make famous and to learn so much about her. EDIT
Posted Sep 11, 2019
9/10 Brian Banks (2018) Tony Medley It is gut-wrenching to watch the unfairness Banks endured and Hodge's performance is amazingly true to life. ..a film that will stay with you for a long time. EDIT
Posted Aug 21, 2019
5/10 Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019) Tony Medley Containing every hackneyed scene in jungle movies from time immemorial, this should appeal to 10 year old girls. Adults might like the closing song and dance. EDIT
Posted Aug 16, 2019
3/10 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) Tony Medley ...a seemingly endless insult to entertainment ... EDIT
Posted Aug 10, 2019
8/10 Mike Wallace Is Here (2019) Tony Medley Wallace learned how to be inscrutable when he's the interviewee, so reveals very little about himself, but it's still a treat to watch his old interviews. EDIT
Posted Jul 29, 2019
7/10 David Crosby: Remember My Name (2019) Tony Medley ... an interesting picture of a rock star who has apparently been arrogant and unlikeable his entire life. Now none of his former cohorts will even speak to him. EDIT
Posted Jul 21, 2019
3/10 Stockholm (2018) Tony Medley ...a soporific drag... EDIT
Posted Apr 15, 2019
8/10 Greta (2018) Tony Medley Highlighted by cinematography that enhances the spookiness even if, like me, you don't like horror, this is worth seeing just to appreciate the incomparable film-making. EDIT
Posted Mar 1, 2019
5/10 The Woman in the Window (1944) Tony Medley Ruined by a cowardly ending but it was terrific up until then. EDIT
Posted Nov 20, 2018
Moynihan (2018) Tony Medley A fascinating documentary that reveals Senator Moynihan to be quite different from what many thought him to be. EDIT
Posted Oct 12, 2018
9/10 Love, Gilda (2018) Tony Medley ...a fascinating portrait of a woman who rose to the heights from nowhere. The only negative is that there is only one short clip of Roseanne Roseannadanna. Even so, it's a terrific documentary. EDIT
Posted Sep 21, 2018
8/10 Hal (2018) Tony Medley ...a highly engrossing tale of the Hollywood of 40 years ago...about an individualistic, one-of-a-kind maverick who produced some memorable films in the 1970s... EDIT
Posted Sep 14, 2018
5/10 Peppermint (2018) Tony Medley This is a genre and genres apparently have rules. And one rule for this genre is; make it absurd. EDIT
Posted Sep 12, 2018
1/10 Mile 22 (2018) Tony Medley These movies just seem to get worse and worse. idiotic fight and car chase and gun battle after another...The really depressing thought is that they are clearly setting the audience up for a sequel, God forbid. EDIT
Posted Aug 17, 2018
7/10 Christopher Robin (2018) Tony Medley The charm of the movie lies in Pooh's naiveté and innocence. .. he states what he sees and believes in such Alice in Wonderland purity that the truths he utters are captivating and almost worth sitting through it. If only it were 30 minutes shorter. EDIT
Posted Aug 7, 2018
8/10 40 Years in the Making: The Magic Music Movie (2017) Tony Medley Told with personal interviews with all the band members of a 1970s Colorado band that didn't make it, along with clips of their tuneful music, archival videos, and stills, it is a captivating tale. EDIT
Posted Aug 3, 2018
2/10 Siberia (2018) Tony Medley ...has no raison d'être that I can determine, just 104 minutes of nonsense. EDIT
Posted Jul 16, 2018
2/10 Shock and Awe (2017) Tony Medley ...unremittingly boring...Considering the fact that Reiner has been a talented director and that Woody Harrelson, Tommy Lee Jones, and James Marsden are competent actors, I never dreamed it could be so bad. EDIT
Posted Jul 13, 2018