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Rating Title/Year Author
Negative Space (2017) Vassilis Kroustallis Adept and emotionally well-packed EDIT
Posted Aug 4, 2019
Ville Neuve (2018) Vassilis Kroustallis Ville Neuve is a sensitive film which uses its low-key aesthetics in its favour; it sometimes overexposes a fait accompli desperation, which hinders the film's own stated, palpable claim for a breath of fresh air. EDIT
Posted Jul 3, 2019
Away (2019) Vassilis Kroustallis Away is economical in its timing (both in overall duration, and in its individual scenes), ambitious in its widescreen format, and grand in its archetypal choice of themes and norms. Deserves to be widely seen. EDIT
Posted Jun 20, 2019
The Tragedy of Man (2011) Vassilis Kroustallis This animated existential-philosophical melange is not without its flaws (close imitation of the Faust being one), yet it shows respect, care and genuine narrative and visual consideration for a subject-matter few would dare to tackle. EDIT
Posted Mar 20, 2019
Ruben Brandt, Collector (2018) Vassilis Kroustallis It's a post-modern heist film, full of references and short of surprises. EDIT
Posted Mar 18, 2019
Seder-Masochism (2018) Vassilis Kroustallis Seder-Masochism is an entertainingly bold animated critique of things you'd better not left unexamined EDIT
Posted Jan 25, 2019
Tito and the Birds (2018) Vassilis Kroustallis A welcome entry into the string of recent Brazilian animation successes, Tito and The Birds combines breathtaking expressionism with a call for social action and a narrative which prioritizes team effort scenes than character fine-tuning EDIT
Posted Jan 20, 2019
The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales... (2017) Vassilis Kroustallis The film definitely plays with the fairytale genre conventions (which won't subvert), and offers a much needed antidote to the hyper-programmed visual and narrative tricks of more mainstream contemporary animation. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2019
Mirai no Mirai (2018) Vassilis Kroustallis A gentle family comedy of manners, which really takes off at the film's final reels. Without being groundbreaking, it still provides a wormhole to look further away than your own courtyard. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2019
Seoul Station (2016) Vassilis Kroustallis Yeon Sang-ho's third feature is no less fierce and violent as his The King of Pigs and The Fake efforts, and wholeheartedly artistic at the same time. EDIT
Posted Jan 8, 2019
Cafard (2015) Vassilis Kroustallis Working more like a slow burner than a series of powerful dramatic confrontations, the film invests a lot to an old-fashioned sense of moral values and male bonding. EDIT
Posted Jan 8, 2019
Tehran Taboo (2017) Vassilis Kroustallis This is an animated film made for adults, which perfectly captures dilemmas and character decisions without the need to become graphic (unless when really needed). EDIT
Posted Jan 8, 2019
Ethel & Ernest (2016) Vassilis Kroustallis Ethel and Ernest feels unashamedly nostalgic, carefully researched and with a heart. EDIT
Posted Jan 8, 2019
The Oddsockeaters (2016) Vassilis Kroustallis With an eye-popping color palette, a memorable character design, and the need for a family which appears in the most unlikely gang places, The Oddsockeaters is a welcome, if narratively uneven, entry in the European feature animation niche. EDIT
Posted Jan 8, 2019
On Happiness Road (2017) Vassilis Kroustallis The handling of national culture subtleties, and what makes a child and a woman at home gives the film On Happiness Road its distinct feel of contemporaneity, even more satisfyingly than its implied politics angle EDIT
Posted Jan 8, 2019
Dilili à Paris (2018) Vassilis Kroustallis Dilili in Paris won't completely fit the bill for its expressed modernist purpose, but children and adults would enjoy it for its staunch defence of just causes and its more than loveable main character. EDIT
Posted Jan 8, 2019