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A chintzy rush-job with just enough good moments to make you wish it were better.
Posted May 3, 2015
Pathetic. Nothing but an over-privileged filmmaker mining his prep school diaries for narcissistic roleplay.
Posted May 3, 2015
Breezy and casually profound, with a killer gimmick that keeps on giving.
Posted May 3, 2015
Did anybody ask for this?
Posted May 3, 2015
You get what you pay for with a movie like this. The question is whether it was worth paying for at all.
Posted May 3, 2015
13 Assassins (2011)
Phenomenally entertaining. A ripping old-school yarn.
Posted May 3, 2015
Thor (2011)
The mildly amusing midsection plays like a Viking take on Crocodile Dundee.
Posted May 3, 2015
I was hypnotized from the opening sequence.
Posted May 3, 2015
I Am (2011)
The only revelation here is that a terrible filmmaker is a terrible filmmaker, regardless of genre or subject matter.
Posted May 3, 2015
Super (2011)
If I hadn't foolishly gone and saw Sucker Punch a couple weeks ago, this would be the worst film of the year.
Posted May 3, 2015
Scream 4 (2011)
A half-thought-out lark, the movie mocks and rejects every current trend of the genre.
Posted May 3, 2015
Ceremony (2011)
The problem here is that I wanted to murder the protagonist.
Posted May 3, 2015
Potiche (2011)
Dithers here and yon, with a deliberately dated tinny score and retro camera movements that annoy just as often as they delight.
Posted May 3, 2015
Hanna (2011)
Meticulously composed mayhem without a larger purpose, too glum to provide any base genre satisfactions.
Posted May 3, 2015
Win Win (2011)
Tom McCarthy doesn't make great movies, but he makes movies about people I enjoy spending time with.
Posted May 3, 2015
Source Code (2011)
I'd rather flirt with Michelle Monaghan than hunt down a mad bomber, too.
Posted May 3, 2015
It's the kind of generic indie we see dozens of times each year, with middling relationship problems and precious little at stake in an anachronistically affordable Manhattan.
Posted May 3, 2015
Kaboom (2011)
Shot in blinding colors, with an eye for artifice and a fixation on flesh, Kaboom is one happy, horny movie.
Posted May 3, 2015
Paul (2011)
While paying homage to E.T. and Close Encounters, they accidentally re-made Howard The Duck.
Posted May 3, 2015
Rango (2011)
The weirdness of the film is fascinating, but there's just so damn much of it.
Posted May 3, 2015
The movie is suffocated by its own grim determinism.
Posted May 3, 2015
Drive Angry (2011)
There's a thin line between clever and stupid. NIc Cage walks it.
Posted May 3, 2015
Unknown (2011)
Like Taken, it's the kind of flick that will play forever on cable.
Posted May 3, 2015
Hall Pass (2011)
The Farrelly's don't seem to have much interest in their own premise, instead wallowing in pee-pee and doo-doo jokes.
Posted May 3, 2015
Aniston appears just as disgusted with these characters as we are. She's never been so relatable.
Posted May 3, 2015
Cedar Rapids (2011)
Not as funny as it seems to think it is, but there are considerable pleasures to be found around the margins.
Posted May 3, 2015
Sanctum (2011)
I couldn't wait for these people to drown.
Posted May 3, 2015
The Rite (2011)
It's one of those films that pretends to take ideas about faith seriously, until it's time for the CGI money shots to kick in.
Posted May 3, 2015
Biutiful (2010)
The Bataan Death March of art-directed miserablim. And to what end?
Posted May 3, 2015
You get the feeling Reitman packed the supporting cast with ringers because he knew his leads couldn't cut it.
Posted May 3, 2015
Another Year (2010)
This movie makes me want to avoid my married friends.
Posted May 3, 2015
Somewhere (2010)
It's more of a vibe than a movie. The atmosphere is enticing, I just wish it added up to more.
Posted May 3, 2015
The Way Back (2011)
A gorgeously mounted epic that for all its virtues feels maddeningly remote.
Posted May 3, 2015
Cage merely stands around looking glum, letting his hair extensions do the acting for him.
Posted May 3, 2015
Rabbit Hole (2010)
Mitchell is a filmmaker who seems to genuinely like people, a far rarer bird than you'd imagine.
Posted May 3, 2015
True Grit (2010)
The year's best film. Deeply moving and entirely unexpected.
Posted May 3, 2015
Dunham offers glancing and at times devastatingly funny hints at the world beyond our protagonist's blinkered narcissism.
Posted May 3, 2015
The Tempest (2010)
Julie Taymor has a theatre director's idea of how movies work. That's not a compliment.
Posted May 3, 2015
Black Swan (2010)
It's either the awesomest stupid movie or the stupidest awesome movie I've seen all year.
Posted May 3, 2015
The script undercuts the measured performances with blunt, melodramatic proclamations.
Posted May 3, 2015
Burlesque (2010)
Just terrible enough to make you wish it was even worse.
Posted May 3, 2015
Hathaway creates a tough, angry, complicated woman who deserved better than her lot in life. For starters. she deserved a better movie.
Posted May 3, 2015
Half a movie at full price, it exists only to supply laborious setup for next summer's final installment.
Posted May 3, 2015
127 Hours (2010)
So busy and self-consciously virtuosic that the movie undercuts it's own premise.
Posted May 3, 2015
A cut above the usual rom-com tripe while remaining several notches below the caliber of talent involved.
Posted May 3, 2015
Tamara Drewe (2010)
The project has a slapdash, good-enough-for-government work feel to it.
Posted May 3, 2015
And yet the film remains strangely watchable, even when it's gone bonkers. Especially when it's gone bonkers.
Posted May 3, 2015
This demon is more like a lousy roommate, turning the lights on, leaving the cabinets open and making loud noises in the kitchen while everybody's trying to sleep.
Posted Apr 28, 2015
Stone (2010)
Hard to believe, but Edward Norton in cornrows is one of the less ludicrous things you'll see in this film.
Posted Apr 28, 2015
Conviction (2010)
Blandly inspirational, with a minimum of you-go-girl montages and even less suspense.
Posted Apr 28, 2015