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Zombieland (2009)
It has a lot more in common with Little Miss Sunshine than just Abigail Breslin.
Posted Sep 29, 2009
Paris (2008)
Were it possible for The City of Light to see Nashville or Manhattan, it would probably want to sue for defamation.
Posted Sep 29, 2009
Amreeka (2009)
As much as I enjoyed spending time with these characters, it's hard not to bristle at the overall After-School Special vibe.
Posted Sep 29, 2009
The sublime Damon has a ridiculous moustache, a bad toupee and carries himself with the supreme confidence of a man who has no idea he's acting like an imbecile.
Posted Sep 15, 2009
Hustling like a blockbuster action flick, it's a crash course in domestic terrorism as rock n' roll adrenaline rush.
Posted Sep 8, 2009
Brilliantly cynical in dealing with grief as a fashion statement... exposing the vanity of mourning in public and our often absurd sanctification of the dead.
Posted Sep 3, 2009
Zombie's rowdy redneck phantasmagorias and weird swoons of empathy can't disguise that there's nowhere left for the story to go.
Posted Sep 3, 2009
Husbands (1970)
Cassavetes' most dangerous and unfiltered expression of masculine anxiety -- a raw, deliberately off-putting masterpiece.
Posted Aug 25, 2009
Cold Souls (2009)
A dreary-looking, glacially paced collection of missed opportunities.
Posted Aug 25, 2009
As is often the case with Tarantino's post-1990's output, great scenes are adrift in an undisciplined sea of ugly-spirited, juvenile self-indulgence.
Posted Aug 18, 2009
District 9 (2009)
After you've watched a doomed alien race become obsessed with cat food and Nigerian prostitutes, gunfights don't seem all that impressive anymore.
Posted Aug 18, 2009
A slightly more pleasurable experience than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. But then again, so is a prolapsed colon.
Posted Aug 11, 2009
Streep nimbly apes that famous warbly voice and bemused laugh, clomping around the set like a delightful giantess.
Posted Aug 6, 2009
Funny People (2009)
Bitterly clear-eyed about the consequences of Apatowian perpetual adolescence, it's a dark movie that comes from somewhere deeply personal.
Posted Aug 6, 2009
Soul Power (2009)
A footnote to a masterpiece.
Posted Jul 28, 2009
The movie keeps leaning toward some awful truths, only to sheepishly retreat into the safe comedy of fakey shopworn devices.
Posted Jul 25, 2009
For all intents and purposes an uncredited remake of As Good As It Gets, which was kind of a crap flick to begin with...
Posted Jul 25, 2009
All setup and no payoff, it serves mainly as logistical scaffolding to reposition the characters and strum up some backstory, stalling for time before the final chapter.
Posted Jul 25, 2009
Bruno (2009)
I don't think Cohen's targets are even being particularly homophobic, they'd just prefer if this crazed, half-naked circus freak would just put his penis away and stop invading their personal space
Posted Jul 25, 2009
Séraphine (2009)
Here's one that feels like homework.
Posted Jul 25, 2009
Tetro (2009)
A dazzling mess... it throbs with an excess of emotion and idealistic, cuckoo daring.
Posted Jul 25, 2009
A wonky art-house curio disguised as a summer blockbuster... it's also one hell of a Western.
Posted Jul 25, 2009
Moon (2009)
There's a marvelous sense of isolation in the picture's cold, aloof setting and classical, still frames.
Posted Jul 25, 2009
You asked for this, America.
Posted Jul 25, 2009
David's human sandpaper delivery gives a full, deep voice to Allen's reckless misanthropy.
Posted Jul 25, 2009
Chéri (2009)
What a drag it is getting old.
Posted Jul 25, 2009
Foolishly attempts to update the 1974 classic by cranking the volume and inflating the Noo Yawk attitude to a cartoonish level of macho posturing.
Posted Jun 9, 2009
Easy Virtue (2009)
Presumably the first Noël Coward adaptation feature a Billy Ocean song.
Posted Jun 3, 2009
Not a movie likely to be enjoyed by cat lovers...
Posted Jun 3, 2009
Rudo y Cursi (2009)
The air of jaunty vivaciousness is promising, but nothing sticks.
Posted May 27, 2009
Unfortunately, writer-director Rian Johnson is suffering from a fatal case of 'the cutes.'
Posted May 19, 2009
Ron Howard's funniest film since Splash!
Posted May 12, 2009
Jim Jarmusch is a national treasure, and The Limits of Control is his first stinker.
Posted May 12, 2009
Treats a series of complicated artistic decisions like the season finale of Dancing With the Stars.
Posted May 12, 2009
Star Trek (2009)
More than any Trek project in decades, this one conjures the camaraderie, the easy humor and most important the swagger we associate with headstrong Jim Kirk and his logical, pointy-eared pal.
Posted May 5, 2009
Tyson (2009)
It's like a Spalding Gray monologue performed by a maniac.
Posted May 5, 2009
The Soloist (2009)
A well-acted, finely crafted movie that has everything going for it... except a reason to exist.
Posted Apr 29, 2009
Bigger, dumber and even sicker than the rotgut original... I had a blast, but don't say you weren't warned.
Posted Apr 21, 2009
Sugar (2008)
Of course, calling a movie 'too humane' isn't really all that much of a complaint...
Posted Apr 21, 2009
Amarcord (1974)
Watching the movie feels like flipping through a cartoon sketchbook of Fellini's vivid remembrances and formative experiences.
Posted Apr 14, 2009
Uneven at best... But say what you will about Hill's sicko, squirmy humor, at least it's distinctive.
Posted Apr 7, 2009
Tokyo! (2008)
Anthology films are like communism or the rhythm method --things that work much better in theory than actual practice.
Posted Apr 7, 2009
Like a John Hughes movie directed by Francois Truffaut...gangly, deeply felt and just lovely.
Posted Mar 31, 2009
It's not great -- but it's not bad -- and it's the first DreamWorks animated flick that won't feel dated by the time it hits home video.
Posted Mar 24, 2009
Knowing (2009)
The good news is that M. Night Shyamalan doesn't have to feel quite so ashamed of himself anymore.
Posted Mar 24, 2009
Duplicity (2009)
A fluffy, comedic sequel to CLOSER... breezy, delightful and bitterly hilarious.
Posted Mar 18, 2009
The movie matches nicely with Ford's somnambulistic nonperformance -- they're both pokey, morose and don't really say much at all.
Posted Mar 10, 2009
Watchmen (2009)
Some things just defy adaptation.
Posted Mar 4, 2009
Two Lovers (2008)
While I'll concede that on some level it's fairly absurd, I also found it impossible not to be swept up in the film's gonzo sincerity...
Posted Feb 24, 2009
The fact that Travis Van Winkle's smarmy rich kid is a dead ringer for Michael Bay has got to be some sort of inside joke, right?
Posted Feb 17, 2009