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Surfing's seeming purity was spoiled by pop phenomena that suggested all the cute guys and gals rode rear-projection waves without mussing their hair-dos.
Posted Jul 8, 2004
King Arthur (2004)
Tops among the numerous absurdities in King Arthur is Keira Knightley's appearance in what might best be described as elfin gear.
Posted Jul 8, 2004
Partway through the uneven string of skits that comprises Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, the film loses its mind completely.
Posted Jul 8, 2004
Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky could hardly have known what they were in for when they set out to make a movie about Metallica.
Posted Jul 8, 2004
De-Lovely (2004)
The split Porters -- one watching the other acting out his life as a stage show -- provide an approximate mirror for the film's theory of his split self.
Posted Jul 2, 2004
Only after they take off in their car does Will step forward, then stand over the victim, looming and gloomy.
Posted Jul 2, 2004
The Clearing (2004)
Eileen's emotional and moral difficulties, even including her too melodramatic visit with the mistress, pulse with a kind of believable pain.
Posted Jul 2, 2004
Before Sunset is that rare sequel, delicately complicating the original, while also creating its own elegant sense of anticipation.
Posted Jul 2, 2004
Spider-Man 2 (2004)
It's the exposure of his precious face -- sign of his secret self -- that's most frightening, ordinary, and exciting.
Posted Jul 2, 2004
White Chicks (2004)
The cross-dressing comedy wouldn't be completely without homo-neurotic antics.
Posted Jun 24, 2004
The Mother (2004)
The film delicately reflects May's shifting sensibilities, revealing her point of view (at a distance, across traffic, through doors barely opened), and framing her.
Posted Jun 24, 2004
As the roof burns, as the administration's dishonesty is becoming a subject even for mainstream media coverage, more questions must circulate.
Posted Jun 24, 2004
Riddick's screwed up vision drives the original film, but Chronicles is messier and less compelling,
Posted Jun 23, 2004
The Terminal (2004)
Viktor is amiable; he's not going to make anyone nervous, as he might if he was, for instance, "Middle Eastern."
Posted Jun 23, 2004
Let the grudgy, gross-out, and basically banal competition begin.
Posted Jun 23, 2004
The absolutely scariest scene in Around the World in 80 Days features Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Posted Jun 23, 2004
Control Room (2004)
The struggle to report news, or even to decide what constitutes news, pervades the American war against Iraq.
Posted Jun 23, 2004
Carandiru (2004)
Carandiru's particular, polished design is less compelling than the raw, visceral rage of Pixote.
Posted Jun 3, 2004
The inevitable happy ending allows Helen to "have it all," but you might still be worrying about those kids.
Posted May 28, 2004
Baadasssss! (2003)
Melvin's story, different from Sweetback's, has to do with marketing that resistance, to make his movie matter.
Posted May 28, 2004
Soul Plane (2004)
Snoop looks stranded as Captain Mack, showing no sign of the comedic rhythms he's demonstrated in every other film or video in which he's appeared.
Posted May 28, 2004
Surely, there are smarter, more compelling ways to make this point than Jack's whole-hearted, robust embodiment of U.S. remythification.
Posted May 28, 2004
Discussing his innovative combinations of alternative medicine and music, RZA provides a clever gloss on his own numerologizing and Eastern philosophizing.
Posted May 20, 2004
Stateside (2004)
The guys are getting stoned and, apparently, preparing to gang-rape their frontperson. What kind of band is this, anyway?
Posted May 20, 2004
The violence of their romance is striking, sometimes moving, and always disturbing, even as metaphor.
Posted May 20, 2004
Shrek 2 (2004)
If sequels are supposed to repeat their precursors' pleasures -- such as they are -- then this one appears quite on track. It is all about repetition.
Posted May 20, 2004
Young Adam (2004)
Joe's drifting is less a matter of destiny, just desserts, or even will, than it is random, a series of accidents that might just as easily have gone another way.
Posted May 18, 2004
In her discernible contempt, Elle stands (and kicks, and punches, and shoots, and swordfights) in some opposition to Beatrix, whose ferocity is less mean than resolute.
Posted May 18, 2004
The movie's gradual devolution into a series of events sends the characters slipping and sliding into and apart from one another.
Posted May 13, 2004
Chester's productions -- "Abolition Blues," "San Francisco Quake of '06" -- rearrange history as lurid, self-promotional displays, huge and irrelevant.
Posted May 13, 2004
As lovers who lie to one another as a kind of mating ritual, Union and Foxx do about as well as possible.
Posted May 13, 2004
Troy (2004)
The camera creeps and swoops around Pitt and Bana, as if they're Kirk and Spock in some kind of hyper-realized "Amok Time."
Posted May 13, 2004
Valentin (2004)
Valentín wants to understand adults' strange rules and behaviors, but is also aware that sometimes, their world lies beyond his comprehension.
Posted May 6, 2004
The sheer oddness of this moment cannot be overstated, as the Olsens are exemplary narrow-bottomed white girls.
Posted May 6, 2004
Van Helsing (2004)
The other wrench tossed into the monster definitions mix is Frankenstein, into whose hideout Van Helsing and Anna accidentally and literally tumble.
Posted May 6, 2004
Godsend (2003)
No moving away, no contact with family or past friends: it's a relocation program for stupids.
Posted Apr 29, 2004
Envy (2004)
Envy is as dopey, uninventive, and smug as you'd expect from a movie that's "all from ****."
Posted Apr 29, 2004
Audrey learns that she must tolerate dishonesty of a devastating sort, because in this universe, Daniel's insanity prevails.
Posted Apr 29, 2004
It's easy to understand Demme's fascination with and dedication to Dominique: he's a brilliant storyteller and relentless optimist.
Posted Apr 23, 2004
Man on Fire (2004)
That Creasy finds his motivation in the exploitation of American white girls by dark-skinned enemies is a complication this movie can't begin to outline.
Posted Apr 23, 2004
Where the adults are consistently inept, ignorant, or dishonest, the kids are canny entrepreneurs.
Posted Apr 8, 2004
Solange's costumes are fashionably skimpy and her cell phone seems attached to her face.
Posted Apr 8, 2004
Walking Tall (2004)
A savvy media star and self-incorporating product, The Rock embodies our own cynical moment, when the show is what matters.
Posted Apr 2, 2004
Pearl's own experience is lost inside The United States of Leland. And Pearl's story, in fact, seems the more original.
Posted Apr 2, 2004
Hellboy (2004)
The latest hero for our time is red.
Posted Apr 2, 2004
In this first sequence in Monsieur Ibrahim, Moses appears a typical teenaged boy, trying out his masculine prerogative and simultaneously unsure of what he wants.
Posted Mar 26, 2004
It's hardly ever a good idea to remake a beloved movie.
Posted Mar 26, 2004
Jersey Girl (2004)
The new Ben Affleck movie is less a movie than a chance for him to redeem himself for all those tabloid photos.
Posted Mar 26, 2004
This problem of truth -- how it might be defined, known, or told -- underlies most all of Mel Gibson's film.
Posted Mar 23, 2004