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5/5 El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) Luis Bond El Camino is a good 2-hour episode of Breaking Bad . It works perfectly as an epilogue (in every sense of the word) to Jesse's dramatic arc and at no point does it clash with the canon from which it emerges.[Full review in Spanish] EDIT
Posted Aug 22, 2020
5/5 Parasite (2019) Luis Bond One of the best films of the decade and of Korean cinema (a nation that, by the way, has one of the most interesting filmographies of contemporary times). Its greatest strength is telling a story small but so powerful... [Full review in Spanish] EDIT
Posted Aug 20, 2020
5/5 Joker (2019) Luis Bond Joker is dark, dense, violent, and monstrous. A descent into Hades that is unlike anything we've seen on screen that's inspired by a comic [Full review in Spanish] EDIT
Posted Jul 3, 2020
5/5 Marriage Story (2019) Luis Bond Marriage Story is one of Baumbach's most mature works. Moving away from his eccentric characters (like Greenberg or Frances Ha), keeping his focus on interpersonal and family relationships [Full review in Spanish] EDIT
Posted Jul 2, 2020
3.5/5 The Two Popes (2019) Luis Bond The Two Popes is an atypical film, an interesting exercise walking between the biopic, drama and social, political and religious criticism with a slight touch of humor. Without going into very rugged terrain... [Full review in Spanish] EDIT
Posted Jun 28, 2020
5/5 Jojo Rabbit (2019) Luis Bond Jojo Rabbit is not another movie about the horrors of World War II. It is a story about maturation, loss of innocence, fanaticism, family, friendship, first love, identity creation, death, and getting our place in the world[Full review in Spanish] EDIT
Posted Jun 26, 2020
3/5 The Platform (2019) Luis Bond The Platform is a strange movie. Its main attribute lies in its attractive premise (with echoes of Kafka, Buñuel, and Gilliam) and its ambiguity when it comes to portraying the universe where it develops. [Full review in Spanish] EDIT
Posted Jun 24, 2020
5/5 The Invisible Man (2020) Luis Bond The Invisible Man is much more than the reboot of a classic, it is the reinvention of a monster from a much more real and modern perspective -- making it infinitely more terrifying. [Full review in Spanish] EDIT
Posted Jun 23, 2020