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Jungle Cruise (2021) Damond Fudge Jungle Cruise is a rollicking, rollercoaster of an adventure in the classic Disney style...get to your local theater and take this ride. EDIT
Posted Jul 30, 2021
The Green Knight (2021) Damond Fudge The Green Knight is an excellent adaptation, filled with phantasmagoric imagery and buoyed by an ever-present feeling of dread...the kind of artistic endeavor that will entice audiences into the theater, then fully divide them by the final frame. EDIT
Posted Jul 30, 2021
Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins (2021) Damond Fudge Snake Eyes is multiple steps above the previous two entries in the G.I. Joe franchise...As for the film itself, this is a serviceable popcorn summer entertainment actioner. EDIT
Posted Jul 23, 2021
Pig (2020) Damond Fudge Pig is a subdued and masterfully engaging film...As for Cage, the actor gives the greatest performance of his career EDIT
Posted Jul 21, 2021
Black Widow (2021) Damond Fudge In time, I hope we get more stand-alone entries in the MCU focused on its other great female characters, and maybe without so much support from others. Until then, Black Widow will do nicely in filling that void. EDIT
Posted Jul 9, 2021
The Tomorrow War (2021) Damond Fudge Despite its flaws, The Tomorrow War is a fantastic blockbuster, a definite must-see for the summer. I only wish I had gotten to see it on a much bigger screen. EDIT
Posted Jul 3, 2021
No Sudden Move (2021) Damond Fudge A fantastic example of neo-noir...twisty, dark and subtly amusing...mark another in the Win Column for Soderbergh. EDIT
Posted Jul 2, 2021
The Forever Purge (2021) Damond Fudge If you've enjoyed the franchise, thus far, I can sincerely guarantee you'll get a thrill from The Forever Purge. EDIT
Posted Jul 2, 2021
F9 The Fast Saga (2021) Damond Fudge F9 is a gleaming, high octane testament to how gloriously insane the Fast Saga has become over these two decades. EDIT
Posted Jun 25, 2021
In the Heights (2021) Damond Fudge In the Heights is an energetic, stunning and moving feel-good musical. EDIT
Posted Jun 11, 2021
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021) Damond Fudge The Devil Made Me Do It isn't nearly as frightening or strong as the first two entries...What it delivers is a variety of plotlines that feel more like parts of other, uncompleted scripts the filmmakers couldn't get off the ground. EDIT
Posted Jun 4, 2021
A Quiet Place Part II (2021) Damond Fudge Was I disappointed by the movie? Certainly not. Despite its flaws, it's still an engrossing piece of entertainment. Do I think they honestly needed to make a sequel? That will remain for time to tell. EDIT
Posted May 28, 2021
Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) Damond Fudge This is an excellent neo-Western that gives you plenty of action without sacrificing the characters. EDIT
Posted May 14, 2021
Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021) Damond Fudge The film attempts to move the franchise in a different direction, with rather mixed results. Still, if you're a fan of the series, like me, Spiral satisfies. EDIT
Posted May 14, 2021
The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021) Damond Fudge If you're looking for a fun film the whole family can get behind, peel them away from their devices and sit them down to watch The Mitchells vs. the Machines. EDIT
Posted Apr 30, 2021
Mortal Kombat (2021) Damond Fudge For fans of the games, or fans of martial arts films with mystical themes, Mortal Kombat wins. EDIT
Posted Apr 23, 2021
Thunder Force (2021) Damond Fudge Despite going in with zero expectations, I found Thunder Force to be a very entertaining comedic take on the superhero genre. EDIT
Posted Apr 9, 2021
Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Damond Fudge Godzilla vs. Kong gives fans of these two Titans everything they would want, and that is lots of monster mayhem. EDIT
Posted Apr 2, 2021
Happily (2021) Damond Fudge Happily is a darkly humorous thriller filled with some amazingly uncomfortable tension EDIT
Posted Mar 19, 2021
Coming 2 America (2021) Damond Fudge Despite everything that could've gone wrong with it, Coming 2 America got enough right to be entertaining. EDIT
Posted Mar 6, 2021
Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) Damond Fudge A magnificent achievement in animated entertainment, one of the best of the recent slate of Disney films EDIT
Posted Mar 5, 2021
The Little Things (2021) Damond Fudge The Little Things is a taut, slow burn neo-noir...one of those films that is extremely reluctant to give up any answers EDIT
Posted Jan 29, 2021
Promising Young Woman (2020) Damond Fudge Promising Young Woman is equal parts pitch-black comedy, timely morality tale, chilling revenge tale and intriguing examination of mental stability EDIT
Posted Jan 15, 2021
Mank (2020) Damond Fudge Mank is definitely, and deservedly, headed to the Academy Awards EDIT
Posted Dec 12, 2020
The Prom (2020) Damond Fudge A fun, upbeat and moving musical with a message...The Prom ends up causing your toes to tap, your heart to break and your spirit to lift all the way to its final scene EDIT
Posted Dec 11, 2020
The Devil All the Time (2020) Damond Fudge [Director Antonio Campos] deals out the story's dark sensibilities with a stark brutality, all while wrapping it in a beauty that's lyrically literary. EDIT
Posted Sep 19, 2020
Antebellum (2020) Damond Fudge While the ads had me expecting something akin to a mix of Get Out and the original Jacob's Ladder, what we end up with is more Get Out Lite. EDIT
Posted Sep 18, 2020
Mulan (2020) Damond Fudge Mulan is definitely one of, if not maybe the, best of Disney's live-action adaptations ... Taking the original and breathing a refreshing life into the story so it becomes its own entity. EDIT
Posted Sep 4, 2020
Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020) Damond Fudge [The] waiting paid off, because Bill & Ted Face the Music is most triumphant! EDIT
Posted Aug 28, 2020
Project Power (2020) Damond Fudge I don't ask for much more from an action film than a great look, exciting scenes and fun characters, and Project Power delivers. EDIT
Posted Aug 14, 2020
The Rental (2020) Damond Fudge What Franco has created here is an unrelenting horror film, filled with such dread and tension, built up so slowly that it's almost uncomfortable to watch. EDIT
Posted Jul 25, 2020
World War Z (2013) Damond Fudge World War Z could have ended up going down in flames, but it turned out to be one of the more entertaining movies of the summer. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
Wonder Woman (2017) Damond Fudge Go see Wonder Woman solely for the fact that it's a fantastic, well made, exciting and emotional film. In fact, I can honestly say, without hyperbole, that this is one of the best superhero movies ever. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
Wish I Was Here (2014) Damond Fudge Wish I Was Here is heartbreakingly beautiful and touchingly funny...a kind of post-modern Generation X film. Think Reality Bites filtered through the 20/20 hindsight of The Big Chill. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
Wind River (2017) Damond Fudge Like the land in which it takes place, Wind River is a harsh and relentless film. It's an intense slow burn that leads to a climax that gives up its revelation in a quick and explosive burst. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
Winchester (2018) Damond Fudge Winchester squanders the potential in its true story inspiration, and not even the ghosts can bring life to this haunted house tale. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
Whiplash (2014) Damond Fudge Whiplash is exactly why films are made. It's powerful, moving, scary, gripping, thought-provoking, exhausting, inspiring and...in-%*@#ing-tense. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
What We Do in the Shadows (2014) Damond Fudge What We Do in the Shadows is a flat-out hilarious comedy...simultaneously droll and goofy...one of the funniest comedies of the year. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014) Damond Fudge This is a fantastic and gritty thriller, and it's definitely a full-on slow burn...a mystery thriller in the classic, film noir sense. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
Veronica Mars (2014) Damond Fudge The film is an exciting mystery, successfully capturing the fun of the series while blending it with the feel of a classic noir. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
Venom (2018) Damond Fudge Venom feels like something Sony made so they could retain control over one of the few aspects of the Spider-verse they still owned. Without Spidey to anchor the storyline, though, it just feels adrift. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
Trainwreck (2015) Damond Fudge Trainwreck is quite raunchy. It's also hilarious and very sweet...I expected the raunchiness and for it to be really funny, but I didn't expect it to have such heart. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
Tomb Raider (2018) Damond Fudge At times, it's exciting and adventurous...Other times, though, the movie feels like it's treading water, waiting for the next thrilling set-piece to come into Lara's path. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
Thoroughbreds (2017) Damond Fudge Thoroughbreds is a pitch black dark comedy in the vein of Heathers or Throw Momma from the Train. Think Mean Girls filtered through the bleakly humorous noir lens of the Coen brothers. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Damond Fudge Thor: Ragnarok is a prime example of how a complete tonal shift can rejuvenate a film series. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
The World's End (2013) Damond Fudge The World's End is comedy gold... underscored by heavier themes: What is the true meaning of friendship, how does being overly reliant on technology and consumerism affect us and how much of our inner child should we give up in order to become an adult? EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
The Witch (2015) Damond Fudge The Witch is a totally messed up movie, in a good way. By the very nature of the story, the film begins at a simmer that slowly builds and builds until it's boiling over with insanity. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
The Way, Way Back (2013) Damond Fudge The Way Way Back will lift your spirits and make you rediscover that part of you that still believes you're capable of anything, no matter how deep down within you it has been buried. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
The Visit (2015) Damond Fudge The Visit is one freaky found footage frightfest. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020
The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) Damond Fudge Prey by Night...takes everything about the original and feeds it through the Generic Slasher Film meat grinder...an insult to its own predecessor. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2020