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Deville is an experienced director, and he composes this picture very neatly.
Posted Aug 28, 2004
She Hate Me (2004)
Lee presumably had two ideas, one an exposé of pharmaceutical greed, the other a sex comedy: then he decided that neither one would make a film in itself and came up with the lame idea of combining them.
Posted Aug 28, 2004
Demme serves the picture completely.
Posted Aug 28, 2004
Ozpetek is an enriching director. More than a presentation of its contents, every scene seems also to be a distillation of the matters that led to it.
Posted Jul 21, 2004
Sometimes slipshod in its making and juvenile in its travesty, and of course it has no interest in overall fairness to Bush. But it vents an anger about this presidency that, as the film's ardent reception shows, seethes in very many of us.
Posted Jul 11, 2004
Troy (2004)
The latest in a very long line of films made to give us those things that other mediums could not provide.
Posted Jun 23, 2004
The film is a series of scenes, skits, episodes, that show two or sometimes three people smoking and sipping and conversing, usually in grungy places and usually improvising -- at least that's the intended impression.
Posted Jun 13, 2004
Control Room (2004)
For those who are interested in wartime truth, this film reminds us that the casualty has been somewhat reduced.
Posted Jun 13, 2004
Carandiru (2004)
Babenco has fashioned his film without polemic intent but with all the art at his command, which is considerable.
Posted May 26, 2004
Welcome to Yoji Yamada. After decades of comedies, he arrives -- in this country, at least -- with a uniquely touching samurai film.
Posted May 2, 2004
Spartan (2004)
Mamet's understanding of the essentials here and his skill in supplying them are not major achievements for him, but it would be wasteful not to recognize them.
Posted Mar 21, 2004
Combination of comedy and gravity is certainly common enough, but it requires a sure hand and perceptible intent. This screenplay has some neat touches, but it never makes up its mind.
Posted Mar 21, 2004
The two central actors, Joachim Calmeyer (Isak) and Tomas Norström (Folke), are instances of how to be interesting without being in the least charismatic.
Posted Mar 11, 2004
Osama (2004)
We are certainly entitled to marvel at its very existence, but that isn't enough. The work itself is extraordinary.
Posted Mar 10, 2004
Latter Days (2004)
Although a good deal of what happens is predictable, the writer-director C. Jay Cox makes much of it pleasant.
Posted Feb 18, 2004
The Return (2003)
A wondrous recreation of that physical adventure.
Posted Feb 18, 2004
Whatever the actors are given to do they make so delightful -- or so delightfully moving -- that Love Actually wins out over its wobbles.
Posted Dec 3, 2003
In This World leaves us with little more than 'Tsk, tsk.'
Posted Oct 15, 2003
Why was this film made after the homes had already been abolished? One reason, hardly trifling, is that it was made excellently. Thematically, however, it stings.
Posted Sep 3, 2003
Rudolph's past work has been spotty, but his stress here on familial sovereignty is moving, as is his direction of the three children.
Posted Sep 3, 2003
Seabiscuit (2003)
In the structure of his screenplay Ross has taken a risk, and he has not quite brought it off.
Posted Aug 27, 2003
Brody creates exactly the taunting demi-monster who could inveigle Claire.
Posted Jun 25, 2003
Respiro (2003)
Respiro is not completely satisfying, because its purpose is cloudy.
Posted Jun 18, 2003
A prime candidate for a time capsule, to disclose a century hence the current state of some of our civilization's discontents, including the ability to be convinced that one is telling the truth even when one is lying.
Posted Jun 18, 2003
It's hard to complain about a film that combines Paris and the city in the world that is most like it.
Posted Jun 11, 2003
It lets us glimpse once again the stubborn, if slender, persistence of the humane.
Posted Jun 10, 2003
Blue Car (2003)
The film is strengthened by the two leading performances.
Posted May 28, 2003
Chaos (2003)
The picture holds us, not only through our wonderment at the mixture but through Serreau's dexterity and her casting.
Posted May 28, 2003
Perez has fire and verve in him and an impressive screen presence.
Posted May 28, 2003
[Leconte] directs as if he were enjoying the story bit by bit, and he is splendidly aided by his two principals.
Posted May 28, 2003
Lilja 4-ever (2003)
It is Akinshina's presence and performance that make the pedestrian story heart-wrenching.
Posted May 28, 2003
Junge's recollections of Hitler are like glimpses backstage at an indescribable tragedy.
Posted Feb 12, 2003
DiCaprio has the breeze and aplomb to keep it all bouncing along.
Posted Jan 16, 2003
A poignant marker in the career of a major artist.
Posted Jan 8, 2003
Blackboards (2002)
It is a testament of quiet endurance, of common concern, of reconciled survival.
Posted Jan 1, 2003
This film is about longing, a tribal longing. Ultimately, the tribe in question is mankind.
Posted Dec 23, 2002
Russian Ark (2002)
Sokurov's 'incompletions' are more interesting than many well-polished items.
Posted Dec 11, 2002
8 Mile (2002)
Frida (2002)
Taymor's triumph is that her film, despite its distance from us in some ways, is pertinent and enthralling.
Posted Dec 2, 2002
Tully (2002)
The people in this picture live and work and eat like people I once knew.
Posted Dec 2, 2002
The director Carlos Carrera, who is acceptably talented, keeps the story on track -- on its various tracks.
Posted Dec 2, 2002
All of this story is engrossing, especially because it unfolds something more than political data.
Posted Oct 17, 2002
Fontaine's direction, especially her agreeably startling use of close-ups and her grace with a moving camera, creates sheerly cinematic appeal.
Posted Oct 8, 2002
In terms of contribution to cinematic art, [Godard's] new film adds very little to what he has already given us.
Posted Oct 8, 2002
In all, Steers has insured that this teenage film will be recognizable to teenagers but not limited to them.
Posted Oct 8, 2002
Kurys never shows why, of all the period's volatile romantic lives, Sand and Musset are worth particular attention.
Posted Oct 8, 2002