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Fighter (2001)
No larger aspect of what is in this film can be new to us; but seeing it in this old-friends perspective gives all of it, familiar and new, a novel effect.
Posted Apr 9, 2002
Iris (2001)
To judge by the result, which is gripping, the film-makers foresaw all the difficulties.
Posted Feb 6, 2002
Field has directed it exquisitely.
Posted Dec 8, 2001
The star not only indulges himself gluttonously, but the director seems to be doubled up with laughter at how funny he is being through Mostel; and the film bloats into sogginess.
Posted Dec 8, 2001
The making of this picture is so sure that hope for Amelio, for his future, is almost forced on us.
Posted Dec 5, 2001
Otomo (2000)
Much of the sense of size in this account of an immigrant worker, who is only one among many thousands in Germany, comes from the performance by Isaach de Bankole.
Posted Nov 14, 2001
An important appendix to Lanzmann's work.
Posted Nov 5, 2001
What had been a realistic work, lyric but realistic, slides into ostentatious symbolism.
Posted Oct 30, 2001
Diamond Men (2001)
Cohen, who has been in the diamond business, has directed with a sure, non-wasteful hand and with touching empathy for both men.
Posted Oct 24, 2001
Dinner Rush (2001)
One of the neatest aspects of the film is that it treats this restaurant like a theater set on a revolving stage.
Posted Oct 24, 2001
Lynch challenges our expectations of narrative and credibility by luxuriating in something else -- the unexplained, the making of no-sense that (he says) underlies life.
Posted Oct 24, 2001
An engrossing documentary.
Posted Oct 4, 2001
Restraint, authentic feeling, economy of means are distinguishing marks in [Schroeder's] work here.
Posted Oct 4, 2001
Djomeh (2001)
Djomeh (New Yorker) is not among the best of the Iranian imports -- its thematic compass is smaller--but it certainly shares some of the attributes of the best: patience and a belief that every human face is important.
Posted Sep 26, 2001
Aberdeen (2001)
I cannot think of another film that treats so heatedly the range of emotional possibilities between a young woman and her father.
Posted Sep 26, 2001
Miller has gone from relatively small-scale subjects into immensity with a delight called The Turandot Project.
Posted Aug 30, 2001
Most impressive is Sternberg's gift of concision and elaboration. Glide and dwell, glide and dwell. He knows when to compress, when to intensify.
Posted Jul 31, 2001
Scene after scene, shot after shot is so gorgeous that Valli is profligate with them.
Posted Jul 5, 2001
Lumumba (2001)
The trouble with the film is not canonization but, again, the recurrent defect in pictures about such people. The ideational data are so sketchy that it is as if we were riffling the pages of a complicated book.
Posted Jun 27, 2001
Hrebejk directs with a sure hand and a warm heart.
Posted Jun 25, 2001
Sydney Macartney, whose previous directing experience had been mostly in television, deals freshly with situations that also could have been cliches.
Posted Jun 21, 2001
The net result of all this cinematic whirling, of the "wrong" music and of the parodic plot, is that nothing at all in the film moves us.
Posted Jun 7, 2001
Performed so straightforwardly, so seriously, and its characters are shown to be so intelligent, that it never seems a freakish supernatural tale.
Posted May 23, 2001
Without postcard prettiness, he lays the beauties of this village and its mountains before us so quietly and proudly that a warrant of nativity, of belonging, suffuses the film.
Posted May 23, 2001
A documentary that understands the uniqueness of the man who is their subject without patronizing or exploiting him.
Posted May 14, 2001
Nabokov's novel is an internal adventure; the Gorris-Berry film is imperfect theater.
Posted May 9, 2001
The novel is inevitably stripped of its rich characterological garments and is left relatively naked as a clever plot -- in the basest sense 'theatrical.'
Posted May 2, 2001
Seems diligently assembled.
Posted May 2, 2001
Memento (2000)
Nolan uses the structure simply as a gimmick to refresh a stale story of revenge, crime, sex, a film noir that never gets any darker than gris.
Posted Apr 11, 2001
'Reality' notwithstanding, the performances in this film are uniformly good, and Brooke Smith as Dawn is better than that.
Posted Mar 21, 2001
Me You Them (2001)
With Waddington's help, all of the people involved give us a gently insinuating folk tale.
Posted Mar 21, 2001
Jaoui's directing and sympathy are what hold us from the start.
Posted Mar 20, 2001
The promise of its beautiful opening is beautifully kept.
Posted Mar 8, 2001
Snatch (2001)
The cinematic dazzle, the high pitch to which he leads his actors, the relish of sheer velocity are reward enough.
Posted Mar 8, 2001
Pollock (2000)
Just -- yes, just -- one more film about that perennially obdurate subject, an artist.
Posted Mar 8, 2001
The Dardenne brothers, as shown by their empathic casting, their very choice of theme, have confessed to a burden. They believe in hope.
Posted Feb 21, 2001
Guediguian is a smooth enough director, but it's his casting and some episodes in the screenplay that transfix us.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
Sonatine (1993)
Gross and trite as the material is, Kitano shows again that he is an ingenious, purposeful filmmaker.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
The result is horrifying, but it's also unsettling in its ruthlessness.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
Nixon (1995)
The picture is a case study.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
Besides the unconvincing shift of psychic gears, the picture has no theme, no resonance, no point.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
A farce-comedy, it must thrive, if it's to do so, on sparkle. But the bubbles are sparse, partly because of Roberts's low fizz level.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
Lawrence luxuriates in the tremendous.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
Jackie Brown (1997)
The flat, self-exposing dud that fate often keeps in store for the initially overpraised.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
A sinuous trip through a series of bumps and surprises that is never tedious.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
Kiss or Kill (1997)
Bennett's screenplay is consistent, completely concerned with the haphazard and the jogging of conventional expectation.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
Multiplicity (1996)
Multiplicity exists because it's now possible for an actor to appear on screen with himself and not by means of anything so quaint as double exposure.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
After Sex (1997)
Rouan's writing, as far as can be judged from subtitles, is pointed and vital. Her performance is superb.
Posted Jan 1, 2000
The cast is revved up to sizzle, with Sting in a smallish role, and the thick cockney dialogue is more comprehensible than you might think.
Posted Jan 1, 2000