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Becket (1964)
In 1964, the film's innuendo might have seemed daring; today it's close to ridiculous.
Posted Jan 25, 2007
Smokin' Aces (2007)
Self-important but not untalented, Smokin' Aces is tonally consistent from beginning to end, and, for all its bloody mayhem, kinetic nihilism, and jive minstrelsy, has a surprisingly light touch.
Posted Jan 25, 2007
... nothing but hot air.
Posted Jan 24, 2007
China Blue (2005)
... China Blue feels stage-managed at times, but the conditions of this 750-person factory are heartbreaking ...
Posted Jan 24, 2007
Eraserhead (1977)
Garrel is not just an artless aesthete, he is unexpectedly and intensely romantic -- imagining and realizing a character who can die for love.
Posted Jan 16, 2007
Mafioso (1964)
Alberto Lattuada's tricky-to-parse Mafioso dates from 1962 but, with its abrupt tonal shifts and disturbing existential premise, this nearly forgotten dark comedy could be the most modern (or at least modernist) movie in town.
Posted Jan 16, 2007
In perpetual, almost pathological motion, Smith fills her Lower East Side home with sketches, sculptures, and people in preparation for an ambitious installation in Venice.
Posted Jan 10, 2007
Agnes Martin, who passed away in 2004, fills Lance's frame with confidence.
Posted Jan 10, 2007
Our eager-beaver heroine suffers the kids' sarcasm, fails to earn their respect by bringing in a Tupac tape, then wins them over in a crucial scene that, fact-based or not, rings as false as anything in Dangerous Minds.
Posted Jan 9, 2007
The performances in the film are so remarkable it's easy to ignore the implausibilities that surface. But even as its self-aware approximation of the doc format startles, Ever Since the World Ended lacks vigor.
Posted Jan 9, 2007
Predictable and overly busy, this sci-fi adventure should nonetheless appeal to game-savvy tots, especially those familiar with the source material.
Posted Jan 9, 2007
As the voyeur manages to enter the Amy Show, Nicholas uses this ontological shift as the basis for a 'real' movie of his own, effectively liquidating the original premise.
Posted Jan 9, 2007
Alpha Dog (2007)
If nothing else, Alpha Dog's worth a look for the performance of Justin Timberlake, the moral center of a movie sorely in need of some conscience.
Posted Jan 9, 2007
Verdict on Auschwitz similarly juxtaposes archival footage and postwar material (both 1963 and 1993) to produce shocking eruptions of past atrocities in the context of an orderly everyday Europe.
Posted Jan 9, 2007
The documentary never finds the appropriate rhythm to match the severity of its subject matter.
Posted Jan 9, 2007
Black Christmas lacks the timing and visual wit to make its splattery EC Comics gags either genuinely scary or funny.
Posted Jan 3, 2007
Three (2007)
Chabrol creates an unexpectedly humane portrait of bubble worlds in collision.
Posted Jan 3, 2007
Alpha Dog (2007)
Director Nick Cassavetes has a blast with scenes of testosterone-fueled aggression (until it's time to repent), working the subwoofer in a way that'll surely boost DVD sales among boys with bedroom posters of Tony Montana.
Posted Dec 30, 2006
The movie's uneasy blend of symbolism and naturalism might have worked better onstage.
Posted Dec 29, 2006
Family Law (2006)
[Director Daniel] Burman's beguiling tribute to his Jewish father -- or, for all I know, the one he wishes he had -- is warm and deep enough to give humanism a good name.
Posted Dec 29, 2006
Dreamgirls (2006)
The chief problem with The Dead Girl, as with most current multipart films, is that the truncated stories don't give actors much room to develop a part. They're on-screen for such a short time that they act furiously from the get-go.
Posted Dec 28, 2006
Miss Potter (2007)
Blackness may have lurked within the Potter heart, but you'd never know it from Miss Potter, which shifts the burden of ill humor onto the authoress's petit-bourgeois mother.
Posted Dec 28, 2006
Literally and figuratively marvelous, a rich, daring mix of fantasy and politics.
Posted Dec 28, 2006
Everyone's a predator in this tale.
Posted Dec 26, 2006
The Painted Veil lifts Maugham's story clear of its prissy, attenuated spirituality, and into genuine passion.
Posted Dec 21, 2006
The first half-hour's too slow; the last half-hour's too manic, as if to compensate. But at least it entertains.
Posted Dec 19, 2006
Chernick's documentary (and her subject) eloquently trace Barney's inspiration and intention in a way that naturalizes rather than neuters them.
Posted Dec 19, 2006
Even by the low standards of the young-jocks-as-good-clean-soldiers movie, there's little at stake here, unless you count the kids' hunger to win one for the Gipper.
Posted Dec 19, 2006
Approaching 85, cine-essayist Chris Marker remains as lively, engaged, and provocative as ever -- and no less fond of indirection.
Posted Dec 19, 2006
The film's seemingly endless revelations of double- and triple-crosses would play like bad mid-'60s Hollywood epic wanking were it not for Zhang's mise-en-scéne.
Posted Dec 19, 2006
Venus (2006)
Maurice, the protagonist of Venus, is a suit lovingly tailored to O'Toole's ravaged but commanding frame.
Posted Dec 19, 2006
Rocky Balboa (2006)
Rocky Balboa, effortlessly reflexive and patently, even proudly, absurd, is a tough movie to dislike -- and believe me, I've tried.
Posted Dec 19, 2006
As long as it is, Shepherd speeds through its leading man's life, cramming in 30 years without elaborating on any of them.
Posted Dec 19, 2006
It's a measure of Cuarón's directorial chops that Children of Men functions equally well as fantasy and thriller.
Posted Dec 19, 2006
In due course skeletons will march out of closets, but the movie yields up its secrets with slow reluctance.
Posted Dec 15, 2006
Julian P. Hobbs's Memories of My Nervous Illness seems to resonate from inside a tin can.
Posted Dec 12, 2006
Resilience (2006)
It hurts to rag on something with such a micro-budget, but writer-director Paul Bojack's overlay of stories runs on empty.
Posted Dec 12, 2006
El Topo (1970)
You may find it a tiresome, macho relic -- or a ragtag circus wandering through a fantasy realm part Treasure of the Sierra Madre, part Tolkien's Middle-earth.
Posted Dec 12, 2006
Automatons (2006)
Robot radness achieved!
Posted Dec 12, 2006
Keys's tribute to a tribute is a charming riff on an epic figure.
Posted Dec 12, 2006