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Indie-film exec Jeff Lipsky's sophomore feature as writer-director shares with his distribution work a desire to restore some of the untidier virtues of '70s American film.
Posted Nov 14, 2006
Saw III (2006)
God or Jack Valenti only knows how this work of pure entertainment got an R rating 'for strong grisly violence and gore, sequences of terror and torture, nudity and language.'
Posted Nov 7, 2006
Cautiva (2006)
Fuck (F*ck) (2005)
Twelve-year-olds might get a charge out of this purportedly daring documentary celebration of the F-word, although it never occurs to filmmaker Steve Anderson that it might be fun or even genuinely lewd to interview kids on the subject.
Posted Nov 7, 2006
Harsh Times (2006)
[Bale's performance is] the kind of vein-popping show-boating that might as well be performed in a mirror.
Posted Nov 7, 2006
Judd's typically lived-in performance and the authentic Arkansas locations -- cramped bars, dusty roads -- help vaguely distinguish a movie that comes on like a minor-key reprise of Judd's breakthrough Ruby in Paradise.
Posted Nov 7, 2006
The Magic Gloves is a city symphony in which the metropolis seems an illusory maze and the melody is based on a refrain of recurring riffs.
Posted Nov 7, 2006
[The] performances succeed where Harold fails: gaining a life independent of their author.
Posted Nov 7, 2006
A Good Year (2006)
You won't learn much about Arbus, aside from the correct pronunciation of her first name; you will get to see Kidman try (and fail) to find her inner freak.
Posted Nov 7, 2006
Indeed, the man who invented Borat is a masterful improviser, brilliant comedian, courageous political satirist, and genuinely experimental film artist. Borat makes you laugh but Baron Cohen forces you to think.
Posted Oct 31, 2006
Volver (2006)
Red, in every conceivable shade, is, not surprisingly, a key color in Volver, a movie about the towering virtues of high heels and the indomitable power of good old 35mm celluloid.
Posted Oct 31, 2006
If writer-director Paul Morrison's film traces a predictable arc from racial unease to acceptance, it's often winning -- and sometimes tough-minded -- in the details.
Posted Oct 31, 2006
Romántico (2006)
A stealthy love letter from son to father.
Posted Oct 31, 2006
Commune (2006)
Celebrating the desire to immerse oneself in a collective, world-changing enterprise, Commune is unavoidably nostalgic.
Posted Oct 31, 2006
Shottas (2006)
...if you're one of those who just bought the Scarface anniversary DVD for its new sound mix featuring louder explosions, this movie is highly recommended.
Posted Oct 31, 2006
Unknown (2006)
The pacing is slightly off, with the action switching between the imprisoned men and the police who are trying to find them, and what should be a mounting sense of urgency inside the warehouse (think Reservoir Dogs) falters and goes slack.
Posted Oct 31, 2006
Although technically impressive, the remake is dramatically inert, as the set becomes a motionless backdrop to theatrical line readings instead of a pulsing manifestation of diseased minds.
Posted Oct 24, 2006
A terrific movie in the Antonioni tradition, Climates confirms 47-year-old Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan as one of the world's most accomplished filmmakers.
Posted Oct 24, 2006
The Bridge (2006)
In his ghoulish documentary, director Eric Steel examines the Golden Gate's dubious honor as the world's most popular suicide destination.
Posted Oct 24, 2006
It's an agreeable enough tale right up until God butts in and starts talking; even if you can swallow the premise, it isn't particularly cinematic to watch a guy endlessly scribbling on legal pads.
Posted Oct 24, 2006
The story is fascinating, if a little overlong, and makes you want to see a high-profile, big-name Griselda Blanco movie happen, like, tomorrow.
Posted Oct 24, 2006
Catch a Fire (2006)
It's the story of Patrick Chamusso, who intended no harm till harm was done to him. Fact is, he could be just about anyone anywhere -- South Africa, the Middle East, right next door.
Posted Oct 24, 2006
No one here gets out alive, as Jim Morrison put it before the End, though in Switzerland one at least has the chance of booking a smoother passage from insufferable pain to whatever comes next.
Posted Oct 24, 2006
Babel (2006)
Time perhaps scrambling it's for Alejandro González Iñárritu to stop his narratives.
Posted Oct 24, 2006
There's a far more subversive political mock-umentary coming next week. I invite President Bush, Senator Clinton, and all politicians to get down with Borat.
Posted Oct 24, 2006
The Prestige (2006)
One for the time capsule -- not just as an irrefutable visual record of the size, diversity, and vitriolic fervor of the anti-Bush protest movement, but also as a demonstration of how unbridgeable the red-blue divide seemed in those dark autumn months.
Posted Oct 18, 2006
Tone is everything in a dark-comic farce, and Murphy pulls it off. Like the book, this deadpan celebration of neurosis makes a valiant effort to repress its comedy -- which of course makes it funnier.
Posted Oct 18, 2006
Justice (2004)
Sweet Land (2006)
Directing with a light comic touch and a palpable affection for the characters, Selim draws pitch-perfect acting from a large cast (John Heard, Ned Beatty, Alan Cumming, Alex Kingston, and Lois Smith) and achieves breathtaking levels of color and clarity.
Posted Oct 17, 2006
[Goldthwait] handles it beautifully, crafting from such rough stuff something astoundingly sweet and sharply funny about forgiveness, unconditional love, tenderness, and the things we hide just to get ourselves from one day to the next.
Posted Oct 17, 2006
Hair High (2004)
Requiem (2006)
This quietly unnerving psychological study from German director Hans-Christian Schmid wields its ambiguity about religion and science like a double-edged blade.
Posted Oct 17, 2006
The film's pretty much nonstop fighting, mostly in very little clothing, with the flair you expect from a master choreographer like Yuen. It's awesome.
Posted Oct 17, 2006
Ending with mass suicide in deepest Guyana, the story of Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple is both the death rattle of '60s utopianism and -- predicated on the desire to found a New Jerusalem in the wilderness -- a very American saga.
Posted Oct 17, 2006
Aguirre, Wrath of God is not just a great movie but an essential one.
Posted Oct 17, 2006
...cinematic youth has rarely seemed so convincingly uncertain, and Brewster could definitely drive a young guy crazy.
Posted Oct 13, 2006