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The Savages (2007)
The name of the movie is one of those insufferable cutesy puns...but don't let that deter you from a film that achieves the rare balance of being both hilarious and tragic.
Posted Nov 30, 2007
Holly (2007)'s easy to imagine how another director might have felt the need to switch to slo-mo and cue the violins.
Posted Nov 21, 2007
People are calling it the best film of the year, and if it isn't, it's darn close.
Posted Nov 17, 2007
If the comic book had never existed, this would be pretty cool. As is, it's a slightly missed opportunity with enough fun parts that it doesn't feel like a total waste.
Posted Oct 21, 2007
1408 (2007) of the most gleefully loony things you'll see this year.
Posted Sep 4, 2007
There's no levity at all to distract from the unrelenting horror, unless you consider the entire film to be a big sick joke
Posted Aug 25, 2007
Hot Rod (2007)
...hands-down the funniest, laugh till you cry and your cheeks hurt comedy of the year
Posted Aug 3, 2007
...a fun, jazzy look at L.A.'s first real wave of modern artists
Posted Jul 2, 2007
The crowd loved it. If you have any affinity at all for the idea of zombies on a plane, you will too.
Posted Jul 2, 2007
This may be the most realistic high school underdog comedy since Welcome to the Dollhouse, if you consider that a comedy.
Posted Jul 2, 2007
Sunshine (2007)
Lots of advance reviews have complained that the film falls apart at the end, which I don't buy at all.
Posted Jul 2, 2007
Talk to Me (2007)
Dare one suggest Oscar noms for both leads? With Ejiofor, and I have said this on many occasions before, it is only a matter of time.
Posted Jun 30, 2007
Interview (2007)
No surprise that Buscemi can carry off this kind of performance, but Miller holds up her end, and is a magnificent tease.
Posted Jun 30, 2007
This is the real Hostel, apparently
Posted Jun 30, 2007
...never boring for a second.
Posted Jun 30, 2007
...a talky indie that suddenly turns into a slasher flick where the killer is in fact the invisible hand of Mother Nature
Posted Jun 30, 2007
Half Moon (2007)
While perhaps overlong, it has some good laughs (what exactly are "woman-sniffing dogs"?) and moments of odd beauty
Posted Jun 30, 2007
...some who see this film will laugh at its protagonists, others with them. A little of both feels about right
Posted Jun 30, 2007
...while the movie's not as radical as it seems to think it is, it does keep you guessing how it will all resolve.
Posted Jun 30, 2007
Trigger Man (2007)
...follow-up to the killer bat movie The Roost is superior in almost every way, and cheaper, too!
Posted Jun 30, 2007
Russia apparently hasn't yet received the news that the "J-horror" films as a trend are over
Posted Jun 30, 2007
Joshua (2007)
[W]hy is it so hard to make a scary flick about evil kids these days? The Omen remake was pretty hilarious, and Joshua is ridiculous, though they are apparently attempting to re-position it as a "black comedy"
Posted Jun 30, 2007
[Kene Holliday's] performance here is one of the year's best.
Posted Jun 30, 2007
I know we've all thought to ourselves at some point that kung-fu movies could use a bunch of dynamite firecrackers
Posted Jun 30, 2007
Molière (2007)
Tirard adds just a touch of tragedy for the humor to fully resonate and summons the spirit of his inspiration perhaps more effectively than director John Madden rendered the Bard in heat.
Posted Jun 30, 2007
The casual viewer may well reject the experimentalism outright, but for those who seek more unique rewards, they're definitely here.
Posted Jun 15, 2007
Morbid Goths and reserved Anglophiles can at last find some common ground
Posted May 31, 2007
Tajja (2006)
...a sort of demented Karate Kid of the cards
Posted May 24, 2007
If Napoleon Dynamite were a little older, had a libido and lived in New Zealand, he'd be Jarrod
Posted May 24, 2007
Director Scott Lew is not without his own cool ideas (having Reno 911's Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon play campus cops is genius), but his focus is all over the place
Posted May 24, 2007
Paprika (2006)
As Valentines to the power of cinema, big dreams and the inner child go, it doesn't get much more exhilarating than this.
Posted May 24, 2007
...some of the most subversive cinematic experimentation you're likely to see in a "tentpole franchise" epic in this or any year.
Posted May 24, 2007
Look, to be honest, I could watch 93 minutes of Natalie Maines doing housework. That she has fantastic vocal chops is a major bonus, and her disdain for Bush is merely icing atop a significantly layered cake.
Posted Oct 27, 2006
The Terminator flicks also favored world peace but didn't pause the action for nearly an hour to rub it in.
Posted Sep 19, 2006
In the end, one gets the sense that Cantet and his cast and crew mainly wanted to get paid to make a movie on a beautiful Santo Domingo beach among beautiful people.
Posted Sep 1, 2006
The split-screen gimmick is just that, but you could do a lot worse than watching the two gifted lead actors gab.
Posted Aug 13, 2006
Shadowboxer (2005)
Much of the movie is just too unintentionally goofy to take at face value
Posted Aug 6, 2006
In this latest extravaganza from executive producers Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis, millions of dollars and long hours in the digital-animation studios have produced . . . a photorealistic, computer-animated, generic American suburb!
Posted Jul 18, 2006
First-time feature director Billy Kent seems proud that his movie deals with sex in such frank fashion. But if you're going to brag about your explicit sexuality, it doesn't quite work to go out of your way avoiding skin.
Posted Jul 11, 2006
Click (2006)
Not everything jells, but Click is funnier and more elaborately clever than anything Sandler's done in years.
Posted Jun 22, 2006
If [Lost in Translation] had had more fast cars and no capable acting whatsoever, it would be this movie; it's like Sofia Coppola went through Pimp My Ride film school.
Posted Jun 15, 2006
Free Zone (2006)
Shot mostly in close-ups, it's a fascinating road movie with an absurdist allegorical finale.
Posted Jun 2, 2006
The Break-Up (2006)
Is The Break-Up worth your time? Let's put it this way: Whenever Vaughn is onscreen, it is. When he's not, it ain't.
Posted Jun 2, 2006
while the movie may not be exactly good, it's never boring.
Posted Jun 2, 2006
Typhoon (2006)
If John Woo's The Killer had been made by a Korean director lacking talent and a script, you'd have Typhoon.
Posted May 30, 2006
See No Evil (2006)
You would think that a pornography director would be a decent fit for a slasher movie...Yet Gregory Dark seems unable to make the transition.
Posted May 26, 2006
Hate Crime (2005)
One day, a truly original screenplay will be written in which churchgoing, beer-drinking Southerners will be portrayed as something other than evil hypocrites.
Posted May 26, 2006
Characters fight, and characters die -- and those who survive are quite clearly marked as winners or losers. Timeless playground debates are settled at last.
Posted May 26, 2006
Hoot (2006)
The most important thing to that it's co-produced by Jimmy Buffett, who also appears in a small role and provides new music for the soundtrack.
Posted May 19, 2006
Bjork appears to have been a good influence on Barney: The soundtrack, which she supervised and participates in, is well worth the time for fans of experimental music.
Posted May 19, 2006