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All in all, a respectable and predictable adaptation.
Posted May 19, 2006
Rap Dreams (2006)
Forget Hustle and Flow -- this is the real deal, real-life youngsters hoping to improve their lot by turning to hip-hop, and for the most part they aren't as sexy as Terrence Howard.
Posted Apr 29, 2006
as everyone knows, putting a self-serious egomaniacal movie star in a bad hairpiece is comedy gold.
Posted Apr 29, 2006
Stoned (2005)
Thorogood apparently confessed, on his deathbed, to murdering Jones, but the movie doesn't give us much of a clue why.
Posted Apr 29, 2006
might be best enjoyed on TV at home.
Posted Apr 29, 2006
Church Ball (2006)
Hale's directorial style relies way too much on the kind of cheesy music video montages that have long since been parodied to death, and the religious rock songs used are truly awful.
Posted Apr 29, 2006
Believe it or not, The Benchwarmers is so lame that it can't even lay claim to being the best Adam Sandler-produced movie not screened for critics in 2006
Posted Apr 29, 2006
Phat Girlz (2006)
looks cheap and falls apart after the first act.
Posted Apr 29, 2006
Perhaps it's just the inner drama geek talking, but there's something extremely compelling about seeing hardened felons preparing to put on a classic play with the enthusiasm of giddy schoolgirls.
Posted Apr 29, 2006
Kinky Boots (2006)
It's difficult to tell if Lola is the only interesting character because he's written that way, or because the actor is so clearly in a class above the rest.
Posted Apr 29, 2006
Take the Lead does such a good job at delineating individual, believable characters that it's annoying to see them shoehorned into formula to force a Hollywood ending.
Posted Apr 4, 2006
Friends and neighbors, this is a Great American Movie.
Posted Apr 1, 2006
I'll be damned if I can find anything to like
Posted Mar 16, 2006
...the sick kind of comedy that involves laughing at stupid people being ripped in half, but we know there are plenty of you out there.
Posted Mar 16, 2006
Illusion (2006)
No doubt the director worked with what he could get, and was extremely fortunate that he could get an icon of the screen to bless his project.
Posted Mar 16, 2006
Yet here it is, the first -- dare we use the term that's all but been stripped of meaning by journalistic hacks -- masterpiece of 2006.
Posted Mar 16, 2006
...there are copious rewards for the viewer who can let things unfold as they must.
Posted Mar 16, 2006
What's real and true about Winter Passing is the relationship between Don and Reese, the father and daughter who wear their damaged dynamic on their sleeves for all to see.
Posted Mar 16, 2006
If you thought the puppet sex in Team America was graphic, this movie makes Trey and Matt's marionettes look like SpongeBob SquarePants in comparison.
Posted Feb 7, 2006
It should come as little surprise that a guy known for his looks doesn't get too philosophically deep
Posted Feb 2, 2006
Given that there's no nudity, no violence, and maybe only one word you can't say on TV, you probably needn't wait long for it to play on Lifetime.
Posted Feb 2, 2006
Tommy Lee Jones' feature directorial debut is probably much as you'd expect: a blast of nostalgia that nonetheless accepts the realities of modernity
Posted Feb 2, 2006
Marebito (2005)
Shimizu has done what compatriots such as Hideo Nakata have not yet managed to do: make a contemporary Japanese horror movie that has some new ideas in it.
Posted Jan 26, 2006
Caché (2005)
Draws on very contemporary fears without ever mentioning them.
Posted Jan 26, 2006
Jim Hanon has made this movie before, as the documentary Beyond the Gates of Splendor. It was a better film
Posted Jan 19, 2006
Jordan draws so well on the idiosyncrasies of the family profession that it makes the movie worth watching
Posted Jan 19, 2006
It wasn't the Puritans -- it was beast that killed the beauty.
Posted Jan 19, 2006
Last Holiday (2006)
If you really want to live life to the fullest, step one is to avoid wasting an hour and a half of your life in a theater showing Last Holiday.
Posted Jan 12, 2006
Hostel (2006)
Roth may not be the most artistic film-maker out there, but he knows what he likes.
Posted Jan 5, 2006
The Ringer (2005)
These guys are laugh-out-loud funny, not because they're being belittled, but because they're finally getting a chance to show a sense of humor on-screen.
Posted Jan 4, 2006
The Kid & I (2005)
Imagine if Tom Arnold had written "Adaptation." No, really.
Posted Dec 15, 2005
if you've ever wondered why people in 12-step programs aren't supposed to sleep together right off the bat, well, this movie is about to show you, in detail.
Posted Dec 15, 2005
The second half of Pulse, in which it becomes clear that the entire planet is being rather swiftly depopulated, is worth the build-up.
Posted Dec 15, 2005
Just Friends (2005)
Just Friends suggests that Reynolds and Faris have potential greatness together
Posted Dec 9, 2005
It seems all too easy nowadays to think this stuff is all ancient history...Beauchamp's bracing wake-up call shows otherwise.
Posted Dec 9, 2005
In the Mix (2005)
It's not exactly atrocious, but it constantly makes you wonder why those involved couldn't find something better to do.
Posted Dec 9, 2005
The history of snowboarding as a sport might be interesting if anybody really knew anything about it, but if this movie is any indication, no one does
Posted Dec 9, 2005
Robin Swicord...who adapted the novel for the screen, doesn't bother much with Golden's prose, apparently because it wasn't cliched enough.
Posted Dec 9, 2005
Aeon Flux (2005)
At least half is brilliant and inspired; frustratingly, the rest frequently lets it down
Posted Dec 9, 2005
[Doesn't] play as well to the viewer without historical or cultural context.
Posted Nov 17, 2005
If there's a weakness here, it's that there's no challenge whatsoever in making a closed-minded right-wing nutcase look crazy
Posted Nov 17, 2005
Mean Streets (1973)
Doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid.
Posted Nov 10, 2005
If you're a fan of the actors, it's worthwhile, but there's nothing much else to it.
Posted Nov 10, 2005
The not so much to debunk outlandish conspiracy theories, but to keep a dialogue alive so that prejudices can come out and be challenged.
Posted Nov 10, 2005
It's a reasonably entertaining story, and would be better if it had a reasonably entertaining actor at its heart.
Posted Nov 10, 2005
Zathura (2005)
Pay attention, Disney: This is how you do a family film right.
Posted Nov 10, 2005
For anyone who's been to USC, it's a pretty hilarious parody of life there. If you take it as presented, however, it's over-dramatic and unbelievable.
Posted Nov 3, 2005
Paradise Now (2005)
...has the sheer brazenness to find humor in the suicide bomber's experience.
Posted Nov 3, 2005
If Disney Digital 3-D is as impressive as they say, it may still be worth checking out. But frankly, I can't bear to sit through this again to find out.
Posted Nov 3, 2005