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Creaking floorboards, slamming doors, flickering lights -- you've seen it all before, and it's all here again.
Posted Mar 27, 2009
Classic creatures from the 1950s get a high-tech makeover, with a healthy amount of attitude, in the 3-D animated Monsters vs. Aliens.
Posted Mar 24, 2009
Duplicity (2009)
Roberts looks great in her return to leading-lady status after a few years off -- strong, curvy, formidable -- and Owen drops the steamy glower he's adopted of late and almost seems to have a twinkle in his eye this time around.
Posted Mar 18, 2009
The beauty of it lies both in the details of the relationship and the larger chemistry Rudd and Segel share.
Posted Mar 17, 2009
All noise and action, overedited shootouts with blaring music.
Posted Mar 11, 2009
The overall lack of sentimentality in first-timer Megan Holley's script and straightforward direction from Christine Jeffs keep the film from becoming too predictably feel-good; at the same time, the strong performances help elevate among similar fare.
Posted Mar 11, 2009
Writer-director Daniel Barnz manages to achieve a true and delicate balance for much of Phoebe in Wonderland, his first feature, but ultimately undermines himself with heavy-handed and rather hackneyed whimsy.
Posted Mar 6, 2009
Watchmen (2009)
We learn nothing about who they are or where they come from -- they may not even have parents, for all we know, since the adult accompanying them is usually their bodyguard.
Posted Feb 25, 2009
Bats (1999)
A movie that's too unintentionally funny to be scary.
Posted Feb 24, 2009
Fired Up (2009)
More tolerable than it ought to be.
Posted Feb 19, 2009
There really is no appropriate moment for a shrill onslaught that perpetuates the worst stereotypes about female materialism.
Posted Feb 11, 2009
The International is equal parts globe-trotting thriller and architecture porn, as perfectly crystallized by its mind-blowing central set piece: a seemingly endless shootout at the Guggenheim Museum.
Posted Feb 10, 2009
There are chuckles, maybe even a belly laugh or two if you're in a charitable mood. But the movie's mostly a waste of time and talent.
Posted Feb 4, 2009
Coraline (2009)
Coraline, the first stop-motion animated film to be conceived and shot in 3-D, is visually dazzling, as you'd expect -- but strangely joyless.
Posted Feb 4, 2009
After more than two hours, what we're left with feels like a Robert Altman movie on Botox. It has some real substance and heft, but it also might be a bit too glossy.
Posted Feb 4, 2009
Taken (2009)
Pierre Morel's film moves with breathlessly incessant fluidity and speed.
Posted Jan 28, 2009
New In Town (2009)
Good people of Minnesota: Stand up! Fight back! Take back your state and your culture and your accent!
Posted Jan 28, 2009
Inkheart (2009)
Whimsy shouldn't be overwhelming.
Posted Jan 21, 2009
[James] plays yet another misfit, but one who's so two-dimensional, needy (and frankly annoying) that it's difficult to root for him.
Posted Jan 14, 2009
Notorious (2009)
Notorious, a biography of the rapper Notorious B.I.G., transcends gangster-flick cliches because of the outsized talents of the artist and the actor who portrays him.
Posted Jan 14, 2009
The Unborn (2009)
Well, there are some effective scares here, and you'll laugh at yourself afterward just for jumping and squealing like a little girl. But other images and pieces of dialogue are just as hilarious -- and that probably wasn't their intention.
Posted Jan 7, 2009
Bride Wars (2009)
Bride Wars tosses out stereotypes about female materialism and cattiness with all the giddy gusto of a newly married woman flinging the bouquet at her single girlfriends.
Posted Jan 7, 2009
Unlike anything you've ever seen before, Waltz With Bashir will change your ideas about the possibility of film.
Posted Dec 24, 2008
Almost inevitably, Hoffman and Thompson are charming. Even they can't turn Hopkins' thin story into a credible tale, though.
Posted Dec 24, 2008
Since Mendes has kept us emotionally at arm's length with his structured, hermetically sealed production, it's hard to care about whether they'll ever find that elusive something.
Posted Dec 23, 2008
Marley & Me (2008)
Harmless, sure -- but also needless.
Posted Dec 22, 2008
Fincher's film, based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story about a man who ages in reverse, is rambling and gorgeous -- perhaps a bit overlong and gooey in the midsection -- but one that leaves you with a lingering wistfulness.
Posted Dec 22, 2008
Valkyrie (2008)
[Cruise is] distractingly bad in this, the iconography of his celebrity so strongly overshadowing his performance. He's just too powerfully contemporary.
Posted Dec 22, 2008
Yes Man (2008)
Deschanel and Carrey make for indifferent romantic partners. Both are pleasant enough, but no one's going to look at the two together and think, what a great couple they make.
Posted Dec 18, 2008
Whereas the gorgeous, sophisticated Ratatouille was both a crowd-pleaser and a critical favorite, duly winning the Academy Award for best animated feature, Despereaux feels obvious, preachy and heavy-handed.
Posted Dec 18, 2008
Seven Pounds (2008)
Seven Pounds is a clever one, all right, but it might actually be too clever for its own good.
Posted Dec 18, 2008
Gran Torino (2009)
Gran Torino becomes more intriguing as the journey its takes us on evolves and grows darker, albeit with Eastwood's trademark, no-nonsense aesthetic.
Posted Dec 10, 2008
While Robert Wise's science-fiction classic The Day the Earth Stood Still" was a simple story of deep ideas, the remake is an overblown, puny-minded tale featuring extraterrestrials too stupid or lazy to do a background check on the species they condemn.
Posted Dec 10, 2008
The Reader (2008)
Thankfully, Kate Winslet bares not just her body but her soul with a performance that pierces the genteel polish of this high-minded awards-season drama.
Posted Dec 9, 2008
The result feels even more cursory and rushed than the average music biopic, a genre that's already difficult to depict without lapsing into self-parody.
Posted Dec 3, 2008
Milk (2008)
The film hits all the important marks but never feels like a typical biopic, a superficial, greatest-hits collection.
Posted Nov 25, 2008
Australia (2008)
Overlong and self-indulgent.
Posted Nov 24, 2008
Vaughn makes the movie tolerable here and there, but this kind of slapsticky physical comedy doesn't suit Witherspoon at all.
Posted Nov 24, 2008
Twilight (2008)
There's nothing transporting about the visuals. Twilight was a famously low-budget production compared to most traditional blockbusters, but this is ridiculous.
Posted Nov 19, 2008
Bolt (2008)
Bolt certainly moves along at a lively clip that will satisfy both kids and adults, but the script (from Williams and Dan Fogelman) is a little too Hollywood-insider.
Posted Nov 18, 2008
Despite his innate intensity, Craig seems a bit... bored, maybe? Underutilized, despite appearing in nearly every frame of the film.
Posted Nov 10, 2008
Soul Men (2008)