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Role Models (2008)
The script's rampant wrongness would have been amusing enough on the page, but the delivery from the cast makes the material consistently laugh-out-loud funny.
Posted Nov 7, 2008
RocknRolla (2008)
Ritchie is back on comfortable, familiar footing here with this story of British gangsters who are so busy trying to screw each other over, they don't realize that they're in over their heads.
Posted Oct 29, 2008
Rogen and Banks make an extremely likable comic pair, even though they're an unlikely romantic match (or perhaps because of it).
Posted Oct 29, 2008
Changeling (2008)
Everything about the dirty cop thriller Pride and Glory is formulaic and forgettable, even down to its generic title.
Posted Oct 23, 2008
For those kids in the target audience, this is movie nirvana.
Posted Oct 23, 2008
No doubt it was fun assembling so many close associates, but like Kym, Demme doesn't know when enough is enough for those who aren't part of the family circle.
Posted Oct 18, 2008
Max Payne (2008)
A straight-up action picture, and a rather bombastic, familiar one at that.
Posted Oct 17, 2008
W. (2008)
Brolin's so good, he almost makes us feel sorry for Bush. Almost.
Posted Oct 15, 2008
Body of Lies (2008)
Each character thinks that what he's doing is the right course for the greater good. But when you break down Body of Lies to its most fundamental elements, it's really about disagreeing with your boss.
Posted Oct 8, 2008
Unfortunately, it falls into incredibly predictable territory.
Posted Oct 3, 2008
The Duchess (2008)
Miracle at St. Anna is wildly unfocused in terms of tone and, at two hours and 40 minutes, it is unjustifiably overlong.
Posted Sep 24, 2008
You would pretty much have to be sentimental to tolerate such schlock, or at least be willing to check your cynicism at the multiplex door.
Posted Sep 24, 2008
Is this hell? Or a war zone? Maybe it's both, man. That's deep.
Posted Sep 18, 2008
Ghost Town (2008)
You can only wander down this comic road for so long. Once you've run through a few sight gags, you have to go somewhere else with this old-fashioned, high-concept premise.
Posted Sep 18, 2008
Igor (2008)
A potentially original premise and an eager voice cast led by John Cusack and Molly Shannon are left to decay amid a clunky story vaguely reminiscent of Monsters, Inc. and images often resembling visuals rejected from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.
Posted Sep 17, 2008
We are no longer in No Country, but we are assuredly in Coen Country.
Posted Sep 11, 2008
It's not that the crime thriller Righteous Kill is spectacularly awful. It's just thoroughly mediocre - a standard police procedural, a long episode of Law & Order, unremarkable but for the pairing of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.
Posted Sep 11, 2008
The Women (2008)
Cukor's tone and timing are missing: It's as if English has included all the boutiques but none of the bite.
Posted Sep 11, 2008
RocknRolla (2008)
While Ritchie stumbled with his last two flicks, RocknRolla has the kind of manic energy that made audiences fall for the rogues of his earlier films.
Posted Sep 5, 2008
Traitor (2008)
Perhaps because Traitor aims to be equal parts explosive action picture and serious-minded character drama, it never completely hits the mark in either regard.
Posted Aug 26, 2008
The Rocker (2008)
The Rocker might really have rocked if it didn't feel like a cover of a couple of superior comedies.
Posted Aug 19, 2008
Hamlet 2 (2008)
Sure, Steve Coogan has his hilarious moments as a delusional drama coach struggling to save the arts program at a Tucson, Ariz., high school, but that's all there is in the movie: moments.
Posted Aug 19, 2008
Mildly educational and not all that entertaining.
Posted Aug 15, 2008
[Allen] seems freer here, more comfortable in his rhythm and less anxious to prove himself in a foreign land.
Posted Aug 14, 2008
Tropic Thunder, Ben Stiller's extravaganza of a Hollywood satire, couldn't be any more 'inside-baseball' if it contained references to the infield fly rule and Rule 5 draft picks.
Posted Aug 11, 2008
Man on Wire (2008)
The word 'documentary' doesn't begin to do justice to [director] Marsh's achievement.
Posted Aug 8, 2008
Green naturally has a sure hand when it comes to the dialogue and the smaller moments -- it's his big, violent set pieces that lack any discernible pizazz.
Posted Aug 4, 2008
Hollywood could learn from the Mummy series: better to leave it buried.
Posted Jul 30, 2008
Swing Vote (2008)
Swing Vote is guilty of being the same thing that so many political candidates accuse each other of being: a flip-flopper.
Posted Jul 30, 2008
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson do slip comfortably back into the roles that made them superstars in the 1990s, but the movie itself from director and X-Files series creator Chris Carter never feels like anything more than an extended episode.
Posted Jul 24, 2008
Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are essentially playing the same person, which is the movie's fundamental, irreparable flaw.
Posted Jul 23, 2008
Mamma Mia! (2008)
If Mamma Mia! works on any level at all, it's through the sheer radiance of Meryl Streep.
Posted Jul 15, 2008
With crisp images and depth that makes you feel you could reach out and stick your hand into the middle of the action, the movie projected in digital 3-D form actually makes that theme-park ride kind of fun.
Posted Jul 11, 2008
Meet Dave (2008)
Meet Dave. Or don't. Eddie Murphy doesn't particularly seem to care one way or the other.
Posted Jul 10, 2008
Hancock (2008)
The filmmakers cannot resist embracing the conventions they were tweaking. Hancock turns from a moody, darkly funny character piece trimmed out with a bit of engaging action and veers into a poor impersonation of a standard superhero movie.
Posted Jun 30, 2008
WALL-E (2008)
Wanted (2008)
Sure, you've seen plenty of this type of amped-up nonsense before... That doesn't make Wanted any less enjoyable.
Posted Jun 25, 2008
The packaging looks good for the most part. But there's still some assembly required.
Posted Jun 19, 2008
Get Smart (2008)
Get Smart, which began its life on TV as a classic sitcom that cleverly satirized Cold War espionage, has been transformed for the big screen into just another standard action picture.
Posted Jun 18, 2008