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The Rocker (2008)
The Rocker might really have rocked if it didn't feel like a cover of a couple of superior comedies.
Posted Aug 19, 2008
Hamlet 2 (2008)
Sure, Steve Coogan has his hilarious moments as a delusional drama coach struggling to save the arts program at a Tucson, Ariz., high school, but that's all there is in the movie: moments.
Posted Aug 19, 2008
Mildly educational and not all that entertaining.
Posted Aug 15, 2008
[Allen] seems freer here, more comfortable in his rhythm and less anxious to prove himself in a foreign land.
Posted Aug 14, 2008
Tropic Thunder, Ben Stiller's extravaganza of a Hollywood satire, couldn't be any more 'inside-baseball' if it contained references to the infield fly rule and Rule 5 draft picks.
Posted Aug 11, 2008
Man on Wire (2008)
The word 'documentary' doesn't begin to do justice to [director] Marsh's achievement.
Posted Aug 8, 2008
Green naturally has a sure hand when it comes to the dialogue and the smaller moments -- it's his big, violent set pieces that lack any discernible pizazz.
Posted Aug 4, 2008
Hollywood could learn from the Mummy series: better to leave it buried.
Posted Jul 30, 2008
Swing Vote (2008)
Swing Vote is guilty of being the same thing that so many political candidates accuse each other of being: a flip-flopper.
Posted Jul 30, 2008
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson do slip comfortably back into the roles that made them superstars in the 1990s, but the movie itself from director and X-Files series creator Chris Carter never feels like anything more than an extended episode.
Posted Jul 24, 2008
Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are essentially playing the same person, which is the movie's fundamental, irreparable flaw.
Posted Jul 23, 2008
Mamma Mia! (2008)
If Mamma Mia! works on any level at all, it's through the sheer radiance of Meryl Streep.
Posted Jul 15, 2008
With crisp images and depth that makes you feel you could reach out and stick your hand into the middle of the action, the movie projected in digital 3-D form actually makes that theme-park ride kind of fun.
Posted Jul 11, 2008
Meet Dave (2008)
Meet Dave. Or don't. Eddie Murphy doesn't particularly seem to care one way or the other.
Posted Jul 10, 2008
Hancock (2008)
The filmmakers cannot resist embracing the conventions they were tweaking. Hancock turns from a moody, darkly funny character piece trimmed out with a bit of engaging action and veers into a poor impersonation of a standard superhero movie.
Posted Jun 30, 2008
WALL-E (2008)
Wanted (2008)
Sure, you've seen plenty of this type of amped-up nonsense before... That doesn't make Wanted any less enjoyable.
Posted Jun 25, 2008
The packaging looks good for the most part. But there's still some assembly required.
Posted Jun 19, 2008
Get Smart (2008)
Get Smart, which began its life on TV as a classic sitcom that cleverly satirized Cold War espionage, has been transformed for the big screen into just another standard action picture.
Posted Jun 18, 2008
Myers wants us all to love him, wants us all to be in on his jokes. But love and laughs are earned, not given just because you mug for the camera behind a wild wig and beard.
Posted Jun 18, 2008
The inevitable comparisons to
The shock value wears off quickly and writer-director Shyamalan strands us in a boring cautionary tale with an infantile eco-message about humanity needing to live in harmony with nature -- or else.
Posted Jun 13, 2008
For all its perceived shock value, all the concern that a comedy about conflict in the Middle East would offend just about everyone imaginable, You Don't Mess With the Zohan is really rather conventional and familiar.
Posted Jun 4, 2008
At times, it verges on being overbearing, too much to watch -- and yet you can't turn your eyes away for fear of missing whatever excruciatingly awkward moment might come next.
Posted May 28, 2008
It's all really soapy, though, with only some smidgens of substance.
Posted May 28, 2008
Postal (2007)
How does Uwe Boll keep getting work? Seriously, this is not a rhetorical question -- someone, somewhere surely must know the answer.
Posted May 22, 2008
It's admittedly a pleasure to see Harrison Ford back in the role. Once you get past the initial reintroduction, though, it's obvious that this fourth film in the Indy series really has no idea where to go.
Posted May 19, 2008
It's simultaneously darker and funnier, more substantive and more engaging, more violent and more technically accomplished.
Posted May 14, 2008
The Fall (2006)
This whacked-out fairy tale for grown-ups is as stunning in its beauty as it is in its lack of logic.
Posted May 9, 2008
What happens in Vegas is exactly what you would expect: It's formulaic, slapsticky, silly and loud, until it goes all gooey in the end.
Posted May 9, 2008
Speed Racer (2008)
The Wachowski brothers have tumbled into a matrix of their own with Speed Racer, one which has rendered them completely out of touch with the outside world.
Posted May 7, 2008
Son of Rambow maintains just the right tone throughout with its guileless, makeshift charm.
Posted May 1, 2008
Redbelt (2008)
The final moment, which was probably intended to be poignant, instead feels laughable.
Posted Apr 30, 2008
Iron Man (2008)
Deception (2008)
Deception collapses into such a ridiculous pile of plot twists and double crosses, that there's nothing pleasurable about it -- guilty or otherwise. It tries to deceive us into thinking it makes sense.
Posted Apr 24, 2008
Baby Mama (2008)
Mommy culture, with its capacity for smugness and solipsism, seems like a ripe topic for parody, but Baby Mama approaches it with kid gloves.
Posted Apr 23, 2008
As Spc. Jeremy Sivitz puts it with great understatement, 'When you're in war, things change.' Morris forces us to ask ourselves what we would have done in their position, whether or not we like the answer.
Posted Apr 23, 2008
They're such lovable goofs that you can't help wishing their quest for White Castle fast food and their flight from Gitmo could live up to the sort of sharp satire these two bright boys deserve.
Posted Apr 23, 2008
So curious, and such a disappointment.
Posted Apr 22, 2008
For all its implied weightiness and melancholy, My Blueberry Nights is a confection that leaves you feeling empty.
Posted Apr 18, 2008
A sufficiently entertaining diversion.
Posted Apr 18, 2008