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Sicko (2007)
Evening (2007)
The stellar inter-generational cast can't breathe sufficient life into this airless female angst mood piece to resuscitate the story.
Posted Jun 29, 2007
If only the film had stayed out of the bedroom and in the bowels of the boxing world, this small gem could have been an unqualified knockout.
Posted Jun 27, 2007
Black Sheep (2006)
Sheep are supposed to have a particular knack for putting you to sleep, at least when counted, but Jonathan King's cannibalistic farm animal horror satire Black Sheep could keep you awake nights instead.
Posted Jun 22, 2007
The delete button has never been so dangerous, and in such a delightfully daring doomsday software versus pistol packing hardware thriller.
Posted Jun 22, 2007
1408 (2007)
Haunted houses aside, never were buildings such immense sources of creepiness and fright before 9/11.
Posted Jun 16, 2007
You Kill Me (2007)
Director John Dahl, whose signature gems include Red Rock West and The Last Seduction, playfully and quite irresistibly adds quirky romance and comic mayhem here to his accomplished, devilishly noir laced resume.
Posted Jun 16, 2007
The film seems preoccupied with figuring out whether it's a delayed development coming of age mood piece, or a college romance turned offbeat road movie.
Posted Jun 2, 2007
Fido (2007)
A satirical spoof of the 1950s, in a bold but limited attempt to take a second, more irreverent look at what truly was going on back then.
Posted Jun 2, 2007
Move over, Alfred Kinsey. Apparently the unusually avid sex researcher's knack for shaking up the gatekeepers of traditional moral values, may have been a mere dress rehearsal for Deep Throat a few decades later.
Posted Jun 2, 2007
The undercurrent of this exhaustive critique is really all about good and evil, and in what ways often sordid human history is determined, not as a product of malice, but by the most typical people who could care less.
Posted Jun 2, 2007
It takes a lot of wit and heart to make an engaging and ferociously funny movie out of a dull dead end job. But Brazilian director Jorge Furtado pulls it off nicely.
Posted Jun 2, 2007
Now we know actors are just that, but it's a little hard to suspend disbelief and buy Sean as a government agent out to foil an assassination plot, when just a few months ago he was out to assassinate Richard Nixon on screen.
Posted Jun 2, 2007
Rather than a brand new sense of adventure, there's a sense in this sequel of a rerun, a tendency that even Harry's extreme magic can't seem to overcome.
Posted May 30, 2007
Imelda (2009)
If the shoe fits, go for it, Cinderella might advise. But how about 3,000 pairs of them.
Posted May 30, 2007
King Arthur (2004)
Guinevere, no dainty princess she, is a kind of hardened medieval feminist, and the aggressor to Arthur's bashful but equally driven warrior, in both bed and on the battlefield.
Posted May 29, 2007
The negotiation of each character's burdensome collective history as they try to figure out how to proceed into a more rational future, makes for engaging and articulate multinational storytelling.
Posted May 29, 2007
The Jacket (2005)
There's nothing wrong with a little vicarious experience when you go to the movies, but the director seems to think that his supernatural psycho thriller has to drive you crazy, just to get what it's like to be really insane.
Posted May 29, 2007
Palindromes (2004)
The director's latest trek into the lunatic void, of what can best be described as the cinematic version of clinical depression.
Posted May 29, 2007
House of D (2004)
Nothing wrong with working out borderline incestuous fixation issues. But a film still has to be more than your very own shrink, and reach out to the audience and rise above psychodrama interplay more suited to the therapist couch.
Posted May 29, 2007
A stroll down sitcom memory lane in name only, The Honeymooners seems as if any resemblance to the original TV classic could only be accidental.
Posted May 29, 2007
If you're willing to believe your spouse when he tells you that the reason he's been staying out late at night is that he's a hitman, then Mr. & Mrs. Smith may be just the tongue-in-cheek thriller for you.
Posted May 29, 2007
Milk & Honey (2005)
The characters each make their separate ways through Manhattan's cavernous underbelly, that is less milk and honey than a lunatic Dante's Inferno.
Posted May 28, 2007
A movie just shouldn't feel like homework. And with the constant shift in stories and repeatedly reinvented characters, unless you're in the mood for taking notes, you're going to feel like you're invited to rehearsals, rather than the finished product.
Posted May 28, 2007
The film manages something quite remarkable, both a compassion for Bicke's wounded sense of life's betrayals, and stark revulsion for the personal logic of his bloody remedy.
Posted May 28, 2007
Takes its chances on the viewer just 'getting it,' through the visual and musical cues threaded together - Hitler, war and death camp images intertwined with cheery chorus lines and ecstatic celeb crooners.
Posted May 28, 2007
Eros (2004)
If there's a point to any of this, it's the supposedly therapeutic revelation that major female mystery lies in what you can discover by rifling through her purse.
Posted May 28, 2007
Knocked Up (2007)
Dabbles in the improbable loony male-driven fantasy of flabby slacker sex appeal, while taking pot shots at the snobbery of upwardly mobile gorgeous women who wouldn't give them a second look in actual life.
Posted May 28, 2007
The Woodsman (2004)
A bold and poignantly told tale, nestling into its characters to draw out raw and candidly revealing performances.
Posted May 26, 2007
Milk bottles and related metaphors feature prominentlyas breast fetish stand-ins, but with a decidely peculiar asymmetrical preference for just the left one.
Posted May 26, 2007
A Fond Kiss (2004)
With Loach's Romeo and Juliet in a post-9/11 world, his dramatic focus on an increasingly nomadic planet is both spare and blistering.
Posted May 25, 2007
Womanizer cads may be front and center in movies. But surprisingly sometimes, so are the impressive accompanying ensemble righteous females who cut them nicely down to size, and the quirky and twisted Broken Flowers is no exception.
Posted May 25, 2007
De-Lovely (2004)
More imagination than inquiry, this cautiously reverential tale reaches for aesthetic pleasure and emotion over insight.
Posted May 24, 2007
If all the world is truly a stage, then leftie bad boy Michael Moore is chief scavenger of the behind-the-scenes skeletons in the storage closet.
Posted May 24, 2007
Impressively tackles the enduring dilemma inherent in dramatically depicting the enormous horror of the Nazi death camps, and meeting that challenge, oddly enough, in tacit admission of the very impossibility of that task.
Posted May 24, 2007
Equal parts touching and corny, the film is a sentimental teen girl summer adventure that has enough genuine moments to rise above its familiar feeling of plain old recycled clothing.
Posted May 24, 2007
Crónicas (2005)
Proceeds breathlessly and hysterically towards a story that in the end, seems to have hardly left the finish line.
Posted May 24, 2007
Dark Water (2005)
This murky urban ghost story about a possible haunted hi rise of horrors, basically lets the all-natural creepiness already native to its NYC landscape just do its deadly thing, likely intensified by 9/11's architectural carnage.
Posted May 24, 2007
Crash (2004)
A film teeming with solemn recognition of the nasty complexities of living in a multicultural society, and much of what remains unspoken racially in America being neatly shoved under a complacent rug.
Posted May 22, 2007
House of Wax (2005)
This Wax's infusion of Paris Hilton and flirty teen sex comedy retreads might have sent original wax maniac Vincent Price into spontaneous meltdown, without the need of heating fluid.
Posted May 22, 2007
A sort of updated Pretty Woman into homework rather than hooking.
Posted May 21, 2007
Control Room (2004)
Is simply up to what all journalists should be about in the face of a corporatized, monolithic media - ruffling feathers. This advisory couldn't have come sooner.
Posted May 21, 2007
Constantine (2005)
A kind of gothic guerilla warfare, with moody demonologist John Constantine caught in between.
Posted May 21, 2007
Bug (2006)
The audience is likely to be left scratching their heads, and that wouldn't be from insect bites brought on by this film's extremely unpleasant subject matter.
Posted May 19, 2007
Equal parts bells and whistles short attention span three ring circus, and a pizza with the works that has so much piled on that it hasn't got the flavor of anything in particular.
Posted May 17, 2007
Ray (2004)
Potent and vibrant as far as the music goes, but reticent, self-conscious and pretty much stuck on unexplored surfaces when it comes to this creative giant's complex life and times.
Posted May 16, 2007
Gets into the male bonding mode with a casual, instinctive flair that breathes more life into the Steven Brill comedy than it may actually merit.
Posted May 15, 2007
Summons the exposed anatomy of adultery out of its awkward secrecy, casting an intriguing light that gently and intelligently intimates why infidelity can self-destruct one marriage, and repair another.
Posted May 15, 2007