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Rating Title/Year Author
4/10 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) Dan Lybarger What starts as familiarity in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines quickly becomes diminishing returns. EDIT
Posted Jul 2, 2003
4/10 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) Dan Lybarger It makes you wonder if this trip was really necessary. EDIT
Posted Jun 7, 2003
7/10 The Italian Job (2003) Dan Lybarger Still, when it's working, the current film is as sweet as a plate of cannoli. EDIT
Posted May 29, 2003
8/10 Finding Nemo (2003) Dan Lybarger Thanks to a solid script by director Andrew Stanton (a Pixar regular), many of the human actors who give voices to the computer-generated fish wind up becoming more engaging than when they appear in flesh-and-blood. EDIT
Posted May 28, 2003
7/10 The Trials of Henry Kissinger (2002) Dan Lybarger Jarecki and Gibney do find enough material to bring Kissinger's record into question and explain how the diplomat's tweaked version of statecraft may have cost thousands and possibly millions of lives. EDIT
Posted May 7, 2003
4/10 The Core (2003) Dan Lybarger Instead of whisking viewers to a previously unseen environment that can't yet be explored outside of a movie theater, The Core proves that the computer-generated images can be just as dull as the people who inhabit the film. EDIT
Posted May 7, 2003
8/10 Narc (2002) Dan Lybarger Carnahan deserves credit for keeping gloom and hopelessness from getting dull. EDIT
Posted Dec 19, 2002
6/10 Die Another Day (2002) Dan Lybarger Die Another Day, the latest entry in the series, almost rejuvenates the franchise because it jettisons Bond's safety net early on. EDIT
Posted Dec 15, 2002
3/5 Battling Butler (1926) Dan Lybarger One of the Great Stone Face's lesser vehicles but still worth a look. EDIT
Posted Nov 22, 2002
4/5 Raining Stones (1993) Dan Lybarger A gripping and occasionally disturbing look at parental sacrifice. EDIT
Posted Sep 29, 2002
4/5 Death of a Salesman (1985) Dan Lybarger Schlöndorff's artificial settings and some amazing performances help keep this from looking like a typical "filmed play." EDIT
Posted Sep 29, 2002
3/5 Darkman (1990) Dan Lybarger A creative, if somewhat incoherent, flick. EDIT
Posted Sep 27, 2002
5/10 Manna From Heaven (2001) Dan Lybarger Like a homemade scarf, Manna from Heaven is warm, fuzzy and clearly made with love. At times it's easy to overlook the clumsiness of the way it's stitched together. EDIT
Posted Sep 9, 2002
3/5 Julius Caesar (1953) Dan Lybarger Brando shows some surprising flair with the Tudor dialogue, but this adaptation needs a little brushing up. EDIT
Posted Jul 30, 2002
4/5 Vanya on 42nd Street (1994) Dan Lybarger A lively and intriguing adaptation of Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya." EDIT
Posted Jul 30, 2002
4/10 Super Troopers (2001) Dan Lybarger . Curiously, Super Troopers suffers because it doesn't have enough vices to merit its 103-minute length. EDIT
Posted Mar 13, 2002
7/10 The Devil's Backbone (2001) Dan Lybarger The Devil's Backbone is a ghost story that would probably be scary even if the phantoms who inhabit it weren't around. EDIT
Posted Mar 12, 2002
3.5/4 Chicken Run (2000) Dan Lybarger When Mel Gibson passes on to that big screen in the sky, don't be surprised if he's best remembered for playing a flirtatious rooster. EDIT
Posted Apr 2, 2001
1/4 Battlefield Earth (2000) Dan Lybarger Legions of science-fiction fans will feel compelled to approach the ticket booth and scream for a refund. EDIT
Posted Apr 2, 2001
3/4 Gladiator (2000) Dan Lybarger Thanks to a combination of real locations and convincing computer-generated effects, Scott can create sweeping vistas and that Cecil B. DeMille would envy. EDIT
Posted Apr 2, 2001
2.5/4 Waking the Dead (2000) Dan Lybarger The result Keith Gordon's gamble is a movie that intrigues and occasionally frustrates anyone willing to take a chance on it. EDIT
Posted Apr 2, 2001
8/10 Three Kings (1999) Dan Lybarger Three Kings is the rarest sort of action movie. It offers the expected adrenaline jolt, but it also has a surprising amount of heart and intelligence. EDIT
Posted Jan 1, 2000