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Rating Title/Year Author
C+ Alita: Battle Angel (2019) Eric D. Snider Listless futuristic mumbo-jumbo without a single interesting character, building to a conclusion that's really just a setup for the next film. EDIT
Posted Feb 20, 2019
B Happy Death Day 2U (2019) Eric D. Snider Fans of the first film will find the scenario much more pleasing than the main character does. EDIT
Posted Feb 18, 2019
B- The Prodigy (2019) Eric D. Snider Straightforward to a fault -- it could have used some red herrings -- but the 'creepy kid' scenario is effective. EDIT
Posted Feb 9, 2019
D Serenity (2019) Eric D. Snider Being even-keeled and sincere makes it more palatable than a lot of bad movies, but make no mistake, it's still bad. EDIT
Posted Feb 5, 2019
B Glass (2019) Eric D. Snider A nerdy deep-dive into the filmmaker's ideas about superhero movies... Nutty, self-aware, periodically thrilling. EDIT
Posted Jan 19, 2019
B Mary Queen of Scots (2018) Eric D. Snider A grand but accessible historical biopic full of palace intrigue and political skulduggery. EDIT
Posted Jan 16, 2019
B Vox Lux (2018) Eric D. Snider Corbet's style is frequently ponderous, even "slow," but generally compelling as he explores the factory-like process of turning Celeste into a star. EDIT
Posted Jan 3, 2019
B- Vice (2018) Eric D. Snider Often hilarious and inventive, but McKay has no point beyond 'Wow, what a load this guy was, eh?' EDIT
Posted Dec 24, 2018
B Mary Poppins Returns (2018) Eric D. Snider If there had to be a sequel (which, again, there did not), this one is about as good as you could reasonably expect it to be. EDIT
Posted Dec 19, 2018
C Mortal Engines (2018) Eric D. Snider Like the rolling city of London, the movie is a gigantic, lumbering waste of resources populated by nobody interesting. EDIT
Posted Dec 18, 2018
A- The Rider (2017) Eric D. Snider Authentic... Beautiful and understated... Full of heartbreak and humanity. EDIT
Posted Dec 17, 2018
C Robin Hood (2018) Eric D. Snider A dumbly anachronistic action-adventure that you will never believe was not directed by Guy Ritchie and written by 12-year-olds. EDIT
Posted Nov 28, 2018
B- Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) Eric D. Snider It's approximately as funny and endearing as the first one (which is to say it's a good time, but nothing special). EDIT
Posted Nov 26, 2018
B+ Widows (2018) Eric D. Snider More fleshed-out, more real-world weighty than your standard popcorn caper, and it's a rush seeing these women take matters into their own felonious hands. EDIT
Posted Nov 21, 2018
C- Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018) Eric D. Snider The story lumbers along without urgency, Yates and Rowling believing they've earned the audience's loyalty just by using the Harry Potter font in the titles EDIT
Posted Nov 16, 2018
C The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018) Eric D. Snider An ordinary, mundane tech thriller whose only distinction is that it's connected to a previous movie. It's the very definition of a sequel nobody wanted. EDIT
Posted Nov 14, 2018
B- Dr. Seuss' The Grinch (2018) Eric D. Snider Fitfully amusing, harmless, and negligible. It neither detracts from Dr. Seuss' legacy nor enhances it. EDIT
Posted Nov 12, 2018
A- Selma (2014) Eric D. Snider This heartfelt, compelling docudrama about Martin Luther King Jr. and the 1965 civil rights marches shows how far we've come. EDIT
Posted Oct 4, 2018
D The Texture of Falling (2018) Eric D. Snider It's 74 minutes of mediocre actors giving meek, low-energy performances while reciting clumsily written, faux-philosophical dialogue. EDIT
Posted Jul 11, 2018
C+ Sherlock Gnomes (2018) Eric D. Snider Short and largely inoffensive, unlikely to do any significant harm if you find yourself obligated to watch it. EDIT
Posted Mar 28, 2018
B- Unsane (2018) Eric D. Snider Shrewd, exasperating psychological thriller... Has some heft to it but doesn't live up to its full potential. EDIT
Posted Mar 27, 2018
C Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) Eric D. Snider Weak, aimless, and noisy.... A water-treading middle episode. EDIT
Posted Mar 23, 2018
B+ Thoroughbreds (2017) Eric D. Snider Audacious. Shows remarkable confidence walking the tightrope between grim humor and provocation. First funny, then chilling, then sad. EDIT
Posted Mar 21, 2018
B- I Can Only Imagine (2018) Eric D. Snider Works best for fans of the song or of Christian music in general, but it has enough relatable, not-too-cheesy drama for some crossover appeal. EDIT
Posted Mar 19, 2018
C+ Tomb Raider (2018) Eric D. Snider A series of moderately exciting situations surrounded by - and barely attached to - a derivative fill-in-the-blanks adventure plot. EDIT
Posted Mar 16, 2018
B Love, Simon (2018) Eric D. Snider It's cathartic to see stories we can relate to told with a degree of love and compassion that we can hardly imagine. EDIT
Posted Mar 14, 2018
B- The Hurricane Heist (2018) Eric D. Snider A skillfully made formula flick that in a previous era would have starred someone named Skeet or Keanu. EDIT
Posted Mar 13, 2018
C A Wrinkle in Time (2018) Eric D. Snider Feels like a random series of fantastical and often beautiful but still very random events. EDIT
Posted Mar 9, 2018
C The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) Eric D. Snider A step down in quality, though still not without its slasher-y pleasures. EDIT
Posted Mar 9, 2018
A- The Death of Stalin (2017) Eric D. Snider A breathtakingly dark comedy of errors with petty sniping and profane insults, cheerfully mining laughs from ghastly true events. EDIT
Posted Mar 8, 2018
B- Mohawk (2017) Eric D. Snider A contemplative bloodbath ... a serviceably brutal revenge thriller. EDIT
Posted Mar 8, 2018
D Fifty Shades Freed (2018) Eric D. Snider The story of an entitled snob who marries a snob-in-training who enjoys being treated like garbage. EDIT
Posted Feb 21, 2018
B+ Game Night (2018) Eric D. Snider An unexpectedly sharp, upbeat action comedy. The comedy gets dark, occasionally involving violence and pain, but it's never nihilistic or mean-spirited. EDIT
Posted Feb 21, 2018
B- Black Panther (2018) Eric D. Snider Full of nobility and purpose without sacrificing fun and charm.... A slam-bang action adventure that also fills a need. EDIT
Posted Feb 15, 2018
C The 15:17 to Paris (2018) Eric D. Snider There's no story to tell until the thing happens, and once it happens, it's over in a few minutes. It's not a movie, it's an anecdote. EDIT
Posted Feb 13, 2018
C+ Winchester (2018) Eric D. Snider A watered-down supernatural thriller about the same old vengeful spirits trying to right the same old wrongs. EDIT
Posted Feb 2, 2018
B- The Greatest Showman (2017) Eric D. Snider I love beautiful, well-crafted, profound musicals with cleverly rhymed lyrics. Fortunately, I also enjoy shallow throwaway puff pieces with catchy tunes, lyrics that are purely functional, and dead-end subplots. EDIT
Posted Feb 2, 2018
B- 12 Strong (2018) Eric D. Snider Pays appropriate tribute to the true acts of heroism that emerged from the mission, but as a movie, it's just a formulaic war picture. EDIT
Posted Jan 30, 2018
C+ Den of Thieves (2018) Eric D. Snider A 30-minute trim would have made the whole enterprise much more recommendable. EDIT
Posted Jan 19, 2018
C+ Proud Mary (2018) Eric D. Snider Most of Proud Mary, for some reason, wants to be a dreary melodrama with little action and much formulaic dialogue. EDIT
Posted Jan 16, 2018
B+ The Post (2017) Eric D. Snider No one alive is better at conveying what makes America uniquely great, or at getting an audience to believe that everything will be OK if we just do what we know is right. EDIT
Posted Jan 15, 2018
B- The Commuter (2018) Eric D. Snider Liam Neeson punches his way to justice in a respectably forgettable, good-while-it-lasts action thriller. EDIT
Posted Jan 12, 2018
B+ Paddington 2 (2017) Eric D. Snider If you see these movies and don't like them, there's something wrong with you. EDIT
Posted Jan 11, 2018
B+ I, Tonya (2017) Eric D. Snider Though it's irresistibly funny and filled with insane (but true) details, this is ultimately a sad story about a woman who was mistreated from day one. EDIT
Posted Jan 8, 2018
C+ All the Money in the World (2017) Eric D. Snider As an indictment of vile capitalist swine, Ridley Scott's fact-based melodrama has a satisfying flavor, but it's hindered by a lack of focus. EDIT
Posted Jan 8, 2018
B- Insidious: The Last Key (2018) Eric D. Snider This barely recommended effort doesn't offer much hope for the series' creative energy. EDIT
Posted Jan 6, 2018
B+ Downsizing (2017) Eric D. Snider Stimulating, funny, with the loopy, unpredictable, melancholy plot line of something by Charlie Kaufman. EDIT
Posted Dec 21, 2017
B Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) Eric D. Snider A surprisingly peppy quasi-sequel that emphasizes humor over jungle adventure and has everyone playing against type. EDIT
Posted Dec 21, 2017
C Ferdinand (2017) Eric D. Snider Bland, unenthusiastic, with no cultural flavor. It might as well be set in Omaha. EDIT
Posted Dec 14, 2017
A- Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Eric D. Snider Goes in bold new directions while delivering familiarity. Written and directed with thoughtfulness and visual flair. EDIT
Posted Dec 13, 2017