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CHiPs (1977 - 1983)

CHiPs (1977 - 1983)





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Follow the adventures of two California Highway Patrolmen--CHiPs--as they motorcycle down the highways aiding motorists and apprehending dangerous drivers.more


CHiPs: Season 6
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1982, NBC, 22 episodes

CHiPs: Season 5
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1981, NBC, 27 episodes

CHiPs: Season 4
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1980, NBC, 21 episodes

CHiPs: Season 3
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1979, NBC, 24 episodes

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1978, NBC, 24 episodes

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1977, NBC, 22 episodes

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TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Sep 15, 1977
Genre: Drama
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Larry Wilcox
as Off. Jon Baker
Dawn Jeffory
as Kim Travis
Erik Estrada
as Off. Frank `Ponch' P...
Mark L. Taylor
as Scotty Peterson
Nina Axelrod
as Dee Dee
Bruce Glover
as Sgt. Vogt
Antony Alda
as Burstad
Don Most
as Moloch
Robert Pine
as Sgt. Joe Getraer
Ann Coleman
as Eleanor
Saul Brandt
as Sorenson
Fred Dryer
as John LeGarre
John Elerick
as Rev. Porter
Michael MacRae
as Big Crazy
Elizabeth Daily
as Carol Sweeney
Virginia Kiser
as Mrs. Grieve
Bryan Cranston
as Billy Joe
Harvey Lembeck
as Truck Driver
Kevyn Major Howard
as Ted McLeish
Lee H. Montgomery
as Young Drag Racer
David Caruso
as Charlie
Byron Thames
as Aerospace Enthusiast
Amy Steel
as Kelly
Andrew Duggan
as Chester Murphy
William Smith
as Michael Adams
Don Stroud
as Sonny Matson
Jayne Kennedy
as New Detective
Frances Riplinger
as Mrs. Sorenson
Lynn-Holly Johnson
as Getraer's Daughter
Lori Berns
as Louise
Bettye Ackerman
as Mrs. Burgess
Nita Talbot
as Instructor
Adam Roarke
as Ray Evans
Trisha Townsend
as Off. Melanie Mitchel...
Brian Libby
as Millard
James Sloyan
as Dr. Patterson
Ed Harris
as Lonny
Claudette Nevins
as Hannah Chadway
Ricky Wittman
as Special Olympian
Joan Freeman
as Katherine
Brodie Greer
as Off. Baricza
Joanne Linville
as Mrs. Hirsh
Ike Eisenmann
as Barry Lasher
Sandy McPeak
as Pete Baricza
Joanna Kerns
as Colleen
James J. Sloyan
as Dr. Patterson
Jerry Houser
as Richard Foster
Tony Longo
as Sly Angelitti
Louis Guss
as Chauffeur
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