Downward Spiral


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One of the Drake's greatest mysteries is revealed when Jane searches for Nona's missing grandmother. Meanwhile, Henry receives a commendation from the mayor; and a doctor learns the frightening terms of his payback to Gavin in exchange for his help.


Terry O'Quinn
as Gavin Doran
Vanessa L. Williams
as Olivia Doran
Rachael Taylor
as Jane Van Veen
Dave Annable
as Henry Martin
Mercedes Masöhn
as Louise Leonard
Mercedes Masohn
as Louise Leonard
Robert Buckley
as Brian Leonard
Helena Mattsson
as Alexis Blume
Erik Palladino
as Tony DeMeo
Samantha Logan
as Nona Clark
Lia Yang
as Dr. Janice Wong
Nick Chinlund
as Victor Shaw
Rocco Sisto
as Dr. Claude Anton
Teddy Sears
as Det. Cooper
Kerry O'Malley
as Nurse Potter
Kris Eivers
as Unknown Man
Mandy Gonzalez
as Nurse Garcia
Karl Lewis Miller
as Julian Waters
Michael Cullen
as Joseph Lukin
Remy Auberjonois
as Father Douglas
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