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Jane is transported back in time to 1927 and learns that her family history is linked to the Drake. Meanwhile, Henry considers running for city council; and Sasha's identity is exposed.


Terry O'Quinn
as Gavin Doran
Vanessa L. Williams
as Olivia Doran
Rachael Taylor
as Jane Van Veen
Dave Annable
as Henry Martin
Mercedes Masöhn
as Louise Leonard
Mercedes Masohn
as Louise Leonard
Robert Buckley
as Brian Leonard
Helena Mattsson
as Alexis Blume
Erik Palladino
as Tony DeMeo
Samantha Logan
as Nona Clark
Whoopi Goldberg
as Maris Elder
Ursula Parker
as Jocelyn Kramer
Tessa Thompson
as Laurel Harris
Raul Esparza
as Phillip Perez
Nick Chinlund
as Victor Shaw
Christine Evangelista
as Libby Griffith
Teddy Sears
as Det. Cooper
William Youmans
as Bill Atherton
Jim True-Frost
as Peter Kramer
Heidi Armbruster
as Connie Kramer
Joel Leffert
as 1927 Doorman
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