The Comfort of Death


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Alexis tries to find an escape clause in her deal with Gavin; Jane attempts to learn more about Peter Kramer's journal and the Drake's history; Brian tries to get a producer to back his play; Olivia tells Louise about a great job at a top magazine.


Terry O'Quinn
as Gavin Doran
Vanessa L. Williams
as Olivia Doran
Rachael Taylor
as Jane Van Veen
Dave Annable
as Henry Martin
Mercedes Masöhn
as Louise Leonard
Mercedes Masohn
as Louise Leonard
Robert Buckley
as Brian Leonard
Helena Mattsson
as Alexis Blume
Erik Palladino
as Tony DeMeo
Samantha Logan
as Nona Clark
Tessa Thompson
as Sasha/Laurel Harris
Teddy Sears
as Det. Cooper
Richard Joseph Paul
as Frank Sullivan
Elizabeth Morton
as Eunice Moore
Thomas Kopache
as Harlan Moore
Richard Short
as Young Harlan Moore
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