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Charles (Michael Landon) spends so much time with his foster son, Albert (Matthew Laborteaux), that his biological daughter Laura (Melissa Gilbert) feels neglected. Sensing Laura's resentment, Albert sadly concludes that it would be best for all concerned if he ran away. Only after Laura has won first prize at a country fair with Albert's pet calf Fagin does she realize how selfish she has been -- whereupon she attempts to convince Albert that he is truly wanted after all.


Michael Landon
as Charles Ingalls
Melissa Gilbert
as Laura Ingalls
Sidney Greenbush
as Carrie Ingalls
Karen Grassle
as Caroline Ingalls
Katherine MacGregor
as Harriet Oleson
Alison Arngrim
as Nellie Oleson
Merlin Olsen
as Jonathan Garvey
Hersha Parady
as Alice Garvey
Richard Bull
as Nels Oleson
Wendi Turnbaugh
as Grace Ingalls
Kevin Hagen
as Dr. Baker
Jonathan Gilbert
as Willie Oleson
Matthew Laborteaux
as Albert Quinn Ingalls
James Mendenhall
as Fair Official
Kraig Metzinger
as Denzil McCauley
Brenda Turnbaugh
as Grace Ingalls
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