He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not


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In the conclusion of a two-part story, Laura (Melissa Gilbert) tries to get over the departure of her fiancé, Almanzo (Dean Butler), by helping her sister Mary (Melissa Sue Anderson) and brother-in-law Adam (Linwood Boomer) set up a new school for the blind in the town of Sleepy Eye. As fate would have it, this is the same town where Almanzo has relocated -- and when she sees her beloved in a compromising situation with a saloon gal, Laura angrily breaks off her engagement. Things change dramatically when Laura discovers a remarkable secret about Almanzo while nursing him through an illness. And Laura's father, Charles (Michael Landon), is prompted to reconsider his insistence that the girl wait until she is 18 to get married. But what of the still-blossoming romance between Nellie Oleson (Alison Arngrim) and Percival Dalton (Steve Tracy)? This was the final episode of Little House on the Prairie's sixth season.


Sidney Greenbush
as Carrie Ingalls
Melissa Gilbert
as Laura Ingalls
Alison Arngrim
as Nellie Oleson
Michael Landon
as Charles Ingalls
Melissa Sue Anderson
as Mary Ingalls Kendall
Merlin Olsen
as Jonathan Garvey
Karen Grassle
as Caroline Ingalls
Katherine MacGregor
as Harriet Oleson
Richard Bull
as Nels Oleson
Kevin Hagen
as Dr. Baker
Lucy Lee Flippin
as Eliza Jane Wilder
Scottie MacGregor
as Harriet Oleson
Jonathan Gilbert
as Willie Oleson
Matthew Laborteaux
as Albert Quinn Ingalls
Wendi Turnbaugh
as Grace Ingalls
Linwood Boomer
as Adam Kendall
Dean Butler
as Almanzo Wilder
Steve Tracy
as Percival Isaac Cohen Dalton
Ketty Lester
as Hester-Sue Terhune
Michelle Downey
as Sue Goodspeed
Nancy Grahn
as Saloon Girl
Dan McBride
as Customer #1
Alvy Moore
as Mr. Crowley
Dub Taylor
as Houston Lamb
Brenda Turnbaugh
as Grace Ingalls
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