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Absolutely Fabulous (1992 - 2012)

Absolutely Fabulous (1992 - 2012)






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A caustic and clever Britcom about two neurotic gal pals who are dedicated followers of fashion. Edina's in PR, while Patsy's a magazine editor, though work isn't something they do very often. Drinking is, however, as is man-chasing (sometimes literally). Costar Jennifer Saunders created the series, which bowed on the BBC in November 1992.more


Absolutely Fabulous: Series 6
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2011, BBC, 3 episodes

Absolutely Fabulous: Series 5
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2003, BBC, 10 episodes

Absolutely Fabulous: Series 4
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2001, BBC, 7 episodes

Absolutely Fabulous: Series 3
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1995, BBC, 8 episodes

Absolutely Fabulous: Series 2
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1994, BBC, 6 episodes

Absolutely Fabulous: Series 1
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1992, BBC, 6 episodes

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TV Network: BBC
Premiere Date: Nov 12, 1992
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Jon Plowman
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Geoffrey McGivern
as Customs Officer
Mandy Rice-Davies
as Dream Patsy
John Wells
as Uncle Humphrey
Britt Ekland
as Herself
Miranda Forbes
as Woman in Car
Damian Hunt
as Serge 1
Celia Imrie
as Claudia
Rupert Penry-Jones
as Boy at Party
C.G. Varesko
as New York Transvestit...
Alexandra Bastedo
as Penny Casper-Morse
Robert Ripa
as Old Frenchman
Paul Mark Elliott
as Teacher No. 1
Tricia Aileen
as School Secretary
Orla Brady
as Nurse Mary
Gwen Humble
as Sondra Lorrance
Jane Galloway Heitz
as Nurse (Edina's Birth...
Philip Franks
as Poet/Dancer/Writer
Idris Elba
as Hilton
Corran Royal
as Serge 3
Joanna Bowen
as Journalist
Daniel Newman
as Saffy's Son
Ruby Wax
as Candy
Drew Eliot
as Justice of the Peace
Juliette Mole
as Air Hostess
Annabel Hampson
as Headmistress
Germaine Greer
as Dream Mother
Mia Soterious
as Guitar Player
James Dreyfus
as Christopher
John Hudson
as Lecturer
Max Brandt
as Mitchel Friedman
Raven Oh
as New York Transvestit...
Melanie Jessop
as Secretary
Richard E. Grant
as Dream Justin
Suzi Quatro
as Dream Nurse
Natascha Taylor
as Art Gallery Assistan...
Jo Brand
as Carmen
Helena McCarthy
as Old Woman
Daniella Denby-Ashe
as Saffy's Daughter
Andre Shoals
as New York Transvestit...
Lucy Blair
as Lou-Lou
Sylvia Anderson
as Lady Penelope
Suzy Aitchison
as Nurse (Saffy's Birth...
Jennifer Saunders
as Edina Monsoon
Emma Bunton
as Herself
Lindsay Duncan
as Jeanne Durand
Sidney Cole
as Teacher No. 2
Bob Barrett
as Labour Party Man
Joanna Lumley
as Patsy Stone
Elton John
as Himself
Eleanor Bron
as Patsy's Mother
Tim Woodward
as Tony, Tony/Headmaste...
Tilly Blackwood
as Lady Candida de Deni...
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