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Eddy (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley) head to Marrakesh to team up for a photo shoot. It seems Patsy's magazine is going to run a spread featuring Pop-Specs, a trashy little product represented by Eddy's PR firm. When Saffy (Julia Sawalha) tags along, she quickly learns her mum has little on her mind but buying dirt-cheap housewares and hitting the hookah as hard as she can. During a decadent party with Uncle Humphrey (John Wells) -- a dirty-old-man friend of Eddy and Patsy who wants to perform sexual perversions on Saffy -- the girl learns that for a brief time many years ago, Patsy was a little confused about her gender identity. The next day, after a dip in the pool, the ladies go shopping and get separated from Saffy in an outdoor bazaar. Without her guidance, Eddy and Pats end up stranded in the wrong part of town, but as usual, Saffy saves the day. Back at their resort, the women resume their decadence -- even Saffy, who ironically gets the most out of her trip to Morocco. Originally broadcast on BBC 1 on February 10, 1994, Absolutely Fabulous: Morocco marked series two, episode three of this popular Brit-com. The more over-the-top plot threads of episodes such as Absolutely Fabulous: Morocco divided fan opinion about the second series of "AbFab," with some viewers decrying the less naturalistic comedy and others embracing the show's new, more extreme brand of slapstick.