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Our heroines find themselves at a mutual crossroads as Saffy (Julia Sawalha) heads off to college, leaving Edina (Jennifer Saunders) alone, and Patsy (Joanna Lumley) loses her job when her magazine folds. Pats soon moves in with Eddy, but their lack of domestic common sense spoils their otherwise jolly neo-conjugal relationship. Things are looking up at the office for Eddy, though, as a high-powered New York PR agency wants to form a liaison. That and a complimentary bottle of champagne are all it takes to keep past-her-prime singer Lulu in the fold; nevertheless, a spiteful Eddy attempts to fire Bubble (Jane Horrocks), who after three seasons as a personal assistant still doesn't understand the phrase "fax machine." Back at the house, during an impromptu wake for the magazine, fast-talking former editor Magda (Kathy Burke) announces she's taking a job in New York -- and that she wants to bring Patsy with her; that leaves fellow fashion hangers-on Catriona (Helen Lederer) and Fleur (Harriet Thorpe) contemplating jobs at the perfume counter and/or Eddy's firm. Later, smoking a joint in the bathroom, Pats and Eddy mull over the big-time success that they've always craved and try to fight off their terror of being alone. Saffy arrives to inject her usual doses of common sense, but the episode ends with a standoff: Eddy and Pats go their separate ways, each trying to convince herself that she'll be more fabulous flying solo. Originally broadcast on BBC 1 on May 4, 1995, Absolutely Fabulous: Fear marked series three, episode five of this popular Brit-com. Although her voice appeared in the previous episode, Absolutely Fabulous: Jealous, "To Sir With Love" singer Lulu makes her second on-camera appearance as herself; she was previously mentioned in countless episodes and appeared in Absolutely Fabulous: New Best Friend.


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