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While still dealing with personal matters (mainly the trials and tribulations of her best friend, Francie [Merrin Dungey], and Francie's faithless fiancé), Sydney (Jennifer Garner) heads to a Bucharest mental hospital, where she poses as a patient to prevent an assassination. The murderer-to-be, Martin Shepard (John Hannah), has been programmed to kill and is unable to stop himself. Meanwhile, Will (Bradley Cooper) continues to look for the elusive "Kate Jones" in his quest to solve the murder of Danny; new and disturbing information surfaces regarding the fatal automobile "accident" that claimed the life of Sydney's mother; and nerdish SD-6 tech expert, Marshall (Kevin Weisman), figures out that there's a mole in the organization. (Does this mean curtains for Syd's CIA contact, Vaughn [Michael Vartan]?)


Jennifer Garner
as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin
as Sloane
Victor Garber
as Jack Bristow
Nancy Dussault
as Helen Calder
Lori Heuring
as Kate Jones/Eloise Kurtz
Eugene Lazarev
as K-Directorate Agent Kreshnik
Maurice Godin
as SD-6 Agent Fisher
Neil Dickson
as John Smythe
Arabella Holzbog
as Laura Bristow
Paul Lieber
as Bentley Calder
Tom Waite
as Guard #1
Nancy Wetzel
as Amy Tippin
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