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Now that Sark (new series regular David Anders) is in charge of the cartel formerly headed by Sydney's mother, Irina (Lena Olin), he launches a Russian satellite spy camera that will help him corrupt the world's security systems. It is up to Sydney (Jennifer Garner) to tap into the images projected by that camera, thereby enabling her to locate a Rambaldi-designed music box containing valuable scientific equations. Though Irina insists she wants to help Sydney in her mission, Irina's ex-husband, Jack (Victor Garber), warns that the woman can still not be trusted -- and by the episode's end, it looks like Jack may be right. Elsewhere, investigative journalist Will (Bradley Cooper) finally meets Syd's CIA contact, Vaughn (Michael Vartan), and sinister SD-6 chieftain Sloane (Ron Rifkin) begins to suspect that his wife, Emily, isn't dead.


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