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American Dad! (2005 - )

American Dad! (2005 - )






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Cartoon antics from Seth MacFarlane ('The Family Guy') about a gung-ho CIA agent (voice of MacFarlane), and his suburban family, which includes a hippie teen daughter. The zany supporting cast includes a randy pet goldfish who was once an East German spy and an extraterrestrial. 'Dad' debuted after the 2005 Super Bowl.more

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American Dad!: Season 12, Episode 22


American Dad!: Season 12
No critic reviews yet...

2016, FOX (seasons 1-10); TBS, 22 episodes

American Dad!: Season 11
No critic reviews yet...

2014, FOX (seasons 1-10); TBS, 15 episodes

American Dad!: Season 10
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2014, FOX (seasons 1-10); TBS, 3 episodes

American Dad!: Season 9
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2013, FOX (seasons 1-10); TBS, 20 episodes

American Dad!: Season 8
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2012, FOX (seasons 1-10); TBS, 20 episodes

American Dad!: Season 7
No critic reviews yet...

2011, FOX (seasons 1-10); TBS, 18 episodes

American Dad!: Season 6
No critic reviews yet...

2010, FOX (seasons 1-10); TBS, 19 episodes

American Dad!: Season 5
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2009, FOX (seasons 1-10); TBS, 18 episodes

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TV Network: FOX (seasons 1-10); TBS
Premiere Date: Feb 6, 2005
Genre: Animation
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Jeff Fischer
as Jeff Fischer/Glenn
Forest Whitaker
as Turlington
Casey Wilson
as Korean Woman

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