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A horror anthology series from Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy.

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Critics Consensus: A near-perfect blend of slasher tropes and American Horror Story's trademark twists, 1984 is a bloody good time.

2019, FX, 9 episodes

Critics Consensus: Ryan Murphy and his murderers' row of witchy performers literally save the world -- and franchise -- in Apocalypse, the series most ambitious crossover swing yet.

2018, FX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: American Horror Story: Cult intrigues with timely, over-the-top creepiness - and lots of clowns - despite being hampered by broad political generalizations and occasional holes in the narrative's logic.

2017, FX, 11 episodes

Critics Consensus: American Horror Story: Roanoke takes a surprising turn away from prior AHS formats, revisiting the deliberate pace of earlier seasons on a spookier, smaller scale, even if the true-crime format feels overdone.

2016, FX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Favoring garish style over effective storytelling, the fifth American Horror Story strands a talented cast at Ryan Murphy's Hotel.

2015, FX, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Though it may turn off new viewers unaccustomed to its unabashed weirdness, Freak Show still brings the thrills, thanks to its reliably stylish presentation and game cast.

2014, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: A noteworthy ensemble cast combined with creepy storytelling and campy, outrageous thrills make American Horror Story: Coven a potently structured fright-fest.

2013, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: American Horror Story: Asylum crosses boundaries to shock and scare with sexy subplots and some innovative takes on current social issues.

2012, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Convoluted yet effective, American Horror Story is strange, gory, and twisted enough to keep viewers hooked.

2011, FX, 12 episodes