Episode Eight


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Aliyah's march for Carter escalates an already tense situation in the community as the city tries to shut it down, while Barb organizes a group of counterprotesters. Elsewhere, Alonzo urges Tony, who may be tried as an adult, to testify against Carter; Hector swears to his girlfriend that he's ready to turn over a new leaf; and a desperate Russ hopes to move into Matt and Gwen's house.


Felicity Huffman
as Barb Hanlon
Timothy Hutton
as Russ Skokie
W. Earl Brown
as Tom Carlin
Richard Cabral
as Hector Tontz
Caitlin Gerard
as Aubry Taylor
Benito Martinez
as Alonzo Gutiérrez
Elvis Nolasco
as Carter Nix
Johnny Ortiz
as Tony Gutiérrez
Regina King
as Aliyah Shadeed
Lili Taylor
as Nancy Straumberg
David Hoflin
as Mark Skokie
Lily Knight
as Colleen Sherrod
Luis Acevedo
as Officer Rodriguez
Gene Bolton
as Troublemaker 2
Ricky Catter
as Sanchez
Cedric Duplechain
as Timothy Little
Patrick Gathron
as Belligerent Protestor
Timothy Hoppock
as Officer Roberts
Shelton Jolivette
as Minister Yousef
Joe Nemmers
as Rick Soderbergh
Kattia Ortiz
as Sibila Nuñez
Kira Pozehl
as Gwen Skokie
Scott Takeda
as Mike Narasaki
Marshall R. Teague
as Ben Callahan
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