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Air date: Oct 2, 2006

Part 1 of 3 of the award-winning 1987 documentary "Eyes on the Prize." Included: profiles of Mose Wright and Rosa Parks; conflicts sparked by the Supreme Court's 1955 ruling that schools should be integrated; James Meredith's efforts to enroll at the University of Mississippi in 1962; and newsreel comments by former Mississippi senator James Eastland. Narrator: Julian Bond.

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Air date: Oct 9, 2006

Part 2 of the 1987 documentary "Eyes on the Prize." Included: the 1960 Greensboro, N.C., lunch-counter sit-in; the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee; the rise of mass demonstrations in the civil-rights movement; Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech; children's marches in Birmingham, Ala.

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Air date: Oct 16, 2006

Conclusion of the 1987 documentary "Eyes on the Prize." Included: events of 1963 and '64, when Mississippi became a battleground in the civil-rights movement; the 1963 assassination of Medgar Evers; the 1964 black voter-registration drive; the march for voting rights from Selma to Montgomery.

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Air date: Oct 23, 2006

This reflective documentary from the Public Broadcasting Company explores the history and consequences of the innovations in reproductive technology that have enabled the conception of "Testtube Babies" - children conceived outside the womb. Tracing the history of the topic's research from its roots in the 1940's, through to the first successful baby born from lab conception in 1978, the film examines a practice that's served as a God-send for childless couples, and a controversial topic for others.

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Air date: Oct 30, 2006

Director/writer/producer Adriana Bosch teams with filmmaker Michael Chin for this dramatic account of the fight against yellow fever, a scourge that claimed approximately 100,000 over the course of the 19th Century. Dr. Carlos Finlay was a Cuban physician who theorized that yellow fever was spread by mosquitoes. But while Dr. Finlay's theory was initially rejected, it would later prove the foundation of US Army Dr. Walter Reed, Dr. James Carroll, and Major Jesse Lazar's extensive research into the deadly and fast spreading disease. After successfully gaining the upper hand against yellow fever in Havana, Dr. Reed, Dr. Carroll, and Major Lazar returned to America and prevented a small outbreak in New Orleans from becoming a national catastrophe in 1905.

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Air date: Nov 6, 2006

In the late 1840s San Francisco was little more than a quaint seaside village of 800, and few could have foreseen that remarkable future that fate held in store for sleepy community. Soon after gold was discovered in the American River, however, the rapid growth that followed would alter the course of an entire nation. By early 1854 San Francisco was well on its way to becoming the economic powerhouse that it is today. In this documentary, filmmakers take an informative look back at that crucial era of development with original recreations and rare daguerreotypes that truly transport the viewer back to one of the most vital and transformative eras in American history.

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Air date: Jan 29, 2007

American Experience: The Berlin Airlift documents the time in 1948 that the Soviet Union blocked off all land access to Berlin, forcing humanitarian efforts to deliver food, medical supplies, and other necessities by plane for almost twelve months.

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Air date: Feb 5, 2007

The history and ramifications of biological weapons and the stand the United States took in ending further research.

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Air date: Feb 12, 2007

Explore the rich history of the city gave rise to jazz, and endured one of the greatest natural disasters ever to strike American soil. A colorful cultural melting pot with a history that's deeper than the darkest bayou, New Orleans' diverse culture inspired such artists as Tennessee Williams and Louis Armstrong to produce works that still resonate decades after their deaths. From Huey Long's war against the "Old Regulars" to Mardi Gras, the exodus of the middle class and Hurricane Katrina, this documentary paints a vivid picture of the city where anything seems possible.

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Air date: Apr 2, 2007

A profile of Sister Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944), a popular Pentecostal evangelist during the 1920s and '30s. Included: comments from biographer Matthew Avery Sutton ("Aimee Semple McPherson and the Resurrection of Christian America"); author Daniel Mark Epstein ("Sister Aimee"); and Boston University religion professor Stephen Prothero. Blair Brown narrates.

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