American Gods: Season 3 Reviews

January 19, 2021
The underwhelming cable adaptation as opposed to the exciting premium project it started as.
January 12, 2021
Browning and Rheon have solid chemistry, but their characters make it seem as if American Gods isn't willing or able to try playing with new ideas in terms of story dynamics.
January 12, 2021
There's little focus and disparate storylines, and American Gods doesn't seem interested in the deeper questions it once asked. Unlike the dead on the show that rise again, what made it special may not be able to come back.
Full Review | Original Score: 6.5/10
January 11, 2021
No amount of good acting, lavish costumes, and beautiful visuals can make up for the lack of interest the show seems to have in really investigating the heart of this American story.
Full Review | Original Score: 5/10