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William Boyd's adaptation of his 2002 novel, about the eventful life of writer, lover, art dealer and spy Logan Mountstuart opens with the elderly Logan looking back at his life, including his college years at Oxford, where he pursued both literature and the ladies.


Jim Broadbent
as Logan Mountstuart (Older)
Conor Nealon
as Logan Mountstuart (Child)
Freddie Fox
as Peter Scabius (Young)
Samuel West
as Peter Scabius (Older)
Charity Wakefield
as Land Fothergill
Gerry George
as Winston Churchill
Flaminia Cinque
as Mrs. Mountstuart
Philip Simon
as Roderick Poole
Stuart McQuarrie
as Wallace Douglas
Geraldine Alexander
as The Countess
John Chancer
as Mr. Prendergast
Molly Malcolm
as British Consulate Secretary
Carlos Vicente
as Gold Club Secretary
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