Dirty Laundry


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Being between a rock and a hard place would probably be easier for Claudia Joy than standing between Michael and her friend, Hannah (Ann Cusack), a war widow. Hannah is determined to testify before Congress on the possible cover-up of the friendly-fire death of her husband, and the issue causes strife on the base. But no one feels more conflicted than Claudia Joy, whose loyalty to her husband is pitted against her loyalty to---and personal feelings for---her friend.


Kim Delaney
as Claudia Joy Holden
Sally Pressman
as Roxy LeBlanc
Brigid Brannagh
as Pamela Moran
Brian McNamara
as Michael Holden
Sterling K. Brown
as Roland Burton
Wendy Davis
as Joan Burton
Drew Fuller
as Trevor LeBlanc
Catherine Bell
as Denise Sherwood
Richard Bryant
as Jeremy Sherwood
Terry Serpico
as Frank Sherwood
Ann Cusack
as Hannah White
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