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December 18, 2018
The show robbed every one of their ability to ignore a city whose cultural influence continues to be stolen by every other city around the world
December 7, 2018
An unclassifiable treasury of hustles and shakedowns, the eleven episodes are a vision of making it in show biz and making it out of the rat trap of race in America.
December 6, 2018
While the second season's episodes were somewhat disconnected on a narrative level, the cumulative effect was immense. For a show that breaks so many rules, its themes are as old as capitalism.
October 10, 2018
In this show, anything is possible, which allows it to take detours that can lead to deeper meaning.
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September 7, 2018
It did not miss a beat. It is still on-point. It is still delivering.
August 25, 2018
Atlanta has again left its mark as a show of sober reflection, engaging human drama, and a voice that is poetic and radical.
August 6, 2018
it's a good show in the way Schindler's List is a good movie: It's moving and excellent but calling it a good time is wrong. Because it is, ultimately, about a crime.
July 13, 2018
The most striking thing about Atlanta is how it surprises you. An episode about absolutely nothing can speak volumes and in a split second, you can go from laughing out loud to stunned silence.
June 26, 2018
It's every bit as surreal and sorrowful as it is unexpected, and it makes me even more eager to see how Atlanta swerves in Season 3.
June 25, 2018
Mainly what Atlanta does is turn a very urban black American experience...into an excruciating and jaw-droppingly unusual comedy of embarrassment.
June 11, 2018
As with Season 1, Glover and his team find ways to attack hypocrisy and talk about racism, through a slightly more direct lens, which gives the series a solemn 2018 feel
May 30, 2018
The inventiveness of Atlanta's second season has managed, startlingly, to outpace the high mark set by its first outing
May 15, 2018
Atlanta Robbin' Season turns over the form of the small screen by individualizing its episodes in such a way as to almost become its own short-film franchise.
May 14, 2018
But it's also like Glover to be this clever-and in his work of the moment, it's possible to see the long roots of tensions he's rapped about, written about, joked about, and been performing for over a decade.
May 11, 2018
In some scenes... the weight of community ties seems suffocating; in others, it's evident that none of the characters would survive without one another. The distance between those two points is what Atlanta mines, and what resonates most powerfully.
May 11, 2018
Mesmerising and shape-shifting as bottled smoke.
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May 10, 2018
The show boldly speaks to American culture's impulse to extract all that is cool or profitable from blackness while discarding actual black people.
May 9, 2018
Every week, Atlanta uncovers a new facet while exploring class, race and other social experiences. It's so exciting to tune in not knowing what you're going to get.
May 3, 2018
Atlanta's batting average is unbelievably high.
April 2, 2018
The first three episodes of the second season of Atlanta are laced with a palpable excitement
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