Batman (1966 - 1968)

Batman (1966 - 1968)



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POW! The Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder fight crime in Gotham City in this campy version of Bob Kane's comic strip that first appeared in 1939. The series aired twice a week and quickly achieved gangbuster ratings, but---holy novelty!---the ratings nosedived and even the addition of Batgirl late in the show's run couldn't save the Dynamic Duo.

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Critics Consensus: Fierce females shook up the dynamic duo in the final season of Batman with plenty of technicolor "POW!"

1967, ABC, 26 episodes

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1966, ABC, 60 episodes

Critics Consensus: Once derided for its camp, Adam West's Batman is now lauded as a timeless satire of the comics canon.

1966, ABC, 34 episodes


Adam West
as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Burt Ward
as Dick Grayson/Robin
Alan Napier
as Alfred Pennyworth
Madge Blake
as Aunt Harriet Cooper
Lee Meriwether
as Catwoman/Kitka
Neil Hamilton
as Police Commissioner Gordon
Stafford Repp
as Chief O'Hara
Cesar Romero
as The Joker
Frank Gorshin
as The Riddler
John Astin
as The Riddler
Burgess Meredith
as The Penguin
Eartha Kitt
as Catwoman
Yvonne Craig
as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
James O'Hara
as Sgt. Semple
David Lewis
as Warden Crichton
Leslie Parrish
as Dawn Robbins
Eli Wallach
as Mr. Freeze
Carolyn Jones
as Marsha, Queen of Diamonds
Milton Stark
as Irving Bracken
David Wayne
as Jervis Tetch - The Mad Hatter
Rudy Vallee
as Lord Ffogg
Anne Baxter
as Zelda the Great
Victor Lundin
as Octopuss
Glynis Johns
as Lady Peasoup
Tol Avery
as Mr. Belmont
Lyn Peters
as Prudence
Jonathan Hale
as Museum Attendant
Elizabeth Harrower
as Miss Prentice
Roddy McDowall
as The Bookworm
Art Carney
as The Archer
Walter Slezak
as The Clock King
George Sanders
as Mr. Freeze
as Fingers
Milton Berle
as Louie the Lilac
Malachi Throne
as False-Face
Van Johnson
as The Minstrel
Otto Preminger
as Mr. Freeze
Eddie Ness
as Coast Guard Officer
Jeanie Moore
as Catarina
Gilchrist Stuart
as British Operator
Joan Collins
as The Siren
Al Ferrara
as Trap Door
Pat Becker
as Cattie
Judy Parker
as Penguin Girl #1
Susan Silo
as Mousey
Shelby Grant
as Princess Sandra
Jack Kelly
as Jack O'Shea
Barbara Nichols
as Maid Marilyn
Michael Rennie
as Mr. Sandman/Dr. Somnambula
Dina Merrill
as Calamity Jane
Dee Hartford
as Miss Iceland
Jack Kruschen
as Eivol Ekdal
Julie Gregg
as Finella
Kathleen Crowley
as Sophia Starr
Ziva Rodann
as Nefertiti
Woody Strode
as Grand Mogul
Grace Gaynor
as Chickadee
Kathy Kersh
as Cornelia
Ethel Merman
as Lola Lasagne
Hal Baylor
as Mercury
Alan Emerson
as Policeman
Van Williams
as Green Hornet/Britt Reid
Alan Reed Sr.
as General MacGruder
John Mitchum
as Rip Snorting
Alan Reed
as General MacGruder
Skye Aubrey
as Woman Skater
Dan Seymour
as Maharajah
Don Barry
as Grand Vizier
Maurice Evans
as The Puzzler
Peter Mamakos
as Lapidary
Alfred Dennis
as Omar Orloff
Doodles Weaver
as Crier Tuck
Spring Byington
as J. Pauline Spaghetti
Horace McMahon
as Glu Gluten
Tallulah Bankhead
as The Black Widow
Lane Bradford
as Cordy Blue
Dorothy Kirsten
as Leonora Sotto Voce
Don 'Red' Barry
as Grand Vizier
Gail Hire
as Miss Bacon
Sandy Kevin
as Giggler
Kimberly Allen
as Miss Patterson
Frank Baron
as Henchman
Ben Welden
as Foo Yung
Joan Staley
as Okie Annie
Harry Holcomb
as Mr. Andrews
Greg Benedict
as Two-Bits
Vito Scotti
as Maty Dee
Valerie Szabo
as Little Girl
Hermione Baddeley
as Frontier Fanny
Merritt Bohn
as Assistant Warden
George Conrad
as Turkey Bowinkle
Walter Woolf King
as Theatre Manager
Michael Fox
as Inspector Basch
Guy Way
as Nippy
John Crawford
as Printers Devil
Frank Christi
as Royal Scrivener
Nicky Blair
as Shivers
Michael Pataki
as Amenophis Tewfik
Bobby Hall
as Laugher
Tim Herbert
as Whiskers
Deanna Lund
as Anna Gram
Diana Ivarson
as Baby Jane Towser
Robert Biheller
as Pretty Boy
Lesley Gore
as Pussycat
Archie Moore
as Bannister
Tony Epper
as Goon #2
Stacy Maxwell
as Rosamond
Dick Curtis
as The Inebriate
Ann Ayars
as Madame Soleil
Bryan O'Byrne
as Schoolfield
Damian O'Flynn
as Gideon Peale
Chuck Fox
as Thin Man
Timothy Scott
as Messy James
Peter Brooks
as Machine Gun
Paul Smith
as Artie Knab
Pierre Salinger
as Lucky Pierre
Louie Elias
as Swordfish
Angela Greene
as Mrs. Belmont
Sandra Wells
as Babette
Hope Sansberry
as Mrs. Van Climber
Bill Quinn
as Board Member
Hugh Douglas
as Announcer
Billy Corcoran
as Boy Scout
Jan Peters
as Typesetter
Gene Dynarski
as Benedict
Don Ho
as Himself
Paul L. Smith
as Artie Knab
Dan Tobin
as Mr. Jay
Donald Barry
as Tarantula
Loren Ewing
as Big John
Ivan Triesault
as Parkhurst
Barbara Morrison
as Hattie Hatfield
Jonathan Kidd
as 1st Zoologist
Frank Wilcox
as Millionaire
A. Ben Astar
as Moldavian Prime Minister
Tony Aiello
as Pressman
Steve Dunne
as Tim Tyler
Michael Lane
as Daddy Longlegs
Ralph Montgomery
as Silver Shop Manager
Theodore Marcuse
as Von Bloheim
Ben Astar
as Moldavian Prime Minister
Linda Meyers
as Penguin Girl #2
Sid Haig
as Apothecary
Norm Alden
as Lookout
Robert Hogan
as Paul Diamante
Jerry Catron
as 1st Henchman
Gypsy Rose Lee
as Female Newscaster
Larry Burrell
as Commentator #1
Milton Frome
as Laughing Leo
Vincent Barbi
as Truck Driver
Joy Harmon
as Julia Davis
J. Pat O'Malley
as Pat Pending
Victor Ames
as Skimmer
Clyde Howdy
as Commentator #2
Hollie Haze
as Miranda
Lisa Mitchell
as Miss Nature Resources
Martin Kosleck
as Professor Charm
Lloyd Haynes
as Chancellor
Charles Stewart
as Clergyman
Rene Paul
as Man of Distinction
James Lanphier
as Indian Man
Douglas Bank
as Lt. Copple
Jack Perkins
as 2nd Henchman
Allen Emerson
as Photographer
Cherie Foster
as Cheerleader I
Jack Barry
as The Newscaster
William O'Connell
as Mr. Perkins
Jim O'Hara
as Sergeant
Steve Pendleton
as 1st Guard
Voltaire Perkins
as Judge Moot
Louise Lorimer
as Mrs. Frontenal
Brian Sullivan
as Fortissimo Fra Diavolo
Louis Cordova
as Salesman
Barbara Rush
as Nora Clavicle
Ida Lupino
as Dr. Cassandra
Rob Reiner
as Delivery Boy
Bob Legionaire
as Sporting Goods Manager
Rico Cattani
as Reprint
Roman Murray
as Trendex
Jody Gilbert
as Mrs. Putney
Fran Ryan
as Chairlady
Linda Harrison
as Cheerleader II
Pitt Herbert
as Irving Leghorn
Grant Woods
as Tour Guide
Del Moore
as TV Newsman
Jack Carter
as Hot Rod Harry
Lee Delano
as 2nd Guard
Leonid Kinskey
as Prof. Overbeck
Whitney Blake
as Amber Forever
Ben Gage
as Clerk
Norma Varden
as Mrs. Monteagle
Grady Sutton
as Irving Cash
Mike Durkin
as Little Boy
Anthony Aiello
as Officer I
Harry Stanton
as Victim #1
Tris Coffin
as Ambassador
Herbert Maass
as Broker #2
Stanley Ralph Ross
as Ballpoint Baxter
Ronald Long
as Karnaby Katz
Ann Reece
as Beauty
Sydney Smith
as Vandergilt
David Fresco
as Zubin Succini
Rolla Altman
as Girl Teller
Bill Welsh
as Newsman
Burt Mustin
as MacDonald
Budd Perkins
as Prison Guard
Michael Pate
as Second Hand #3
Judy Pace
as Cashier
Jon Lormer
as Professor Dactyl
Bill Williams
as Multimillionaire
Eddie Garrett
as Broker #1
Joe Besser
as Collector
Alfred Daniels
as Officer II
David Renard
as Price Kereb
Judy Strangis
as 1st Girl
John Ward
as Citizen
Kathryn Minner
as Little Old Lady
Myrna Dell
as Pedestrian
Jan Burrell
as Alma Mater
Paul Bryar
as Jennings
Ronald Knight
as Sassafras
Dirk Evans
as Angora
Skip Ward
as Riptide
Harry Frazier
as Mr. Stample
Murray Pollack
as Victim #3
Sam Jaffe
as Albert A. Aardvark
Patti Petersen
as American Operator
Stu Wilson
as Broker #3
Pat Tidy
as Little Old Lady
John Hubbard
as Maitre D'
Donna Di Martino
as Third Girl
Joan Twelve
as Bathing Beauty
Cindy Ferrare
as 2nd Girl
Don Wilson
as Klondike
Marvin Miller
as TV Announcer
Robert Adler
as 1st Poor Person
Phyllis Diller
as Scrub Woman
Ron Riley
as Usher
Rick DiSante
as Victim #4
Angela Dorian
as Florence of Arabia
Peggy Ann Garner
as Betsy Boldface
Jonathan Troy
as Rev. Hazlitt
John Dennis
as Saffron
Inga Neilsen
as Angelina
Joan Parker
as Fourth Girl
Heidi Jensen
as 2nd Person
Margaret Teele
as Russian Operator
Tommy Noonan
as Jolly Jackson
Tom Anthony
as Waiter #1
Little Egypt
as Herself
Jan Watson
as 2nd Model
Vince Deadrick
as Waiter #2
Kitty Kelly
as 3rd Person
Joe Flynn
as Belgoody
Anthony Brand
as Motorcycle Cop
Don Briggs
as Irving Irving
Joe Flynn
as Belgoody
Ron Burke
as Wipeout
G. David Schine
as Floorwalker
Yvonne Arnett
as Aphrodite
Jeff Burton
as Shamrock
Henny Youngman
as Manny the Mesopotamian
Karl Lukas
as Acacia
William Dyer
as Policeman
Richard Krisher
as Motorcycle Cop
Jay Sebring
as Oceanbring
Ben Alexander
as Plainclothes Cop
Fuzzy Knight
as Blind News Dealer
Larry Gelman
as Bank Manager
William Phillips
as Mint Supervisor
Robert James Ramsey
as TV Announcer
Karen Huston
as Queen Bess
Kathleen Freeman
as Rosetta Stone
Bill Zuckert
as Prison Captain
Ed Long
as Museum Guard
Tony Gardner
as Chartreuse
Roger Creed
as Stooge #2
Dennis James
as Chumley
George McCoy
as Motorist
Jean Byron
as Mrs. Linseed
Joyce Lederer
as Girl Surfer
Jack Bailey
as Moderator
Gerald Peters
as Attendant
Howie Horwitz
as Customer
Ellen Corby
as Mrs. Green
Ginny Gan
as 1st Policewoman
Rhae Andrece
as 2nd Policewoman
Eddie Durkin
as Mint Guard
Richard Jury
as Bank Teller
Alyce Andrece
as 3rd Policewoman
Elizabeth Baur
as 4th Policewoman
John Vivyan
as Bank Director
David Galligan
as Teenage Boy
Pamela McMyler
as Teenage Girl
Len Felber
as Policeman
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