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A Cylon suicide attack kills three, forcing Adama to reveal to the fleet of survivors that their numbers have been infiltrated by Cylons disguised as human beings. To beef up security, he calls on Sgt. Hadrian to investigate the recent breaches, with the focus squarely on Tyrol and Boomer.


Edward James Olmos
as Cdr. William Adama
Mary McDonnell
as President Laura Roslin
Jamie Bamber
as Capt. Lee `Apollo' Adama
Katee Sackhoff
as Lt. Kara `Starbuck' Thrace
James Callis
as Dr. Gaius Baltar
Tricia Helfer
as Number Six
Grace Park
as Lt. Sharon `Boomer' Valerii
Aaron Douglas
as CPO Galen Tyrol
Tahmoh Penikett
as Lt. Karl `Helo' Agathon
Alessandro Juliani
as Lt. Felix Gaeta
Kandyse McClure
as Petty Officer Anastasia `Dee' Dualla
Paul Campbell VIII
as Billy Kiekeya
Sam Witwer
as `Crashdown'
Matthew Bennett
as Aaron Doral
Jill Teed
as Sgt. Hadrian
Donnelly Rhodes
as Dr. Cottle
Morris Chapdelaine
as Reporter No. 2
Nicki Clyne
as Crewman Specialist Cally
Biski Gugushe
as Sekou Hamilton
Nimet Kanji
as Candace Myson
Shaw Madson
as Marine Corporal
Bodie Olmos
as Brendan `Hot Dog' Costanza
Alonso Oyarzun
as Crewman Specialist Socinus
Christina Schild
as Playa Palacios
Allison Warren
as Reporter No. 4
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