...Except When the Bear Is Chasing You.


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Sara recommits to her marriage to Drew after learning who Jack really is. Meanwhile, Jack and Drew are now adversaries as the investigation of the murder that has rocked the Karsten family proceeds.


Hannah Ware
as Sara Hanley
Henry Thomas
as T.J. Karsten
Chris J. Johnson
as Drew Hayward
Wendy Moniz
as Elaine McAllister
Elizabeth McLaughlin
as Valerie McAllister
Braeden Lemasters
as Victor McAllister
Stuart Townsend
as Jack McAllister
James Cromwell
as Thatcher Karsten
Roxana Brusso
as Serena Sanguillen
Merrin Dungey
as Alissa Burns
Helena Mattsson
as Brandy Korskaya
Danny McCarthy
as Detective Mitchell
James Vincent Meredith
as Orestes Anderson
James Vincent Meredith
as Orestes Anderson
Carmen Roman
as Connie Mrozek
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