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Bill (Bill Paxton) contemplates an expensive new marketing campaign for Home Plus, including a new slogan ("Home Plus...is us.") and ads that include subliminal visual cues aimed at the Mormon consumer. Don (Joel McKinnon Miller) insists that they should disentangle themselves from Roman Grant (Harry Dean Stanton) before they put a lot of money into a new campaign. A couple of Mormon missionaries visit Nicki's (Chloë Sevigny) house, and she suspects Pam (Audrey Wasilewski) of sending them. Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) doesn't believe it, and she later sneaks out of the house to join Pam and Carl (Carlos Jacott) for services at the local LDS church. While bulldozers idle ominously outside Lois' (Grace Zabriskie) gas station and her home, Joey (Shawn Doyle) calls Bill with some bad news; he actually did sign some papers involving Roman's real-estate deals, so if Bill exposes Roman, the Attorney General will also come after Joey. Joey also relays a message from Roman to Bill; he'll have his answer soon. Sarah (Amanda Seyfried) invites Heather (Tina Majorino) over to the house without warning the family. Because of the incident at Home Plus, Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) finds out about Nicki's massive credit-card debts, and confronts her about it. Nicki begs her not to tell Bill. In this episode, we also learn that Roman has always resented Bill's family, because Bill's grandfather was the original founder of Juniper Creek.


Bill Paxton
as Bill Henrickson
Chloë Sevigny
as Nicki Henrickson
Jeanne Tripplehorn
as Barb Henrickson
Ginnifer Goodwin
as Margene Henrickson
Amanda Seyfried
as Sarah Henrickson
Douglas Smith
as Ben Henrickson
Newell Alexander
as Dan Potts, Home Plus Security Guard
Bruce Dern
as Frank Harlow
Grace Zabriskie
as Lois Henrickson
Lynn Wanlass
as Sue Sue
Matt Ross
as Alby Grant
Shawn Doyle
as Joey Henrickson
Melora Walters
as Wanda Henrickson
Jolean Wejbe
as Teenie Henrickson
Kevin Alejandro
as The Hustler
Lee Garlington
as Grace, Advertising Agency Exec
Kyle Gallner
as Jason Embry
Garrett Gray
as Raymond Henrickson
Keegan Holst
as Wayne Henrickson
Spencer Gray
as Raymond Henrickson
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